Pretty Optimistic Interview

Submitted by Iggy Dalrymple

Dr. Luca Gamberale, who formerly worked on the cold fusion research project of Pirelli Labs with Giuliano Preparata: — (Google Translation)

“We can say that the technology Defkalion is now ready to face the market. reactor R5, using as active elements nickel and hydrogen treated properly, it can produce about 4.5 kW of heat energy in a volume of a few cubic centimeters with temperatures that in principle may get to the melting temperature of the nickel (1453 ° C). The limitation in temperature is given by the materials that make up the reactor, which have a certain degree of complexity and which will focus the effort of engineering. Currently we are able to obtain temperatures of over 600 ° C in the secondary circuit using thermal fluids appropriate. The reactor can be switched on and off in a short time and the reaction is completely under control. The office of the reactor lasts six months of continuous operation and the final product of the reaction is mainly copper and some other metal is not harmful to health and the environment. dell’R5 The difference compared to the E-Cat of Leonardo Corp. It ‘radical . Indeed, while the exothermic reaction in the E-Cat is controlled by the presence of a catalyst, nell’R5 the reaction is triggered and modulated by a plasma discharge with very particular characteristics. It is precisely the presence of this download that allows a ‘ smooth and stable control of the reaction. The R5 (which will shortly be replaced dall’R6 a reactor that is substantially equivalent R5 but with improved performance) can be easily operated in parallel so as to achieve the desired power, until a few megawatts. The estimated cost per kWh is less than any primary source currently available. ” Difficulties and obstacles that research in the “Cold Fusion” (LENR) met since 1989 are known to all. She believes that the times have changed,? Do you think that there is still interest “strong” in place, tied to old technologies and vested interests that can impede even in the present and in the future development and success of this new and wonderful energy technology “Defkalion” ? ” I do not know if times have changed. rather I think that despite the massive effort to prevent the spread and the study of this controversial branch of physics, the few people who have spent their credibility and their work in this difficult area of research, have finally come to a formulation technology that paves the way to practical applications, in front of which the Academy more orthodox and conservative can not anymore. When industry will become aware of new technological possibilities that are offered by this technology, it will become pervasive, and the Academy which has greatly hampered research into LENR will be remembered in the future only to smear his work. ”This new energy technology, “Defkalion” which promises: economic energy, inexhaustible and clean, according to your point of view, that economic and social impact could be in the ‘immediate, and then view, in Italy, in Europe and worldwide whole?
“The impact of technology Defkalion will be significant. The benefits will be in the field of energy supply will become gradually more and more fragmented. probably gradually disappear energy distribution of mass in favor of local production of energy. Everyone will l ‘ energy it needs, both thermal and electrical. However, this process will not be immediate but it will require time that may range from 10 to 20 years. should be given time to the big players in the distribution of energy to change its assets in a non-traumatic in synergy with the new technology. ” Have you already made it possible ordering systems “Defkalion” in Italy and in Europe? If so, you have had many requests to date of these plants “Defkalion” by private companies, etc.? ” Defkalion Europe is not a producer of power generators. Their customers are other European companies wishing to develop applications based on Defkalion technology. Defkalion Europe is a ‘company of research and development. Defkalion Europe was formed very recently and we have already developed contacts with important European industries. ”

How long before we see the first systems with technology “Defkalion” installed and running? And these first plants will be built in Italy? By “Defkalion Europe”, of which she Gamberale, is the scientific director?

“As I said, Defkalion Europe will not produce plants. Consequently the time the entry into operation of the generators Defkalion will be decided by the companies that are our customers. You therefore possible that the implants are made in Italy, always depend on our customers but not directly from us. would welcome the presence of the Italian Government to promote this fact. ”

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27 Responses to “Pretty Optimistic Interview”

  1. Roger Bird Says:

    Yes, but the question is, is Defkalion simply aping Rossi with the hot air or is there something real here? I am inclined to think that we are at the threshold of a whole new world order or energy; but, of course, I can’t be sure, yet.

  2. brucefast Says:

    It is obvious that Defkalion has made a lot of promises that they have not kept. However, Defkalion is hardly a “me too” of Rossi. They don’t have a knee-jerk “we’re just like him”. They claim a much larger size for their reactor. They don’t claim as high of temperatures. Their positive claim, a dynamically controlled instant start reaction, is not parroted by Rossi.

    My bet is that both of them are presenting their technology basically accurately.

  3. Simon Derricutt Says:

    We surmised a while back that Defkalion had problems with the reactor parts wearing – specifically the spark-plugs got eaten pretty quickly. They’ve got a lot of engineers, and have, I think, poured a lot of money and effort into fixing things. What they are saying now, therefore, is pretty believable.

    Defkalion “went dark” for good business reasons, since it’s easy to make a slip-up on the things published. They did that a few times, and things that they’d inadequately blanked out on their issued reports became quickly public. We’re just interested, but a competitor could pick up valuable information on what they were doing and thus catch up more easily. Better to keep quiet and work at fixing the problems.

    I think it’s still a toss-up as to whether Brillouin or Defkalion get to market first, but it’s going to be a few years till we can buy either. When they do go on sale, we’ll each do our sums as to whether it’s a cheaper solution for our own situations. For Bruce it’s probably a no-brainer, but for me it will most likely be marginal and the capital expense may make it cheaper to stay with EDF.

  4. Brad Arnold Says:

    Something is spooking energy companies into “diversifying” their assets. If it is Defkalion, Leonardo, Brillouin, or another LENR based R&D company, who knows? The trend is for more and more credible third party verification, less and less LENR trolls, and soon concrete LENR generator market offerings. The future is going to be so bright we’ll have to wear shades – no matter what the pessimists and pseudo-skeptics do or say.

  5. Peter Gluck Says:

    A very positive event, Luca Gamberale is a prestigious
    Fusione fredda researcher, and his decision to work
    with Defkalion is more than significant.
    Defkalion has an excellent research strategy and understnding of LENR+. See please their NI Week Report or what they told me- at my Blog Ego Out.By the way they will restart all the activities next week in Canada.

  6. Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

    I would not trust anything Defkalion says: The quote below is from the 11/29/2011 article in Ny Teknik written by Mats Lewan
    This proves to me whatever Defkalion has it was stolen from Rossi.

    The above article quotes Alexandros Xanthoulis, President of Defkalion said:

    “- Let’s say I have Rossi’s formula, but I do not say it officially. My scientists have found a way to accomplish it. They need three months. I know what is in the reactor. I know everything. It was done with spectroscopy at Siena University of Padova (…) They tested the reactor without [Rossi] knew what they were doing, he continued.”

    • Roger Bird Says:

      Oh my God, the guy does live in Milano, but he was working on crystals to detect neutrinos, not being a pimp. My bad.

      But more seriously, this, I say this, is rock solid (internet) evidence that Defkalion is for real and this whole LENR is for real and it is now time to sell all energy stocks. I will advise my friends.

    • Roger Bird Says:

      Luca Gamberale lists Defkalion on his Linkedin page. Luca Gamberale is listed as a heavy nuclear boffin in this New Scientist page: Defkalion mentions him as a new employee. The dots fit together perfectly for absolute (Internet) confirmation that Defkalion is close to commercialization.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

        On 11/29/11 they needed three months to produce a reactor, what happened? Where is the third party report they promised?

      • Roger Bird Says:

        I don’t know Bernie. But their “promises” to us mean absolutely nothing. And it seems unlikely that cons would be breaking their “promises” to us if they were trying to attract funding from those who are not experts in thermodynamics and such and have not been following all this as closely as we have. The broken “promises” can easily be interpreted as the fact that they actually have something and what we think doesn’t matter.

        Let’s say I live in a jurisdiction that allows homeowners to shoot and kill intruders. Let’s say that the intruder has already killed my favorite dog. Let’s say it is dark and I have a gun and I tell the intruder that I have a loaded weapon. Let’s say that the intruder says, “I don’t believe you.” Do I really give a freaking cow patty what the intruder thinks? (:->) If Defkalion really has a loaded LENR, what do they care what we think? Even if they apologize for not communicating or not fulfilling their promises, it doesn’t matter what we think. If Defkalion doesn’t have anything, then they would care what we think because we could very well attract funding.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Bernie – It’s characteristic of new technology that the people doing it think that they are Real Close and the managers think that it’s a lot closer, but that in reality no-one actually knows what bugs they are going to hit and so the development schedule tends to get delayed. You’ll see this with NASA, too, it’s not just the small companies that have a problem.

        Defkalion have been tarred with the Rossi brush, so there are people that believe them and maybe a lot more that think they are scamming. I think that they have a valid reaction and have had material and control problems that take an indeterminate time to sort out. Given the number and quality of the people they are employing, I would expect them to come to a good solution sooner than Rossi, but we can’t really put a timescale on it until they’ve got a prototype running long-term and have solved the scaling/reproducibility problems of making the fuel. At a guess, I’d say another half-year before they have all their ducks in a row, but this is just a guess.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

        Simon Derricutt …..what is your reaction to the quote from Defkalion about stealing Rossi IP? I have been following LENR daily for over two years, I just think Rossi is much more believable…….we should know in the next six months.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Bernie – I think that what Defkalion actually got from Rossi was the knowledge that it was possible. Whatever information they got about what was in the powder didn’t immediately give them a working product, since otherwise both of them would have produced something long before now.

        Knowing something is possible (whether justified knowledge or not) leads to directed research to make it work better. Probably why Rossi has done as much as possible to appear to not have anything at all – it makes competition less likely. So what I think Defkalion got was “this sometimes works” and they have put a lot of work into trying to get to “this always works”. I think they’ve succeeded.

        At the time they reportedly got that data, they were very much linked in to Rossi and were AFAIK going to be backing him to get it developed. Details of this are not clear and are most likely contested, but that’s what I gather. As such they had a right to that information, as part of due diligence in setting up a business deal. Again that could be and probably is contested, but if they had continued to work together that knowledge would have benefited them all (and us). Once you know something, though, you can’t un-know it if the business deals fall through.

        We could argue a while on believability and end up nowhere. Hopefully one of them will get a product to UL or equivalent and my bet at the moment is that Defkalion have a better chance of doing that first.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        I noticed a message from SVJ on Vortex, and it’s so well written I’ll point to it from here as well:

        A hint for monkeys – to get the cookie don’t use the whole hand to grab, but a couple of fingers to tweeze it out. I’m not sure if that applies to Rossi, though.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

        Simon…….UL certification for any LENR reactor is going to be very hard to get. The liability for UL is just to great. Industrial reactors are the only way to go.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Bernie – I see the point, but if the reaction is well-contained, doesn’t emit dangerous levels of radiation and is proved safe in meltdown then it shouldn’t be that difficult. That’s only 3 “if”s, and it looks like things should be OK on those.

        We use a lot of things more dangerous, especially if used with stupidity. During the recent fuel crisis in the UK, a woman was taken to hospital with severe burns after transferring petrol from one can to another in her kitchen next to a lit stove. She should get the Darwin award, but it was a near-miss instead. My chainsaws have UL certificates as well as TüV ones, and they are really pretty scary if misused – fire hazard, maiming hazard and if you use the wrong fuel could explode. Plus a tree might drop on you….

        Overall, either Rossi’s or Defkalion’s heaters should be safer than the alternatives – no chance of CO poisoning, for a start. Bring it on!

      • bbck7 Says:

        Simon……I agree from a logical point of view there is no problem, but a main difference is they know how a chain saw works, the screw ups are predictable, the liability is limited to those known factors. They do not know how LENR works, therefore the the liability is not limited, very scary to a Risk Manager.

      • brucefast Says:

        I think that someone took lesson from the invention of the x-ray machine. No one thought to consider that x-rays would be poisonous.

        When a science-bending technology pops up, the question of whether the x-ray foreshadows a similar “unknown” just ends up being asked.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        The biggest “danger” presented by LENR is not to life or limb, but to the vested interests of BigAcademia and BigEnergy. They don’t want immediate solutions. An immediate solution put the “March of Dimes” out of business. The prefer the elusive solution that’s always 10 to 20 yr off.

        “The greatest challenge to finding a cure for cancer right now may be what he describes as “the inherently conservative nature of today’s cancer research establishments. And unless this changes, “curing cancer will always be 10 or 20 years away.” – James Watson, co-discover of the double-helix structure of DNA.

      • B Fast Says:

        Iggy, you’re probably right. However, as Rossi claims to be very near to having an industrial solution, this wall shouldn’t hold things back that long.

        I, for one, would be happy to run my house on an LENR heater. I’d be happy to sign a release document if I could get my hands on one.

  7. Greg Goble Says:

    Cold Fusion Now – LENR Power – Stop Greenhouse Gases (link)

    The LENR NASA Series Cold Fusion Now (link)

    The Lenr Obama Series Cold Fusion Now (link)

  8. 2013: The Year of Cold Fusion | BuildTheEnterprise Says:

    […] And then there is the Enterprise, our spaceship. LENR technology could give a much safer nuclear power system for the Gen1 Enterprise. Concerns about a plutonium-filled Enterprise crashing back to Earth would be alleviated. Also, having a very hot heat source at the center of the nuclear power system is essential for helping to keep the size of the radiators within reason. Could the LENR devices run hot enough for the Enterprise, like the 1500 degrees C I assumed here? LENR researcher Dr. Luca Gamberale said recently: […]

    • Greg Goble Says:

      Nuclear dense energy is required for long term manned space missions of the size and scope these folks propose. NASA states the energetics of LENR is the solution to missions planned yet unrealized.

      During the past year these two competitors have emerged, my hunch is they are each licensees of NASA LENR technology.

      Planetary Resources – The Asteroid Mining Company

      Planetary Resources is establishing a new paradigm for resource discovery and utilization that will bring the solar system into humanity’s sphere of influence.

      Deep Space Industries Inc.

      Mission: It is time to begin the harvest of space.
      The Earth is but a tiny and precious world floating in a sea of natural resources. The riches of the solar system offer humanity both unprecedented prosperity and an improved environment. The resource potential of space outstrips that of any previous frontier – without the environmental impacts.
      Asteroids are plentiful throughout the solar system. Many orbit close to the Earth and many of these carry vast deposits of resources ranging from water to metals such as iron, gold and platinum – everything we need to expand our civilization into space, to provide for our needs here at home and to increase the wealth of our planetary economy.

  9. Eficiencia energetica Says:

    Pretty Optimistic Interview | nickelpower, me ha parecido muy genail, me hubiera gustado que fuese más largo pero ya saeis si lo bueno es breve es dos veces bueno. Enhorabuena por vuestra web. Besotes.

  10. Craig Binns Says:

    Dear me, a Spanish spambot. A “Spanbot”?

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