LENR to electricity!

E-catworld.com again put me onto an interesting additional party involved in LENR.

Deuo Dynamics released this paper back in 2008: http://www.deuodynamics.com/ICCF14-1.pdf

In their paper they discuss an “LENR energizes diode” technology.   E-catworld says that their frustration is lack of funds and resources.  The great puzzle about these guys is that they seem to be involved in every other kind of alternative energy technology.  It would seem prudent to me that if they have an LENR to electricity solution, they would focus on that rather than majoring on the minors.

That said, when LENR gets out of somebody’s door, the investment world will throw so much money at every LENR program that it’ll be ridiculous.

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8 Responses to “LENR to electricity!”

  1. Simon Derricutt Says:

    At 1 microwatt, with a gramme of Palladium, this is not currently very practical. At those sorts of levels, it’s very difficult to separate the cause of the potential difference, too. Working out how much energy is produced by the LENR and then also working out what percentage of this energy is transformed into electricity is going to be extremely difficult.

    At the moment, it’s too early to say whether this will be useful in future or not – it depends on whether they can raise the energy density and reduce the cost (maybe rework it to use Nickel instead). It’s still a promising start to remove the need to produce steam in order to enjoy the benefits of LENR though.

  2. Craig Binns Says:

    “E-catworld.com again put me onto an interesting additional party involved in LENR.

    Deuo Dynamics released this paper back in 2008: http://www.deuodynamics.com/ICCF14-1.pdf

    This is very strange. Why don’t you do a bit of research on Deuo Dynamics? Its registered address is in East Blairdaff,
    Aberdeenshire, Scotland, which is a tiny village as far as I know. It’s near the small town of Inverurie. As to its post 2008 activities we may look at Companies House data from annual returns. See https://www.duedil.com/company/SC283229/deuo-dynamics-limited
    “Health: Non Trading. Companies House Description: The company did not trade during y/e 30.04.12.” Not very “dynamic”, eh?

    So if they have an LENR to electricity solution they can’t be doing very much with it.

  3. Anonymole Says:

    Additional uses for nickel:


  4. Craig Binns Says:


    Coating semiconductors with nickel is one thing. I have no problems with it. Obtaining energy by transmuting nickel to copper in a domestic water heater, something even exploding stars can’t do, is quite another, as far as credibility is concerned.

    By the way, is anyone here still buying into such nonsense, or has it died away into oblivion like all the other free energy manias that have ever been, or ever will be?

    How are the lucky owners of Rossi’s 1 MW e-cats getting on with their magic energy machines, I wonder? Still haven’t heard from them, I note.

    • Anony Mole Says:

      I found the article intriguing in that nickel seems to continue to have some relationship with energy production, chemical processes and hydrogen in particular, this time in what appears to be explainable science. Cheap hydrolysis would be a panacea in the use of intermittent renewable energies.

      As to nickel’s “other” uses and the dearth of news events, I’m sure those involved are simply attempting to build anticipatory pressure prior to their next funding efforts. I am beginning to follow MFMP and their efforts. They at least are taking a lighthearted, open approach to the whole topic, something I’m sure the others are reticent of doing lest they leak clues to their nefarious nature.

  5. Craig Binns Says:

    Anony “I’m sure those involved are simply attempting to build anticipatory pressure prior to their next funding efforts.” How right you are! Funding efforts are the only things we ever see from these absurd scams.

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