Need a job?

Defkalion is hiring.

(Thanks to Free Energy Truth for putting me on to this.)

Now that said, I am more than a little disappointed that Defkalion has not released independent test data yet.  They did promise to do so by the end of April.   However, hiring production managers, etc. is certainly consistent with an intent to spool up production.

Here’s hopin’.

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25 Responses to “Need a job?”

  1. Roger Bird Says:

    Let us keep in mind that private concerns owe us exactly zip other than to not pollute, which won’t be a problem with LENR. If Defkalion did not do what they said they would do, it may be disappointing, it may not be honest, etc. But it is also “tough titty said the kitty when the milk ran dry”.

    Perhaps they are just dotting their “eyes” and crossing their “tees”.

    And announcing that they are hiring people is definitely a positive development. No engineer in their right mind would work for crooks.

  2. Simon Derricutt Says:

    I think this is real and encouraging, but there’s a small note of caution in that you can’t know if they are actually running interviews unless someone you know (or yourself) gets an interview. It could be a bit of PR, but I can’t see the point of doing this unless it’s true.

    One other thing is that the jobs are not well specified – for example what sort of design engineer? I could apply for that as an electronics design engineer, but what if they want a mechanical design engineer here? One job they’ve missed hiring for is Failure Analysis – a very cost-effective job (if I may state that) and might have tempted me to actually apply, though I’d rather not move to Greece at the moment.
    Without a proper job-spec to see what you’ll be required to do, how can you tell if you fit the job they want?

    • Bob Says:

      If they don’t tell you what they are looking for, just tell them yes, I can do that. Fare is Fare. If they ask you why you did something wrong, just tell them that the way we always did it in the previous CF company.
      Seriously, this is a good sign, but it tells me July and August for product introduction will not be happening. That probably won’t surprise anyone though.

  3. Megan Says:

    NI am looking for any opportunity to be a part of the transition to be less dependant on oil. I am willing to spend my time and energy to promote. create and distribute any new source or form of energy. I am eager to learn more and share my knowledge of new energy sources with friends, family,neighbors and strangers. I am a Canadian girl from BC and am willing to go were I must to learn what I can about energy and the people who have been influencing these changes.

    • brucefast Says:

      Megan, please submit your application here:

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      Megan – It’s good that you want to work at this, but I feel it’s unlikely that Defkalion will take you on. If you can, get a degree in Nuclear Physics, but if you can’t then you can still learn about it. It’s not frightening (till you come to the maths!) and you can find out what the current understanding is of what particles exist and how they interact. LENR is likely to become the main source of energy over the next decade or so, so look at all that Lewis Larsen has published ( and search others), all that Ed Storms has published (get a taster at and explore the sites Bruce has detailed. It’ll take a while to get a decent amount of knowledge, but it will be very useful when you get a job that uses that knowledge. Currently there are only a few jobs in the world that need this, but in future there will be a major shortage of people who understand it.

      If you’re ready in a year or two, there may well be a lot of jobs in designing and building the reactors, and you could start your own company – how to build them should have been published by then.

      Canada needs this technology as much as anyone (ask Bruce!) so you don’t need to move countries. In any case, Greece is maybe not the best country to move to at this moment.

    • Bob Norman Says:

      Megan – You can immerse yourself in the technology, but most will not have to understand the details of how the Core works, most people can treat it as a black box and learn how to use it to heat homes, make electricity or any of the other support areas in marketing, sales and service. My guess is that 90% of the people won’t understand the nuclear details, but they will all have jobs and help in spreading the technology. You may want to study applications and watch for companies in your area offering opportunities.

  4. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Confession of a Paid Shill
    (from Peter Roe post on E-CatWorld)

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      Iggy – the problem is that we can’t really know whether the “confession” is real or not. One of those little problems in life. I’ll admit to wondering at times whether Craig was paid or not, but I couldn’t see the point of it – he just didn’t get the physics and that’s it. Possibly Nickelpower isn’t seen as needing such intervention – is that an insult or accolade?

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        I doubt Craig was a paid shill. I buy Bruce’s idea that Craig suffers from “Argumentative Disorder”. Craig didn’t hangout at ecatnews because he enjoyed being the lone heretic.

        Now some of those skeps on E-CatNews seem to be omni-present, ready on a moment’s notice to post a long diatribe, complete with numerous linked quotes. Someone that attentive and productive, in my opinion, is not a person, but a professional public relations firm. These PR firms are paid guns, and will happily advocate for either side. I know one PR guy, from my small hometown, whose firm represented Sadam Hussein when he invaded Kuwait.

        I doubt nickelpower is big enough a target to bother with. The pro-skeps would love to get on vortex but the moderator will kick them off. I doubt Frank Acland will hesitate to kick them off ecatworld if they get nasty enough. The owner of ecatnews must be some sort of extreme libertarian to allow the pro-skeps destroy his blog.

        A certain amount of discord is good and attracts readership, but if the pro-skeps dominate, they ruin it for everyone. I don’t think Craig did any harm here.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Iggy – Craig said he had fun arguing in Glasgow pubs, and I think he’d be fun to have a pint with – one of those things where he takes the opposite side just to have something to argue about.

        I don’t normally look at Ecatnews – tried it but just too many thoughtless people. I really don’t see why anyone would pay to have such views promulgated – I can’t see where anyone has anything to gain one way or another, apart from maybe the hot-fusion people.

        Just because I can’t see any profit motive doesn’t mean there isn’t one there, though. PR is a strange business.

      • Craig Binns Says:


        It’s seen as not DESERVING such intervention. The nickelpower site is now merely a sounding board on which Iggy, yourself, Bob and Anony can exchange weird fringe ideas, about anything from magic cures for cancer to prisoners on one-way journeys on asteroids to the application of cream of tartar to magic power generation. And of course the perennial conspiracy theory obsessions about paid shills.

        Your response to “pro-skeps” is to throw them off the site. So go ahead. “The pro-skeps would love to get on vortex … ” You wish! ” … but the moderator will kick them off.” Who cares?

        Rossi has still produced absolutely nothing, except lies and obfuscations. Defkalion has reneged on every promise it made. These are now so clearly scams and delusions, like EVERY previous “free energy” scheme, that there is now absolutely no item of interest except seeing for how many more months or years they can keep stringing the believers along.

        But since the believers insist on believing without evidence, that may be a very long time!

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        The “Believer Market” is so thriving now that National Instruments is throwing a seminar. I guess they hope to sell instruments to test nutty ideas.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Craig – welcome back!

        Fringe ideas are fun, and I’m testing a few to see if they work. Most are simply faulty observations or crazy beliefs, but some look like they might actually work. I’ll hope to surprise you – physics is always developing and we really don’t know the limits yet – probably never will.

        You’re right that Rossi is still promising even more but hasn’t delivered yet, and that Defkalion broke all their promises to publish data. Like most people at Nickelpower, I’ll believe it when I see it, but I think that there’s still a very good chance that both have real technologies and have made some progress. These ‘free energy’ devices are not the same as the others you are referring to, in that there is a valid (and scientifically justified) source for the energy. What is different about Dekalion and Rossi is the scale of the power output they are claiming. There are hundreds of experiments published with milliwatts or watts of power produced, but not kilowatts.

        If they take a long time to get into production (or never do), that gives me more time to prove out something else. The effect is real, it’s just the implementation that’s tricky.

      • brucefast Says:

        Mr Binns,

        Thanks for returning. I am currently on vacation, so I have been managing the site sketchily. (Hmmm, is that even in the urban dictionary?) Further, there has been painfully little news on the topic to generate energy.

        What this site needs is a Scottish bull-shitter to stir the pot. Who better than the great Craig Binns.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        Hmmm, is that even in the urban dictionary?

    • Craig Binns Says:

      Who indeed? At least bull shit is a tried and trusted source of energy. Millions of people in India use it for cooking. But a single gram of BS produces infinitely more useful energy than all the contraptions that Rossi claims (to the public – he tells a different story to the Florida state inspectors) to have produced.

      You say “painfully little news”. Surely you mean “a little painful news”. I refer to Defkalion’s decamping fom Greece (where it was going to save the economy, allegedly) to “Canada”, a process which will generate spurious news stories for months, avidly read by LENR fanboys, but will not generate a single watt of power, of course! And Rossi, abandoning Italy, with its LENR-powered factories (Will these priceless magic machines be left to rust away? What a pity! They could have saved the world.) and is going to set his business up in “Sweden”. Can you possibly still believe in these clowns? It’s a joke.

      But why discuss such painful things? It’s much more agreeable to give Iggy space to explain to us that the President of the USA is a traitor in the pay of a conspiracy to overthrow his country, masterminded by Arab oil interests and the Black Panthers. (That’s the group I work for as a paid shill, perhaps. Or maybe not.)

      • Craig Binns Says:

        Or as Benjamin Cole has aptly observed on the New Energy and Fuel website:

        “Cold Fusion From Italy Nearly Commercial Ready | New Energy and ……:/newenergyandfuel/…/cold-fusion-… – Cached
        17 Jan 2011″

        Okay, accountability time.

        18 months gone by. What is the definition of “nearly”?

        Really, are we any—any—closer today than 18 months ago? Really? How?”

        To which i add: We’re not. And we never will be.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        At least Rossi seems to have energized you.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        Craig, I just noticed that your avatar looks like fractured swastikas with sharp barbs at the 4 corners.

        Scottish bullshitter? I’m not purebred like you but one pair of my paternal g-grandparents immigrated from Paisley (Douglas) just before the American Civil War. Another (Carlton) from the Isle of Arran before the American Revolution.

      • Craig Binns Says:

        Ah, Arran before the Civil War. That island was cleared of much of its population by its landowner, the Duke of Hamilton, in the years 1829 to 1840. See wiki: “In the early 19th century Alexander, 10th Duke of Hamilton (1767–1852) embarked on a programme of clearances that had a devastating effect on the island’s population. These “improvements” typically led to land that had been rented out to as many as 27 families being converted into a single farm. In some cases, land was promised in Canada for each adult emigrant male. In April 1829, for example, 86 islanders boarded the brig Caledonia for the two-month journey, half their fares being paid for by the Duke. However, on arrival in Quebec only 41 hectares (100 acres) was made available to the heads of extended families. Whole villages were removed and the Gaelic culture of the island devastated. The writer James Hogg wrote: “Ah! Wae’s me. I hear the Duke of Hamilton’s crofters are a’ gaun away, man and mother’s son, frae the Isle o’ Arran. Pity on us!”. A memorial to this has been constructed on the shore at Lamlash, paid for by a Canadian descendant of the emigrants.”

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Craig – there’s a whole load of things I don’t understand in business. One is how the bankers can shuffle money around and miraculously increase the amount of money without anything being produced or sold. And then pocket it as bonuses….

        I learnt some physics, then spent most of my life as an engineer of one sort or another. I look at things as to whether they will actually work. I’m probably somewhat easy to fool by a clever liar, but not easy to fool with equipment and measurements. If you discount Rossi and Defkalion as saying they have more than they do, there are enough other believable experiments that point to LENR being feasible and functional as well as having some big names behind them – for example Swarz’s ongoing demonstration at MIT.

        In new technologies, I expect quite a few setbacks before it gets useful. Possible this is even more applicable in LENR, where a lot of scientists still regard it as impossible and those working in it have multiple theories to choose from, none of which really feel fully-formed yet. Until someone really produces a repeatable system, the theorists haven’t enough to work on. People doing the experiments are thus mainly repeating ones that have been shown to sometimes work, or occasionally trying new things that might work.

        Given the current evidence, it’s one of those things where government-sponsored research would be useful. There has been some of that, but generally hidden in other budgets because of the negative effects of chasing such a dream. Since a COP greater than 1 has been shown in a lot of experiments, it would seem to be more worth-while than ITER and hot-fusion projects. Ending up with portable power-plants that are cheap to run would change a lot of things – should even get the UK out of the current depression.

        The question “Does LENR work?” has to be answered “yes”. Can it be useful? – most likely. Can we get it to a useful system soon? – maybe. Can we believe Rossi and Defkalion? – no, but they may surprise us. I’m not going to get hung up on what their pronouncements (or not) may be.

  5. Craig Binns Says:

    My basic point is this. A couple of years ago, people were saying, cold fusion works, and Rossi’s machine proves it, and Defkalion will produce these machines commercially. Soon.

    Now the same people are saying, well, Rossi and Defkalion are obviously liars, and in all probability complete frauds and scammers, but nevertheless, LENR can be shown to work, albeit in unrepeatable and ambiguous experiments.

    I say, it was obvious from quite an early stage that Rossi was a bullshitter, and LENR has still not convincingly been shown to work. Your idea that it will one day be shown to work once enough theories have been formulated to account for it, is not sensible.

    Hot fusion occurs in nature, and it is well understood. Stars work that way. We know how to obtain and sustain it. What we don’t know is how to control this reaction, or whether our technology is capable of exploiting this process. Maybe it never can become practicable. That is very different from the LENR situation. Most scientists reject the concept, which unlike hot fusion has no accepted theoretical basis.

    Also, because LENR would be a wonderful achievement, if it could ever be realised, scammers of all sorts latch on to the idea, just as they send out messages telling people they’ve won phoney lotteries. I am pretty certain that both Rossi and Defkalion are scammers of this type. The field of “free energy” contains nothing but scammers, their credulous marks, and madmen.

    And anyone who objects to these frauds and insanities is at once branded as a paid agent of Big Oil, or a participant some conspiracy against the constitution of the USA.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      Craig Binns: ” Hot fusion occurs in nature, and it is well understood. Stars work that way. We know how to obtain and sustain it.”

      How do we sustain hot fusion?

    • brucefast Says:

      My basic counterpoint is this: I say cold fusion works — and I don’t need to point to Rossi or Defkalion to prove it. Oh yea, but I’d be beating a dead horse on this one, wouldn’t I. (I understand that anyone can wander down to MIT and see their ongoing high COP demonstration.)

      Craig, “Now the same people are saying, well, Rossi and Defkalion are obviously liars, and in all probability complete frauds and scammers.” While I am rather sure that Rossi is a bullshitter, I know of very few who had followed Rossi closely and hopefully that are now saying, “Rossi … in all probability complete fraud.” Please show me the turncoats.

      Craig, “Hot fusion occurs in nature.” Hot fusion obviously does occur in nature. However, there have been reports (though I haven’t read the journals on them) of transmutations happening in animals. If so, then LENR also occurs in nature. I strongly suspect that once the scientific community recognizes LENR at all, they will suddenly find that nature uses it all over the place.


      Also, because LENR would be a wonderful achievement, if it could ever be realised, scammers of all sorts … And anyone who objects to these frauds and insanities is at once branded as a paid agent of Big Oil, or a participant some conspiracy against the constitution of the USA.

      The world of free energy is certainly fraught with the deluding and deluded. This is why I have never found any other but LENR to buy in to. I would not have bought into LENR either except for the top physicists proclaiming its reality. I have looked at 100 rocks in this pile and found no gold does not prove that there is no nuggets in the pile.

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