Nanor Nanor

MIT’s short course is on, once again.  This time we have pictures of the amazing “Nanor” reactor that people at the course could sign up to get:

Link from
Ok so I directly linked it from Just to give some perspective, the wire is 10 gauge.

The idea that this little itty bitty thing is the LENR reactor is really rather, well, wow! It would appear that getting an electricity source small enough to replace a laptop battery may not be that far away. We may very well see LENR drive cellphones before we see LENR drive cars. Wouldn’t that be trippy.

Oh, sceptics, please ignore that the source here is that silly technical institute: MIT. Just sayin’.

If I find a way to “sign up” to get one, I’ll let y-all know.

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8 Responses to “Nanor Nanor”

  1. Roger Bird Says:

    Bruce, please keep this forum alive.

  2. Simon Derricutt Says:

    Mitchell Swarz doesn’t often get a lot of publicity, but he does seem to have a good repeatability and reliability. Also important is that MIT haven’t shut him down, so by implication his data must be good. The really good thing here is that we’ll have some graduates that have seen LENR working so don’t have the problem of not believing it works because the theory says it can’t work. Maybe one of them will produce a good theory as to why it works, therefore, and kickstart the experiments with a higher level of output.

  3. Craig Binns Says:

    Maybe one of them will get it to work and show the world it works just like you can show the world a foot treadle sewing machine or an electric toothbrush works. So then nobody will have to believe or not believe.

    As some theologian has said: “faith is the evidence of things not seen”. Well when we see, we don’t need to worry about whether our brains have been programmed to believe.

    But we have not seen – either angels or LENR – and we never will.

    • Roger Bird Says:

      Craig, I am happy to see you again. We all understand the need for on-hands experience. But we cannot experience everything. I cannot do the experiments that show that the speed of light is the same whether I am measuring north and south or east and west. So I have to have some kind of faith that the people telling me that this is so are not scam artists and are not lying and are not incompetent. This is why I believe 2013 Levi, Essen et. al. Report. But I admit that I had already had a lot of exposure to some of those people and to people who had exposure to those people and believed in those people. I guess it is really about how far one’s faith extends. Mine could not reach far enough to just believe Rossi because he said so, and his 2011 demos just didn’t quite cut it for me.

      But when the Scottish version of Home Depot starts selling E-Cats, you will believe, even before you have burned your finger. You will still be exercising your faith muscle, even if you don’t realize it.

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      Craig – I was in total agreement until the last 4 words. The whole last sentence is a bit off, in fact, since although I haven’t seen LENR working myself Mitch Swarz has been showing his students at MIT and is selling the NANOR devices. Seeing a video of something working isn’t the same as testing it yourself, of course. Much as I liked “Avatar” (Pocahontas in Space) I don’t think it really happened.

      There are a whole lot of scientific experiments that show aspects of LENR, so I think it works. But then again, there are a whole lot of ghost stories, too. Although I think that this year there’s a good possibility that we’ll get some indication that a commercial LENR device will be available (there should be an irrefutable demo and some big money invested) there’s nothing like buying one in B+Q to convince you.

      I think that science should be based on demonstrable results and not beliefs. Most of the problem with LENR research is that since the theory currently doesn’t allow it then quite a lot of the people with the power to give or deny research grants disbelieve it despite the evidence.

      It’s fine to sit on the fence or even to disbelieve there will be a commercially-useful device. I don’t know whether the scale-up is going to be possible, but it probably is. It’s not good to say it’ll never happen, though, given the experimental evidence.

    • usJim Says:

      Craig, honestly, do you have any concept how an electric tooth brush works in the first place? Are you a studied physicist who understands the intricacies of magnetic attraction and repulsion?

      Recall this quote from Oliver Heaviside:

      “Shall I refuse my dinner because I do not fully understand the process of digestion?”


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