Who the heck is Blacklight Power?

Blacklight power is all the rage this morning.  It appears that they are intending to reveal an unbelievable energy generator to the world on January 28th at 11 AM.

They say, “Our safe, non-polluting power-producing system catalytically converts the hydrogen of the H2O-based solid fuel into a non-polluting product, lower-energy state hydrogen called “Hydrino”.”

Interesting specifics of the press release include:

  • “BlackLight has produced millions of watts of power in a volume that is one ten thousandths of a liter.”
  •  This is “a power density of over an astonishing 10 billion watts per liter.”
  • “The projected cost of the SF-CIHT cell is between $10 and $100/kW”
  • “The power is in the form of plasma … that can be converted directly to electricity using highly efficient magnetohydrodynamic converters.
  • The above info was extracted from businesswire.com.  I could not find the press release on the blacklight website.
  • I have also seen it on: financial post, venturebeat, nextbigfuture and e-catworld.  My search has hardly been exhaustive.

I note also, “Using a proprietary water-based solid fuel confined by two electrodes of a SF-CIHT cell, and applying a current of 12,000 amps through the fuel.”  This statement may limit the scope of blacklight’s system to large power generation plants.

I have always been sceptical of Blacklight because they seem to need a very different physics, hydrinos.  I know that that they have reported (kinda) independent studies of their technology.  So the big question is, will January 28, 2014 go down in history as the day fossil fuels became obsolete?

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64 Responses to “Who the heck is Blacklight Power?”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    This looks like the patent they have for it


    You can find all the other patents they have registered with the European Patent Office here


  2. Brad Arnold Says:

    There was tons of money invested in BLP, so I always wondered where they went. It is entirely plausible that Dr Randell Mills finally got it right, so this is an exciting announcement, even though the company was shooting blanks for so long. Let me add that turning plasma into electricity directly is entirely plausible, and would circumvent the inefficient Carnot process that otherwise would have to be used.

    Contract Number

    BTW, google the above, and see where Dr Mills was at in 1994 (this is a revolutionary document/government contract, which shows the schematics for an above unity LENR reactor along with ALL the information for the fuel formula (potassium carbonate was the “secret catalyst”).

  3. Roger Bird Says:

    I am definitely below the 50% level of belief on this one. There is NO ONE else who is talking about hydrinos. There is NO ONE else who is also getting excess energy. The theory doesn’t make any sense; hydrogen should be falling into the lower energy state naturally. But BLP has mentioned support from Perkin Elmer and other big names. What is a person to do other than withhold judgment (and their money) until there is more proof one way or the other.

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      My own reckoning is that BLP have a fairly reliable method of producing around 10W using 200mW (average) input current, and that this is likely what they will be demonstrating on the 28th. The bigger 1kW cell is probably vaporware at the moment, and the multi-MW power stations are wishful thinking if they manage to get the process scaled up.

      It doesn’t really matter whether Hydrinos are real or not, but they are using this theory to drive their direction of experimentation. If the theory is wrong, they may make less-optimal changes to their experiments but that doesn’t affect whether it works or not. The important thing is whether the cells actually work, and the 5 test documents they’ve put up on their site seem pretty convincing.

      The question therefore is whether they can scale this up to something more useful or whether they’ll stick at 10W output from a cell that needs to run at 450°C. I don’t know the answer to that, but they’ve got from ~10mW output to ~10W output over the last year so we’ll just have to wait and see. I think that if they don’t run out of money the question is when rather than if, but it could be another 20 years or next year.

      • Brad Arnold Says:

        Thank you Mr Derricutt for the information. Yeah, 10 watts electricity is too small an amount, so they will be looking to for more investment (like usual for BLP and Mills) by showing promising preliminary results. There are certain uses that 10 watt (LENR direct to electricity) cells could have, but the real gold, as you point out, would be scaling it up. I have a friend who is like Dr Mills, and has a work in progress (this is software), but doesn’t produce any product, and instead just keeps polishing. His wife has given up on him and doesn’t want to hear him talk about his future product anymore. I bet a lot of investors in BLP feel the same way.

        That being said, I’m not in the same league as Randell Mills, as aren’t many people in this world, so there is a certain awe factor surrounding him.

      • bongstar420 Says:

        He postulates that Dark Matter is the Hydrino. Coincidentally, there has been independent gravitational measurements of planet Earth that have lead them to postulate that there may be a Dark Matter ring around the Earth. I looked at his work. It doesnt involve omitting established facts. The ground state for Hydrogen is not an established fact as most of the composition of the Universe is unknown stuff which could very well be Baryonic matter with reduced electronic radii (which what a Hydrino is postulated to be). Additionally, there are a lot of forms of exotic matter which may simply be absent due to local spacetime conditions. I suspect that Casmir effects can shield elements from the local spacetime conditions allowing for differing configurations. In any case, I do not believe that Mills is postulating an overunity device. Based on his description and other independent ideas in LENR field, the energy extraction does not result in a violation of the thermodynamic constants that are currently held as valid observations. There is no creation or destruction of energy.

  4. Simon Derricutt Says:

    BLP have made occasional announcements that never seemed to translate into product. I don’t like the theory, on the grounds of if the Hydrino was lower energy than the ground state we know, then all Hydrogen would be in that state (so why isn’t it?). Having the wrong theory (if it is wrong) doesn’t stop the device working (if it does work…), and we’ll have to watch the demo to see if it’s earth-shaking or perhaps Dr. Mills has run out of money and needs new investors. The last third-party test of the cells, as I recall, was reasonable for a scientific curiosity (as in it shouldn’t happen) but wasn’t effective enough to be worthwhile buying even it it was manufacturable.

    This could be the discovery of the century or it could be a damp squib again. If the hype turns out to be real, then LENR as such, as well as all other energy-production, would be obsolete very quickly.

    • Brad Arnold Says:

      “BLP have made occasional announcements that never seemed to translate into product.” Exactly. Doubt Mills will recant his hydrino theory, but the whole deal with “blacklight” is that the reaction puts off energy in that spectrum, which I thought he said was plasma. Who knows, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Can’t wait until Jan 28. I mean, how wrong can it be?

      • Roger Bird Says:

        It is always nice to assume that one does not know everything and that the other guy might know something of value. This is why I wait with an open mind. This is a very big announcement, and if “Randall says” doesn’t produce this time, I will ignore him in the future.

      • wayne Says:

        It would seem unlikely 60 Million in Capital to a Harvard Educated Doctor would likely run 25 years without at least some experimental verification’s.

        Mills graduated summa cum laude (Top 10% of class) and Phi Beta Kappa (high academic achievement) in 1982 with a degree in Chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania, and went on to Harvard Medical School, where he earned the MD.
        degree in 1986, conducted applied research, and filed patents on several revolutionary medical technologies.

        I believe his research has some merit, but am on the fence as to whether it has bugs or is ready.

        I want to know if they intend to market now or in another 25 years.

  5. Bob Mihajlovski Says:

    Keep Being and Open Minded Skeptic :)

    So the big question is, will January 28, 2014 go down in history as the day fossil fuels became obsolete?

    Lets hope so because it would not be one day to early :)

  6. Patrick McCartney Says:

    Randell Mills would argue that most of the universe’s hydrogen HAS been catalyzed to a lower-energy, more stable form. He believes dark matter is composed of hydrinos.

    • brucefast Says:

      Interesting. Wouldn’t it be cool if blacklight has the right theory, that the nearly free energy revolution is on and the mystery of dark matter is solved all in one announcement.

      Cool yes, holding my breath, no.

  7. Gerard McEk Says:

    I wonder if Randell Mill’s Hydrino’s may be not the sort of state that is required to fuse Hydrogen with another atom and make LENR possible. Transmutation has often been reported in LENR research. The weak point of the Widom-Larsen theory is the fusion of the electron with a proton in terms of required energy. Maybe that is different for a hydrino in its lowest energy state? I have seen no reports of BLP in which they conclude transmutation definitely does not take place. Did they ever look for it? Probably not, as it does not fit in with Dr Mill’s theories.

  8. Roger Bird Says:

    Oh where oh where is Craig Binns when we need him?!?!?

  9. wayne Says:

    If 12 000 Amps are required, there is still hope for cars because once the generator is running it will produce 100 times the input energy. Nothing says it needs to be started or even run while motoring.

    Imagine even that you needed to stop at a station or something to recharge your batteries. It sounds as if a 1″ cubed unit could power a station easily.

    It would be easy enough to use in a car, but the concern would be TOOOOO much energy. How would 600 million cars giving off a lot of energy affect Global Warming, etc.


    BLP has released incredible Press Releases saying they have this or that, but have never delivered and they usually slink back into obscurity.

    I want to believe, but … I’m on fence a bit.

    • Roger Bird Says:

      Anyone not on the fence is either in the know or is not playing with a full deck.

      • wayne Says:

        Dr. Randall Mills, founder of Blacklight Power graduated summa cum laude (Top 10% of class) and Phi Beta Kappa (high academic achievement) in 1982 with a degree in Chemistry from Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania, and went on to Harvard Medical School, where he earned the MD.
        degree in 1986, conducted applied research, and filed patents on several revolutionary medical technologies.
        He has been issued numerous patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in such areas as medical imaging, Mossbauer cancer therapy, and drug delivery systems (Discussed in LINK BELOW). Since 1989, however, he has devoted nearly all his energies to the development of what he has dubbed the HydroCatalysis process of liberating energy from hydrogen atoms.

        You seem to believe this Harvard educated Doctor and Phi Beta Kappa/cum laude Chemistry Student has initiated a scam because why? Harvard Educated Doctors don’t make enough?

        It could very well be possible this man (who also published a unifying physics book) is smarter than the rest.

        I am educated enough on LENR and have Read enough about Black Light to at least have an open mind.

        I would suggest it is you is not playing with a full deck.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        Lighten up, wayne. I said that those in the know would not need to be on the fence. You are obviously in the know, and therefore you need not be on the fence. There are lots of skeptopaths (true disbelievers) and true believers who aren’t on the fence when they are ignorant and should be on the fence; that is what I meant. I have not studied Blacklight and I SHOULD be on the fence. But having had so much practice with Rossi, I will get up to speed with Randall Mills soon enough. I have already decided that what Randall has said in http://www.blacklight.com has been confirmed for me to some extent. I have seen confirmation of beyond unity energy production; this in itself is a sad day for the conventional hot-fusionists. But I am still struggling with his comment about millions of watts. Does Randall tend to exaggerate?

      • wayne Says:

        Oops.. here is that link,


        Also I misread and thought you had said it was me who was not playing with full deck. I do agree the fence seems to be a good place.

      • Alain Coetmeur Says:

        the link should be


        is it?

        note to the webmaster, it seems the twitter login no more works (expired?) is it general, or just voodoo against me?

  10. Brad Arnold Says:

    Just for the record, I was on the fence years back when BLP and Mills was demonstrating their over unity energy production. It is just that BLP was always looking for investment by making spectacular claims, then nothing. I went on a cruise over five years ago, and was telling the Captain that his ship would be running on ocean water by the end of the decade due to BLP’s demonstrations and claims. Of course this seems like a really really great thing what BLP is saying, but again, I’ve been burned before, so have less hope now. You are right though Wayne, Dr Mills certainly has the credentials (which is why I was so excited 5 years ago…but then it was Rossi…and now it is Brillouin…).

    One thing has changed: I have since discovered that LENR is a legitimate physical reaction which is exothermic and nuclear. OTH, the Hydrino theory forwarded by Mills I now see as preposterous (but I’ll keep an open mind, like Roger Bird says).

    • wayne Says:

      I am inclined to think the have something that works, but not very well.

      Andrea Rossi never said his ecat was flawed when he could not get it running stable more than 18 hours in his first year of demos, but we later learned stability was an issue.

      I cannot think this is totally flawed, but I do think there must be reasons why they keep researching and do not go public.

      Similar to your captain story I told a car salesperson we will be running on Nickel soon enough and that was years ago.

      I just hope somebody lets me buy a boat with unlimited fuel soon.

      • Brad Arnold Says:

        I agree with your assessment that Rossi and BLP both are having control problems. That is why I’m high on Brillouin, who claims to have a handle on LENR (what the heck is a “Hamiltonian?”), and in fact their LENR reaction doesn’t degrade the nickel matrix! They are in beta testing with a LENR boiler that gets hot enough to swap out for conventional coal-fired boilers at power plants!

  11. Guymick Says:


  12. Craig Binns Says:

    Yes, Guymick. To make this work you have to set aside all the known laws of nature. And it’s nothing like what they teach at school I agree.

    • Roger Bird Says:

      Craig, I hope that this does not ruin your entire day, but with regard to Randall Mills and BLP, you and I are probably in very close agreement. I have to resist the desire to say “bullshit”. Oops, I said it. His demonstrations are beyond laughable and his theory only has meaning if his demonstrations demonstrate anything, and they don’t.

    • brucefast Says:

      Craig, you exaggerate. I see no conflict between the blacklight theory and, well, gravity. As such, though a few laws of nature are seriously challenged by the blacklight theory, the vast majority of the laws of nature are not addressed.

      That said, I am prepared to believe that blacklight’s data is basically accurate. I don’t, however, buy into the hydrino theory.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        Bruce, I don’t understand. Gravity is an observable phenomenon that ANYONE, or should I say, EVERYONE observes every single day of their lives. The hydrino theory is a theory; the two are not even in the same universe. And theory is a mental construct, whether it is true or not; gravity is a physical fact.

        The theory of gravitation is a mental construct, which is confirmed daily. The hydrino theory is a mental construct, and confirmation for that is very wanting, and that is saying it very charitably.

  13. kwhill Says:

    If you take a minute and look at not only Dr. Mills extremely impressive education and his list of currently patented inventions (even the Cancer drug Protocol), we can see he is smarter than most people.

    Now I have not read his physics book so will not take a stance on Hydrinos, but I do know other people are using Hydrogen in what people refer to as LENR and that is not explained yet either. There does seem to be possibilities.

    Now I was very under impressed with their recent Demo, however Dr. Mills seems to think it was truly amazing and I will point again to the fact he is smarter than me.

    BLP has also had a long list of verifications under its belt. Even if they are ignored by mainstream science, the verifications are not from idiots or idiotic organizations. They are listed on their website.

    BLP keeps saying they are close, they are close. It is like a frustrating broken record, but their process is evolving and what they are attempting now is far from what they were attempting 6 years ago.

    My stance is why investors have felt Okay investing 60-80 million into this dream.

    Now they have filed worldwide patents. This in itself is encouraging because if they are all rejected it certainly would hurt the BLP/Mills credibility of which he has maintained (aside from Wikipedia) a fairly respectable standpoint.

    Dr Mills could easily command a $200k salary simply working as a Harvard Educated Medical Doctor.
    ” He
    graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta
    Kappa in 1982 with a degree in chemistry
    from Franklin and Marshall College in
    Pennsylvania, and went on to Harvard
    Medical School, where he earned the MD.
    degree in 1986″


    but he so strongly believes in his theory that he has spent the past 25 years ONLY pursuing this dream.

    Whatever is occurring. A Harvard Educated Medical Doctor who finished in top 10% of his class (summa cum laude), and who recieved an the intellectual distinction of being Phi Beta Kappa feels it is a breakthrough.

    I myself am just a Soil Engineer. I would dream of that education status.

    I am not going to call him a fraud or deride him. If it is a pipe dream it must be with honest intent. A top of his class Harvard Educated Medical Doctor responsible already for medical imaging patents and the Mossbauer cancer therapy and drug delivery systems is perhaps not doing this as a fraud.

    They are applying for worldwide patents. I for one am excited to see what hits the fan when they are granted.

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      kwhill – a lot of good points, and Dr. Mills is exceedingly bright.

      Rather than go for the probabilistic quantum theory, he’s going back to a Newtonian view where if you know where everything is and its velocity, you can predict everything that happens thereafter. It’s a more comforting thought-system, to look on the universe as a three-dimensional billiard table. The probabilistic viewpoint says you can’t actually know where things are or where exactly they are heading, and although it’s not comforting it does seem to be true, and the Newtonian viewpoint only works when you are talking of large collections of particles and the probabilities add up to an almost-certainty.
      His underlying viewpoint is most probably wrong.

      That’s not to say that his experimental data is wrong, and in any case there is enough academic weight behind his CIHT cells measurements to show that they work. I’d expect him to get similar third-party confirmations of his plasma version. What I would cavil about is the big announcements of the (low-level) results with an over-enthusiastic extrapolation to megawatts and more and the end of expensive energy. Even the 1.5kW versions of his original CIHT cells never materialised, so the confirmations are at the 10mW or so level – exciting but not of much use in the real world since they do need to be kept hot. With the plasma idea, the engineering challenges of converting the one-off explosions into something that continuously deliver power are massive, since the electrodes are vaporised in the process and so any fine-tolerance engineering just won’t last more than one shot – and it’s supposed to run at 1000 explosions/second.

      With BLP, there have been periodic announcements of massive advances and big plans to scale them up to MW utilities, then silence as they find they can’t do the scale-up. Looking at the latest announcements, it’s pretty obvious that they won’t be able to scale this up since we haven’t the materials that won’t vaporise under the stresses. Real world, real limits on what is possible.

      I don’t see dishonest intentions, and the technology does seem to work. It is possible that they’ll think of another way to use their ideas and research to produce something that can be engineered, and the investors will end up making a profit. At the moment, though, the chances don’t look that good.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        Simon, I don’t think the word “cavil” is appropriate since your objections seem perfectly spot-on and reasonable.

    • Craig Binns Says:

      If Dr Mills can get $60-80m without producing any verifiable useful power from an alleged process that defies the known laws of nature, he is indeed a smart guy. Smarter than Rossi even, and a hell of a lot smarter than the investors who have made him rich.

      • kwhill Says:

        Craig. Several things wrong with that statement. First of all the money belongs to BLP and although he controls BLP he is accountable for its budget. There are anti fraud laws in the US. It is likely he draws a nice salary, but I bet it is less than what he could earn as a Harvard Educated Medical Doctor who Graduated in the top 10% of his class (Top 10% of those who qualified for Harvard Medical School).

        He is also Phi Beta Kappa. Widely considered to be the nation’s most prestigious honor society, Phi Beta Kappa aims to promote and advocate excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and to induct the most outstanding students of arts and sciences at American colleges and universities.

        An average Doctor in the USA earns $200 000 per year. A Doctor with Dr. Mills Education would likely be closer to half a million per year. These facts are verifiable easily enough to anyone with Internet access.

        So if he has spent 25 years on this project he has given up over $12 500 000 dollars in wages he could have earned simply doing what he learned in Medical School.

        The point here is that he was likely to be rich based on his education and obvious Intelligence no matter what he did. He has no need to create a scam like a Hobo would.

        Now a bit of respect. Doctor Mills has invented things that have saved lives of many people.




        (Note: Nature Magazine is not an ordinary RAG MAG. It is the ultimate peer Reviewed Magazine of our time.)

        Now if saving numerous lives from that is not enough. Perhaps you know someone who has needed an MRI in your life. Doctor Mills invented a process of body scanning and Imaging many years ago. Here is Patent.
        Magnetic Susceptibility Imaging (MSI)




        I will quote “Magnetic susceptibility has been long known to provide rich information about brain structure and
        Susceptibility forms the basis of both functional MRI and MR venography, based on the BOLD effect. These
        established techniques have had an enormous impact on clinical and basic neuroscience”

        So no matter what you think of BLP and Doctor Mills, the fact remains he has likely saved many lives and improved our knowledge of Brain functions (esp epilepsy) a great deal.

        Now.. completely forget those two inventions and let’s look at The Luminide. Patent here…


        I do not even need to talk about Blacklight Power to demonstrate he has had zero need to scam money as you suggest.

        @ Simon Derricutt,
        The recent demonstration veers from their previous models. I honestly have not read much about the experiments but if you have concerns over electrodes I’m sure we can both agree that is an obstacle likely easily overcome either through use of better materials or amping down the reaction.

        I have not read his physics and I have my own opinions about QM which also follow probabilistic views. My somewhat Unique belief is that Wigner’s Friend/ Schrodingers cat outcome is susceptible to belief/common opinion in that I believe in Telepathy because of personal experiences and work in the field. This idea is my own, but has been lent support in conversations with Professor Brian Josephson (Noble laureate, Physics) and in discussion groups. It underlies the notion – belief and even prayer may affect reality.

        So I also would have a hard time with a Newtonian Stance. Perhaps I should read his book.

        However. Like you have suggested he likely has some experimental data goading him on. This is proper procedure. Had he simply been chasing a dream with nothing conclusive then that would be insane, but he appears to be spurred by advances. This is encouraging.

        I do not think CIHT Cells have been abandoned. I think he is continually improving on his ideas and exploring new venues.

        Once again I must point out that his recent move to apply for Worldwide Patents are not a common move for BLP. He also is no newbie when it comes to Patent laws. He has many patents currently…







        STRUCTURES (2)




        So the idea of this patent is encouraging. Even your own beliefs have suggested he is likely getting verification via experiment as he goes. His demonstration was also a unique process, even if only a one of explosion that destroyed the electrodes. It is not like he has a Tesla coil hidden under a blanket and is defrauding the entire ordeal.

        I still choose to be excited about the possibility.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        kwhill – thanks for the thoughtful post. It didn’t make sense to me that BLP would put out such a press release, and since I wasn’t aware of the other stuff Dr. Mills has also been involved in (but now am) it makes even less sense.

        Maybe they’ve also found some materials breakthrough that is not yet public.

        As regards whether the observer is separate or intimately involved and affects the experiment, quantum physics doesn’t allow a separate observer and so the measurements are affected in some way. Whether that stretches far enough that it will work if you believe hard enough is currently an unknown, but going on what we know of the past experiments you won’t see a macroscopic effect of this sort. People have been known to misread instruments by expecting a certain reading, though.
        Belief in a doctor (or not) does have measurable medical effects, both on the amount of pain and the speed of recovery from an illness. That has been tentatively attributed to the effect on certain brain functions. Whether belief/disbelief has other physical effect is not yet known, though we’ve seen videos of claimed telekinesis, levitation etc.. These days, though you can’t believe a video. James Randi’s prize money is safe enough.

        To guide what we think is going to happen in any circumstance we predict from a basis of what we’ve seen happen in similar circumstances. This applies to experiments in physics as much as what we expect of a BLP announcement. These predictions won’t always be right, and I hope that BLP really have got something this time. Judging by the engineering mountain they have to overcome to make this one real, I think it’s going to take quite some time.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        The keyword there is “known” laws. If we stuck with “known” laws, we wouldn’t make any progress at all. The “known” laws said that the Wright Bros. couldn’t fly. But at least the Wright Bros. actually flew and people could actually see that they flew. Once it became obvious that they flew, then we needed to change the “laws”. So, they aren’t really laws; they are patterns.

        But with Mills, he wants to change the “laws” without actually doing any flying. With Einstein, he said, hey, these disparate observations would fit together nicely if we changed the laws thusly. But with Mills, we have no observations and thus no reason to change the laws. Now, if he could just give us a reason, like perhaps a demonstration, to change the laws, then perhaps it might make sense.

        And I believe Rossi not for scientific reasons, because I am not in Raleigh North Carolina and I have no reason to believe him via theory. I believe him for social reasons, because people I trust have seen demonstrations and have said that they are real. (:->)

  14. kwhill Says:

    @ Simon Derricutt,

    Yes. I understand your QM knowledge and accept that is the prominent viewpoint. I am not eager to discuss my ideas in too much length as the Fred Alan Wolf/Consciousness as observer is very unpopular. I am fueled by a lifetime of psychic research however and feel I can undoubtedly say telepathy is incredibly real.

    The Notion of James Randi’s offer is a bit silly. I believe in Telepathy and would make the same million dollar offer. There is no way to prove something until measurement exists outside of using people. Probabilities however can be calculated that show telepathy is probable, but you are unlikely to find such data unless you were interested.

    I suppose based on my brief claims here I will suggest things like Dream Telepathy outlined in this book are very strong.


    In fact. The only consistent method I have seen for successful telepathy replication is by a sender repeating a simple phrase while the receiver achieves REM sleep. Try getting that onto a J Randi video submission. I do suggest you take up the experiment with a close friend and try to influence them while they sleep. Results are noteworthy in most cases.

    I am however an Engineer so I do not normally make my views over public because of acceptance levels, but I am no slouch in this field.

    I have personally invented a new method for retrieving thoughts from the subconscious mind which we have experimented with and even made public through a website now called Mindmilling(dot)com.

    The idea behind that website is to use subliminal picture choices in succession and then your votes are tallied. It is likely the first new method to do this in over a thousand years. Quija Boards versions, Pendulums, automatic writing, etc., are all very old concepts.

    Anyways. I am comfortable with the notion that myself and Brian Josephson and others are not accepted by the Randi’s of the world.

    I still need a theory that can explain telepathy though, and they are not easy to come by. Any theory that explains telepathy leaves itself open to the idea of Mass Consciousness and even God is possible when you start going there. Maybe Russellian Science is the key?

    I wish I could demonstrate what I have seen with others. Every telepathy experience is always witnessed by its very nature.

    When I was young (17) I tried to influence a friend who had vanished for many months to contact me. It was my first try with a book called “How to make ESP work for you” by Harold Sherman. I repeated for an hour during 2am-3am the “I miss you very much, get in touch” using my name and her name. I got a letter from another country 5 days later from that person who said they had a dream that prompted them to write. That is 30 years ago for me. I have seen a lot since then and nobody could convince me otherwise.

    I feel sorry for J randi and the like actually as I feel they missed out.

    I am also a magician like him (get a fake thumb and watch youtube on it), best way for rookies to amaze their friends.) and have contacted the J Randi organization many years ago asking if they would accept probabilities as proof. They do not.

    Anyways… I am a Soil Engineer by profession and what I have discussed here is my closet hobby. I wish to keep the two separate because of the stigmas attached.

    Let’s just say I am very educated in QM and opt for the Consciousness interpretation of the Copenhagen Interpretation (yes Interpretation has interpretations). I am also quite familiar with the study of ESP. I am not just your average nutter. I am a full fledged nutter.

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      kwhill – again thanks for the reply and extra information. On telepathy and telekinesis I would like them to be true, but apart from some very occasional odd things I haven’t been certain I’ve ever witnessed any.

      Like all mythical stories I suspect there is some basis in truth, so research in these areas, whilst regarded as nutty, may turn up something we can measure rather than just feel/intuit. One engineer friend never wears a watch – they always stop after a couple of days or so for no apparent reason (digital or clockwork). He was never interested enough to pursue that one.

      As a magician, you know how easy it is to fool the eye, and the brain’s reconstruction of reality. We only actually see a small subset of the scene around us, and that is between blinks, and we reconstruct the 3D world as a seamless whole from that. A lot of things can slip through the holes in that construct. If someone did show me something amazing I would thus probably assume it was a trick. I could thus miss a real occurrence of something amazing.

      I’m by no means expert in QM – the maths is well above what I’m comfortable with. It’s likely not the last answer but a good step towards it, and things being found in modern experiments are getting weirder. Maybe those questions of consciousness will have a better answer some day.

      Good luck with the experiments (I should rephrase that as I hope your probability of success is high) and getting towards an explanation. There is some linkage with the official subject here of LENR, which also has not yet succumbed to repeatability and a good theory. It would of course be somewhat amusing if you had to believe in LENR to make it work – that would really put the cat amongst the pigeons!

      • Roger Bird Says:

        I know that telepathy is real, but very unreliable. The thing is is that we just aren’t these bodies.

  15. BobN Says:

    I find the conversion to light not heat to be the exciting aspect of Mills theory. By using UV means he can convert to electricity directly and no steam generator needed. This generation of light allows massive energy without a lot of heat to be generated from a small area. The conversion of light to electricity will allow mills to ride the efficiency improvements of the solar industry. As it improves his collectors can get smaller to eventually allow for a very small generator.
    The ability to recycle the fuel with a simple water process bodes well for long term costs and no fuel issues at all.
    I do not like Mills business model at all and think he is making a business mistake. Just leasing in place of selling will not work for a lot of things. If his machine works the business will be so big that he will soon change his model.

    Lets hope something shows up that works around December. I am skeptical everything scales like he says in his video, but if he can get a couple of KW output its a home run in my book.

  16. Craig Binns Says:

    Hi BobN

    You write “I do not like Mills business model at all and think he is making a business mistake. Just leasing in place of selling will not work for a lot of things. If his machine works the business will be so big that he will soon change his model”.

    Very true. If free energy machines worked, their inventors would sell them and make millions. However, the machines don’t in fact work, so the inventors try to sell other things, like licences to market them in certain areas. This is a cast iron proof, when it happens, as it seemingly has in Rossi’s case, that the operation is a scam.

    So please keep your eyes on the Mills business model, to ensure that it remains above board. And you may pray that “the machine works” but I hold out little hope of that.

    • BobN Says:

      Craig Binns, we do not know if it works or not. We have seen a small working example, but we don’t truly know if it can be scales as he claims. If he misses his end of year time frame demo then I think I would put this as interesting , but nothing for the time being category. I have mt fingers crossed and am hoping.

      Mills business model is to own everything and take a fee for how much energy is used, if it doesn’t work he will be making machines he leases out and get no payback. With his model he is taking a big risk and will quicly go broke wih non working systems.

  17. Craig Binns Says:

    By the way BobN, perhaps you could include your best wishes for the success of the Sun Cell to which you may be referring. Wow! This kicks Rossi’s ass! http://www.blacklightpower.com/technology/sf-ciht-cell/
    “BlackLight has developed a system engineering design of an electric generator that is closed except for the addition of H2O fuel and generates 10 MW of electricity, enough to power ten thousand homes.”

    As you say, “if his machine works … “

  18. Craig Binns Says:

    Can I remind you all about equally extravagant claims being made not far short of four years ago? http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Andrea_A._Rossi_Cold_Fusion_Generator
    You guys never learn, those of you who “believe” in Mills. Just jump from one charlatan and snake oil merchant to another.

    • brucefast Says:

      Oh C’Mon Craig. You are over here busily blasting Blacklight which you know virtually nothing about. (Didn’t attend one of their public demos did yea. Didn’t even watch the full youtube did yea.) All this in light of the fact that you haven’t commented on the main event — the scientific report of Rossi’s work. Remember Rossi, the scammer for sure who knows nothing and is just out to get my money. I’m still trying to give him my money. He still won’t take it.

  19. Craig Binns Says:

    I am participating in such discussions. Others have commented. How about this? It’s at http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=198040&page=94

    “Well I had a look at the indipendent report and it seems that I owe the half-witted Swedes an apology. It looks as though Levi, long time associate of Rossi, was the lead author of the indipendent report.

    “ECREP is a cliché but it’s a cliché for very good reason. Rossi is a serial scammer and is making a very extraordinary claim so his proofs need to be extraordinary squared, but not only are his proofs not extraordinary they are totally non-existent. There isn’t the slightest hint that anything is happening except a tube being heated by externally supplied electricity.

    “In the latest iteration(the device varies every time) he claims circa three kilowatts being produced from one gram of nickel powder. That’s a volume of about .12 cc. The nickel goes in in naturally occurring proportions of isotopes and comes out as 62Ni and no radiation at all. In previous versions the nickel went in enriched in 61Ni and came out as copper in naturally occurring proportions of isotopes.

    “Rossi’s claims are all utterly laughable.”

  20. brucefast Says:

    You hold Rossi to the following standard: “Rossi is a serial scammer and is making a very extraordinary claim so his proofs need to be extraordinary squared.”

    But you feel qualified to make statements like: “There isn’t the slightest hint that anything is happening except a tube being heated by externally supplied electricity” and “Rossi’s claims are all utterly laughable.”

    You are a pot calling the kettle black.

  21. Craig Binns Says:

    It was another blogger who wrote that, but I agree with it. I don’t need to prove anything. The burden of proof falls on Rossi. He is the one who says his machine works, and it does so by transmuting isotopes without any radioactive emissions. So let him prove that such a phenomenon is occurring. As always, the only energy which is unquestionably to be found is the energy supplied by the electric mains to which Rossi’s contraption is invariably connected. It’s nonsense.

    • brucefast Says:

      When you positively quote someone, you make their statement your own — especially when you don’t make it clear who you are quoting.

      It is one thing to ask for proof, and declare that proof has not arrived. It is another thing to declare something to be false, as the “false” statement needs proof too — and you have not provided it.

      This statement, “let him prove that such a phenomenon is occurring” is poor. Others must provide the proof that the phenomenon is occurring. I have listed a whole bunch of other scientists who have had similar results, but your blinders don’t permit you to see their “proof”. This test was not performed by Rossi himself, it was performed by a team of well qualified scientists. They had to validate their findings to independent reviewers (who, to this point, are disappointingly nameless.)

      You haven’t said that Rossi has not proven, you have declared him to be a liar and a fraudster (past behavior notwithstanding, past behavior that is better interpreted as something other than fraud in any case.) In a complete system of justice, you should well be held liable when Rossi does provide the absolute proof.

  22. Craig Binns Says:

    Here’s a good comment on the latest e-cat test. It says things critics have been saying before; but they’re utterly damning, and have never been answered. https://medium.com/starts-with-a-bang/the-e-cat-cold-fusion-or-scientific-fraud-624f15676f96

    • brucefast Says:

      Not quite so “utterly damning”.

      1 – Self-sustaining energy output, without a hookup to an external energy source.
      It must be disconnected from the mains, after all Dr. Theiberger suggested a way to fool power measurements. Like the scientists are so stupid as to not have read Dr. Theiberger’s solution. Removal from the mains may be a lot more complicated than all that. As energy is being input in forms other than heat, a heat to electricity conversion must be done. Doing such a conversion at better than 1/3 COP, is possible, but not easy. Having a high end, high volume steam turbine attached to this thing would create all manner of opportunities for ghost hunters to find hidden power hiding in this large device.

      2 – A quality, closed-calorimeter measurement of the heat output.
      Heat is pretty simple stuff. Measurement accuracy +- 50% is all that is needed to validate the phenomenon. Closed calorimetry may be the “gold standard”, but open calorimetry isn’t, well sh1t.

      3 – Detection of gamma-rays coming from the device.
      The other LENR devices from the other physicists are not producing gamma rays either. Hmmm.

      4 – Examination of products and reactants to verify that a nuclear transmutation took place.
      Others are reporting transmutation. Transmutation within Nickel is still nuclearly significant. Where’s the copper? I don’t know. Should there be copper? Let the data speak rather than talking out your a$$.

      5 – Is this a true independent test, from legitimate scientists with no outside interference from Rossi?
      On this there is some point. I am disappointed that Rossi touched the reactant. However, my understanding is that there were multiple independent reviewers of this report. He says that the report is not peer reviewed. My understanding is that though it hasn’t yet been published in a peer reviewed journal, there were peer reviewers. The peer reviewers have not spoken, which is a disappointment. However, both the journal and the peer reviewers are likely afraid that they are going to get browned out by the sh1t that others like this “top scientist” will dump because something doesn’t fit the grid.

      When will this technology be validated? When it is commercially available. Then the scientific community will shout that they were on it all along.

  23. Craig Binns Says:

    “Transmutation within nickel is still unclearly significant”, you say. Here is the wiki article on supernova explosions.

    “The star fuses increasingly higher mass elements, starting with hydrogen and then helium, progressing up through the periodic table until a core of iron and nickel is produced. Fusion of iron or nickel produces no net energy output, so no further fusion can take place, leaving the nickel-iron core inert. Due to the lack of energy output allowing outward pressure, equilibrium is broken.”

    Stars can’t even get energy the way Rossi’s contraption is supposed to do. And can you tell me of any transmutation between isotopes that involves no gamma rays? And artificial transmutation that yields isotopes in their natural abundance, as Rossi’s several years ago. But now we don’t even know whether copper was produced, and if so, what isotope ratios.

    Rossi has had ample time to prove his case. He hasn’t. Moreover his story about heating a factory in Italy with ecats several years ago is bunkum.

    You threaten people with Rossi’s “justice”? You keep saying “when” he provides absolute proof? Absolute? What about “if”?

    Some coherent evidence would be welcome, especially if it came from fresh inspectors and not the same old team. We’ve had nothing but dog and pony shows from Rossi for years now.

    This has all the hallmarks of a total scam. So does Defkalion with its migration to Canada from Greece. What did you find when you went there? Nothing.

  24. Craig Binns Says:

    See http://stephanpomp.blogspot.co.uk/2014/10/the-cat-is-dead.html

    Levi et al. write that the “fuel” initially consists of a mixture of nickel powder and lithium in natural isotopic compositions. However, after the run, the “ash” is radically different in the isotopic composition! Practically all Li-7 has turned into Li-6 and all the 4 other naturally occurring nickel isotopes have practically vanished and turned into Ni-62. The latter has a natural abundance of 3.6 % but in the “ash” the abundance is about 99 %! Yes, you have read correctly. This is what is claimed. Nobelprize? If true: definitely. Imagine: You run the E-Cat and all the Ni-58 (68 % natural abundance), Ni-60 (26 %), Ni-61 (1 %) and Ni-64 (1 %) nuclei have turned into Ni-62.

    Yes, you may read this again and try to digest it. The authors really claim that some of the nickel isotopes get some neutrons added while others have some removed and everything just becomes one single isotope.

    And this miracle happens without any radiation being emitted when the E-Cat is run, without traces of copper or other elements, and without changes in the effectiveness of the E-Cat while it is run.

  25. brucefast Says:

    Little problem, Craig.

    ‘Seems that Mitsubishi has been granted a patent for an LENR transmutation device: http://coldfusionnow.org/mitsubishi-cold-fusion-lenr-patent-granted-transmutes-nuclear-waste/

    When the claim is a phenomenon confirmed by others the “extraordinary” factor must be reduced by at least what, an order of magnitude. Rossi isn’t doing anything that other respected scientists and organizations aren’t doing.

  26. Craig Binns Says:

    A patent? I don’t see in your link anything indicating that
    – the transmutation process has in fact been performed
    – that it can be defined as “cold fusion”
    – what elements or isotopes are involved

    There is a refernce to “actinides”. These are defined as
    “any of the series of fifteen metallic elements from actinium (atomic number 89) to lawrencium (atomic number 103) in the periodic table. They are all radioactive, the heavier members being extremely unstable and not of natural occurrence.”

    That isn’t naturally occurring ratios of nickel or copper, now is it, brucefast? Looks like transmutation of heavy unstable elements. That’s not cold fusion. It’s hot fission, isn’t it? Can you clear this up?

    Anyway, patents don’t prove that inventions work, as anyone who has studied Rossi knows.

    In short, I need much more info before I can determine the relevance of the Mitsubishi patent. Anyway, you say it has been performed. And it’s cold fusion. Great! Nobel prizes to all! But more info first please, eh?

    • brucefast Says:

      From the article linked above, made tiny because the original link is huge: http://tinyurl.com/lx534cf

      “In short, I need much more info before I can determine the relevance of the …” See how much more conciliatory your tone is here than it is with Eng. Rossi? With Mitsubishi you have not rushed to judgement, with Eng. Rossi you have rushed to very harsh judgement. You seem to base your judgment on three points:
      1 – Eng. Rossi has a less than stellar past (though if you look more carefully you find it less devastating than the summary suggests.)
      2 – Eng. Rossi has suggested deadlines that haven’t happened, or haven’t happened properly. (Point taken.) Some of what he has said seems, well, dishonest.
      3 – Eng. Rossi is claiming to be the only one doing what science says can’t be done. (Actually, the “only one” bit doesn’t come from Eng. Rossi.)

      My case supporting Eng. Rossi is threefold:
      1 – He hasn’t accepted my money, or pretty much anyone else’s for that matter.
      2 – He has let people of impressive qualification poke their noses into his technology to a surprising extent for a fraudster.
      3 – Most importantly, his findings are in the same ballpark as that of other scientists. The scientific evidence is clear, LENR happens. If LENR happens then Eng. Rossi’s work does not require “extraordinary evidence”. If it doesn’t require “extraordinary evidence” then it very much has sufficient evidence based upon the risk to reputation the testing scientists have taken.

  27. Craig Binns Says:

    “Most importantly, his findings are in the same ballpark as that of other scientists. The scientific evidence is clear, LENR happens. If LENR happens then Eng. Rossi’s work does not require “extraordinary evidence”. If it doesn’t require “extraordinary evidence” then it very much has sufficient evidence based upon the risk to reputation the testing scientists have taken.”

    That reasoning is absurd. Rossi claims to have achieved transmutation of nickel to copper, or from one isotope of nickel to another in a manner quite unknown to science, LENR or other, which even stars can’t do; and he does it without the emission of gamma rays or radioactivity. You don’t think that is extraordinary? What an exciting life you must lead!

    • brucefast Says:

      But my previous post suggests that others have reported transmutations also. Mitsubishi and Rossi aren’t the only ones reporting transmutations. Other LENR scientists are reporting excess energy without gamma rays or radioactive as well.

      None of Rossi’s findings, in general terms, are unique to him.

  28. Craig Binns Says:

    I do not accept these reports as necessarily dependable, but even if they are, you don’t think any if this requires “extraordinary evidence”? You think it’s perfectly in order that Rossi can produce these reactions without any sign of gamma rays or radioactivity, that in nature occur in supernovae? The same Rossi who loaded the sample into the machine, and removed it after the run. And they call that an independent inspection!?!

    Very well, if this extraordinary evidence has been adequately provided by dome other person: who, and where, please?

  29. Craig Binns Says:

    “Despite all the above important improvements, the study betrays one of its major shortcomings in clear already on page 7, when it clarifies that the inventor of the device took part in the experimental activities:

    “Rossi intervened to switch off the dummy,” (the reactor unloaded with reactant) ” and in the following subsequent operations on the E-Cat: charge insertion, reactor startup, reactor shutdown and powder charge extraction.”

    This means that part of the test was conducted with the physical presence of Rossi in the critical phases … The absolutely mandatory requirement for an independent test is the total absence of the interested party from the scene. So it is a rather idle occupation to read the rest of the 53-page document.”


    This absence is all the more mandatory, in my view, when the interested party is a convicted crook, who is known to tell lies about heating factories with magic energy machines.

    • brucefast Says:

      Interesting that science20 totally ignores all reports from other LENR researchers. The myopic presentation that Rossi is a lone wolf, the only one who is proposing these odd results, is just dishonest.

      • Craig Binns Says:

        Changed your tone since your first statement now more than three years in the past, eh?

        “As a technically astute inventor, I began to see the possibilities. This little engine was going to change everything! Everything!”

        Now you’re saying, look at all the other stuff. The Rossi fiasco should be set aside.

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