Dr Miley needs our vote — again!


I am on vacation, so can’t write a more elegant post about it. ┬áNeedless to say, this may bring a commercial grade LENR device into the public eye.

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6 Responses to “Dr Miley needs our vote — again!”

  1. Roger Bird Says:

    We have almost 9.5 days on this one. Let’s do it right this time. Our last vote count was pathetic. Let’s vote, guys, twice or thrice if possible.

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      You’ll need to sign on with a different email address. I voted just once. This time, I didn’t find any other technology that I felt was worth the voting for – nothing sufficiently good or world-bending. Surprising, since I expected this time was a winnowed-out set.

  2. Gregory Lee Says:

    I have dipatched for support at one university where my son’s at. Hope it comes around for good this time .. LETS WIN !!!

  3. AlpCns Says:

    Miley is brilliant and deserves our support. Voted.

  4. brucefast Says:

    Voting is tight, LENR is winning! We need to get our friends and family to vote if we want to see a public display of Dr. Miley’s work!

  5. brucefast Says:

    The Miley project has slipped to third! The top three are really tight! Is there anyone out there who hasn’t voted but can?

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