I have an LENR reactor

I think.

(photo credit wikipedia)

Forbes magazine has published an article saying that Lewis Larsen of Widom-Larsen Theory fame believes that CFLs produce LENR reactions.  His claim is based upon an unexpected mix of mercury isotopes in the spent bulbs.   (As is so often the case, thanks to e-catworld.com for the heads up.)

This is interesting!  The last time a common device was accused of LENR reactions it was lithium-ion batteries.  There has also been evidence that chickens produce needed calcium for their eggs via a cold-fusion type reaction.

My bet is that we’ll find that LENR is all around us.  However, we can’t see it if we don’t know to look.

(Don’t believe everything you think.)

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One Response to “I have an LENR reactor”

  1. Brad Arnold Says:

    I got your LENR reactor right here:

    Here is a detailed description of a LENR generator and formula that was producing energy over unity. In the March of 1994 US government contract F33615-93-C-2326 titled “NASCENT HYDROGEN: AN ENERGY SOURCE” ( http://www.lenr-canr.org/acrobat/GernertNnascenthyd.pdf ), “Anomalous heat was measured from a reaction of atomic hydrogen in contact with potassium carbonate on a nickel surface.”

    BTW, wasn’t there speculation that the trouble that new Boeing jet’s batteries catching fire was the result of LENR?

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