50% Efficiency!


We now only need a COP of 2 to break even.

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  1. Roger Bird Says:

    Notice how CO2 has such a bad name, yet in these two applications that Bruce mentions CO2 is critical, to say nothing of the entire plant world.

  2. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    (Part 1)
    Egyptian Invents New Energy-saving Motor

    OnIslam Staff
    Thursday, 22 November 2012 00:00

    The integrated battery acts in the circuit like a capacitor/condenser that charges and discharges the electric charges while the engine is running.
    Given the continuous growth of human population and the enormous increase in global demand for energy, energy supply is becoming less and less, giving rise to a lot of concerns.

    Amid the worldwide fears of future energy shortages and the expected devastating impact of this on the economic growth in many countries, a lot of efforts have been put in the process of searching for new methods that would save the world from power-supplying crisis.

    In this sense, an Egyptian engineer has managed to invent a revolutionary motor which is able to recycle the energy initially consumed by it in a closed cycle, with the result of saving energy and keeping the motor running efficiently.

    “In July 2009, I started working personally, privately and individually on an idea of an efficient motor,” said Mr. Hosni Shafi’i.

    The 31-year old mechanical engineer got a breakthrough in February 2010, as he successfully invented his first prototype. Then Shafi’i began later to manufacture another larger model that got finished by August 2010.

    When It First Sparked

    Amidst the process of making this brilliant invention, Shafi’i had to bear the brunt of going through two painful tests which nearly hindered the whole process. Poverty and the high cost of the necessary equipments posed major challenges for him along the way

    Because of his busy schedule, Shafi’i was only able to work on his invention after the long hours of daily tiring work, as he was obligated to stay awake for days to finish this process.

    “A year later, in June 2011, I made the third prototype. Fortunately, the three prototypes are of completely different designs,” Shafi’i explained to OnIslam.net.

    In order to overcome the problem of equipment’s unaffordable cost, Shafi’i tried to contact Chinese plastic factories hoping that they could help in building his motor by manufacturing some expensive kits for him, but unfortunately he didn’t receive any positive or serious response.

    Shafi’i didn’t only stop at this step, he managed to contact several European and North American universities, but it was a bit disappointment for him to be turned down by the professors and doctors who view his idea of new motor as contradictory with the physics laws of thermodynamics.

    In his reaction to this argument, Shafi’i made it clear in his countless project’s presentations that his motor is not against the first law of thermodynamics. “Energy can’t be created or destroyed, but it transfer from one form to another. I am just trying to make the best use of the same amount of energy as it won’t get destroyed,” Shafi’i explained.

    Shafi’i’s idea sparks from the concept that: “Normally, we intake energy, use it or burn it, and then let it dissipate. For example, we use the energy once, then neglect it, and then we try to search for another amount of this precious priceless energy to use it once again, and so on in a costly and a wasteful process. What I’m just trying to do is to close the chain and stop this waste of our planet’s energy.. I am just trying to reuse the un-destroyable energy.”

    Making Successful Strides

    “I dream of a world with limitless clean energy,” Shafi’i hopes.
    The next step for Shafi’i was Kuwait as the Egyptian engineer, who graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, attempted to apply for a patent on his idea in October 2010. Sadly, this was met with refusal for being a foreigner.

    A few months later, Shafi’i got from the German Patent office the kind of recognition he has longed for, and in July 3, 2011, he flew to Munich where he registered his patent, Utility Model.

    After returning from Germany and proving without doubts that his invention is genuine and compatible with physics facts, Shafi’i registered two other patents in both Kuwait and Egypt.

    Furthermore, in January 27, 2012, Shafi’i received a confirmation letter from the German Patent Office announcing that the utility model is registered and certified. “Now, the idea is logical, applicable, efficient, never been done before.. So it is patentable,” he said happily.

    Shafi’i, who got his Masters from Cairo University’s Faculty of Engineering, looks forward at: “I wish to get it executed alive, I am working on that alone for more than three years now, I have more designs in the same line, but it is so expensive filing a patent over each and every one, I dream of a world of limitless clean energy, finally I wish to find it suitable and challenging in your studies and researches.”

    The motor typically work upon the idea of taking its initial power from a battery. It can also take alternating current (AC), but this requires an AC-to-direct current (DC) converter. The design of the motor can run itself with a built-in battery. This integrated battery is acting in the circuit like a capacitor/condenser that charges and discharges the electric charges while the engine is running.

    (Part 2)
    Three Patents for the Egyptian Energy-saving Motor
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    (1 vote, average 5.00 out of 5)
    OnIslam Staff
    Wednesday, 12 December 2012 00:00

    In Jan. 2012, Shafi’i received a confirmation letter from the German Patent Office announcing that the utility model is registered and certified.
    Creative minds always feel responsible not only towards their societies and communities, but towards humanity as a whole as well. They regularly think of developing, improving and easing the life of humankind and all the living organisms inhabiting Planet Earth entirely. (Say, “Are those who know equal to those who do not know?” Only they will remember [who are] people of understanding.) (Surat Az-Zumur 39:9).

    “Now, the idea is logical, applicable, efficient, never been done before.. So it is patentable,” this was the statementl of Hosni Shafi’i, the Egyptian engineer who succeeded in inventing a genuine motor that recycles energy initially consumed by it in a closed energy-saving cycle.

    The German patent office has officially certified, recognised and accepted his invention in addition to two other patents from Kuwait and Egypt.

    Shafi’i’s invention is a new electromechanical energy-saving high efficiency motor design.

    According to accurate measurements, it enjoys a much higher efficiency than the internal combustion engines by about 30-33% thermal efficiency, and more than the traditional electric motors by 70% efficiency.

    The energy stored in the magnetic coils of the motor is to be utilised twice on its two sides and not on one side as usual, through a timing circuit and the design of the inner/outer rotors.

    Shafi’i’s motor runs by electromagnets that perform in a manner similar to pistons in the internal combustion engines with a precise timing mechanism.

    The motor runs continuously on relatively very small quantities of pulsating charges and currents, while the traditional electric motors take continuous supply of electric power.

    This energy-saving invention also uses powerful permanent magnet cells on the rotors (inner and outer), which means saving materials like copper wires, machining and this lead to utilisation of the residual magnetic energy stored in the magnet cells adding to the motor efficiency.

    With its very simple, durable and maintenance-free design, Shafi’i’s motor doesn’t require any commutator or brushes.

    The generated counter-electromotive force in the stator electromagnetic coils is no longer opposing the motor performance as in the traditional electric motors, on the contrary, it became an additional force to the motor’s efficiency.

    This generated counter-electromotive force can be utilised usefully, for instance, it can recharge the battery to keep the motor running efficiently and save energy. There would be a continuous charge of energy without any supplementary source other than the battery.

    Shafi’i’s motor could be also applied in pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, compressors, industrial motors, electric vehicles, trams, electric trains, power generators, air conditioners and many other things.
    This invention would be perfect if used with a solar energy chargeable batteries for the most economical and optimum energy saving.

    As it’s a frictionless engine, the rate of wear is down to minimum if compared with the internal combustion reciprocating engines.

    Moreover, the rotating motor design makes it more stable than the reciprocating internal combustion engine. Not only that, but, the characteristics of both the electric motors and internal combustion engines are combined in that motor design.

    Additionally, Shafi’i’s motor can deliver higher torque and its gearbox required to control speed, gives a wider output speed/torque range.

    One of the good advantages of this new motor is that it could be designed and manufactured with different sizes and capacities. It is inexpensive, practical, energy-saving, nonpolluting, noiseless, highly-efficient, and a powerful energy source motor.


    Nevertheless, mentioning all these advantages and the environment-friendly design, the motor requires a timing control circuit/board. In addition, as the electromagnets are performing like pistons in the internal combustion engines, Shafi’i’s motor especially the large sizes of it may require a starting motor to prime it exactly as in the internal combustion engines.

    The motor’s speed control is to be carried out electrically/electronically through a speed controller circuit to control the electromagnet currents with resistors that will perform like an electric gearbox. This will control the motor output speed and torque. Otherwise, this can be done mechanically through a simple mechanical gearbox exactly like that used in automobiles, which might not be considered a disadvantage.

    Typical Applications

    Shafi’i’s motor applications are relatively unlimited, it can be used in automobiles, air conditioners, power generators, or any other application that depend on fossil fuel and the traditional electric motors.

    Besides, the motor could be designed and engineered to perform like a stepper motor when required, for some limited applications.

    As an energy-saving motor that can recycle and reuse the consumed energy, this invention can be very useful in important applications that require big amounts of energy, like using it to run something similar to huge “air conditioning and cooling systems” used to condensate the water vapor from the ambient atmosphere and so it can save water as well.

    Actually, water condensation appliances are already introduced and being used especially in military applications. However, this occurs with the existence of one single problem which consumes a lot of energy to run the equipments. Thus, the newly invented motor will solve this sole obstacle.

    Shafi’i’s motor could be also applied in pumps, fans, blowers, conveyors, compressors, industrial motors, electric vehicles, trams, electric trains, power generators, air conditioners and many other things.

    Contact the inventor at:

    00965 99 05 49 77


  3. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Iggy Dalrymple
    Date: Jan 8, 2013 8:25 AM
    Subject: Congratulations on your invention.

    Dear Mr. Hosni Shafi’

    Congratulations on your invention.
    Have you tried to market your invention in Turkey?

    Iggy Dalrymple


    Dear Mr. Dalrymple,

    Thanks alot for your e-mail

    I had never been to Turkey, and I didn’t try to market it there
    I would love to market it anywhere, just tell me how if you have any idea
    But may I know who you are, and why you are interested in such subject?

    For Your Information
    Energy Saving Electro Dynamic Motor Patent:

    1) German Patent and Trademark Office GPTO, Munich
    Applied for a Utility Model on 15/7/2011
    File No. 2011 07 15 15 31 28 00 DE
    Registered and Certified Utility Model on 27/1/2012
    Applied for a Patent on 13/7/2012
    File No. 2012 07 13 23 0 22 000 DE
    Filing the Designation of INVENTOR to the GPTO on 5/10/2012

    2) Kuwait Patent Office, Ministry of Trade and Industry, Kuwait
    Applied on 24/8/2011
    File No. 62 / 2011

    3) Egyptian Patent Office, Ministry of the Scientific Research, Egypt
    Applied on 17/10/2011
    File No. 1732 / 2011

    Wrote about the Motor:

    1) Check my own FACEBOOK page, established for the Motor

    2) MONDANITE magazine, edition No. 35 of October 2012
    Scan copy attached

    3) ONISLAM web site, Science, on Thursday 22/11/2012, PART 1

    4) ONISLAM web site, Science, on Wednesday 12/12/2012, PART 2

    5) and more, APPRECIATING and OPPOSING !!
    Please refere to the attached files

    I am just trying to apply in your reputable company wishing to find a suitable position in it
    Wishing to get it executed one day
    Hope to apply for my second patent soon

    Hosni Shafie

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      My retired “invention developer” is skeptical. He says that “pulse motors” are nothing new and that the Japs have a 96% efficient elec motor.

  4. hosni Says:

    dear, you invention developer may be true with the pulse motors point, but still my motor design much more efficient than the motors of Bedini and lindermann
    the 70% i mentioned is not the efficincy as stated, i meant the coefficient of performance COP, which is always low in the traditional electric motor because o the induced counter emf. and so there is no motor of COP 96% as per your developer
    hope that clarified

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