Rest in Peace Dr. Fleischmann

Dr. Fleischmann, co-discoverer of the technology we know as “cold fusion” or LENR, died August 3, 2012 at 85 years old.

It is sad to see that his monumentous work was not recognized in his lifetime.  He surely deserves the Nobel for it.  Hopefully his partner, Dr. Stanley Pons will be able to receive the honor that Dr. Fleischmann deserves.

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One Response to “Rest in Peace Dr. Fleischmann”

  1. AlpCns Says:

    Science often advances funeral by funeral – meaning that once (all) the critics have passed away, so-called “controversial” inventions or technologies are eventually accepted as self-evident. Too bad that dr. Fleischmann, like so many other great minds, was not able to see the fruits of his monumental contributions.

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