Another investment opportunity

I came across a publicly traded company that makes turbines in the 30KW to 1MW range. Nasdaq: CPST may do very well when the LENR world is finally opened up.

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2 Responses to “Another investment opportunity”

  1. Michael Says:

    Observe that these are gas turbines as on aircrafts, not steam turbines as often mentioned as on add-on to the hot e-cat….different thermodynamic cycles and small gas turbines have a much better performance than small steam turbines….besides they are completely different machines. Yes, both are rotaing and have turbine blades.

  2. brucefast Says:

    Good point.
    While these are gas turbines, they are also electricity generating turbines (unlike on a jet). I would think that the generator systems that they have engineered would be able to move to an LENR environment without modification.

    I am not an engineer, and don’t know how much difference there is between a hot steam turbine and a fuel turbine. I am still betting that there is more similarity than difference between the two technologies.

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