LENR and the U.S. Election

The amount of energy that has been flowing on the previous thread has inspired me to turn it into a post.

My short opinion is this — if LENR gets heard above the noise before the November election, then how the news is played out by the various parties may make or break the election for them.


1 – What position by Obama would benefit his election campaign, what would hurt him?

2 – What position by Romney (I presume he’ll be the Republican candidate) would benefit his election campaign, and what would hurt him?

3 – During the next term, what role should the president play regarding LENR?

I actually think that question 3 is a BIG DEAL question.  I believe that presidential management of LENR will make the difference between the US maintaining its status as technology leader, and the US becoming a has been.

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70 Responses to “LENR and the U.S. Election”

  1. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    I can see both sides of this argument. Obama could be still in the dark because he’s surrounded by GaGa Greenies, who are joined at the waist to wind & solar.

    Romney has already mentioned cold fusion and he’s not as close to oil and gas as the typical Repub.

    If LENR has not broken into the mainstream media by Oct, then whichever candidate is trailing may decide to pull the LENRabbit out of the hat.

    • Bernd Graumann Says:

      Think about the year 1913 and about the circle, that made Wilson become president and gave the peoples currency to the FED.
      Presidents are made, not elected –

      The money-changers skipped Tesla´s work and build the dynasty of the petrol-dragon …. and they own the banks.

      Now, a hundred years later, the worlds currencies are in big trouble cause of political reasons, capitalism and communism are shifting to somewhat else – and the energy discussion is back.

      The year 2013 will show, that a NWO is build and that there is no need for the petrol-dragon anymore, to occupy the last amounts of oil.
      World-Domination no longer needs this black smere.

      They will sell LENR, cheap and clean energy to the people, but what is price we have to pay for that ?

      Regards from Germany

  2. Roger Bird Says:

    There will be no more economic has-beens. Any country will be able to become economically prosperous. Every country in danger of becoming an economical has-been will be saved.

    The best thing that could happen is if the president ignores LENR for a bunch more years.

    • Greg Goble Says:

      It’s possible that even desert countries (oil producing ones too) can prosper and live well with virtually unlimited nearly free energy. Nickel into copper… Lead into gold… (just kidding)
      The Transmutation Era

  3. Greg Goble Says:

    Is the role to take.
    Imagine 100% employment converting to LENR heat and power; all paid for by the energy costs savings. Tax that energy at twice the rate and we still end up way way ahead in savings.
    Time to tool up… the race is about to start… first to convert wins.
    This race will be more popular than the race to space and the President that ushers in the Transmutation Era will have attained a LEGACY that will not fade. Any other route is unimaginable.

    • brucefast Says:

      Greg, “the President that ushers in the Transmutation Era will have attained a LEGACY that will not fade.”

      Yes, I think you’re right on this one. Whether the president does a good job or not, he will be known as the president who ushered in the LENR revolution.

    • alaincoe Says:

      you got the key factor of LENR.
      no mineral resource needed (nickel need is very small), compared to building prive. silmple technology for real engineers, no safety problem (just H2, but ask AirLiquide they will tell you)…

      and energy is only a work problem.
      instead of battling to control oil field, you will have to seduce workers… power to the workers.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        Hydrogen can be pretty dangerous. I doubt the UL will allow bottled hydrogen in a home appliance.

        A year later the inventor’s son lost an arm and a leg in another explosion.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Iggy – when I was a kid the town gas supply was a mixture of Hydrogen, Carbon Monoxide and some CO2. Occasionally there were suicides with it (not as effective now with a microwave oven), and occasional accidental deaths from leaks. It was accepted as a reasonable risk to get energy cheaper than electricity. In Tokyo you can now refuel your car with Hydrogen. I really don’t see a reasonable regulatory problem on Hydrogen. The quantity is quite small (a few grams, maybe 20 litres all told at atmospheric pressure) and even if it all escaped and was ignited it’s a lot safer than a chip-pan fire (normal cooking oil). Petrol (gasoline) is a lot more dangerous to handle, as is butane or LPG.

        A Nickel-Hydrogen LENR reactor will be a lot safer than Natural Gas for heating your home. The amount of Hydrogen in it is about equivalent to a tablespoon of hot cooking oil in its fire-starting capabilities, and the Nickel will be in an enclosed cartridge of some sort. Any regulatory problems can only be caused by lack of knowledge of the real dangers. After a few tests to destruction the regulators should realise this and allow any reasonable design to be sold.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        I bet most of the delay in certification for Rossi involves the hydrogen issue, even though with hydrides only minute amounts are present.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        OK Simon, I stand corrected on the safety of hydrogen. Just curious, but how did your town manufacture the hydrogen?

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Iggy – the standard method at that time was to run alternate steam then air through a bed of hot coke. This gave producer gas (carbon monoxide and some CO2 when you pass air through, and the coke bed heats up) and water-gas (Hydrogen and CO2 when you pass steam through, and the coke bed cools down). It was so important at the time I learnt it in Chemistry at school.

        It does seem to me that both Rossi and Defkalion use a larger Hydrogen supply than they actually need. After 6 months they should have used around 1 litre (1/20 gram or so) for a 10kW output. Depending upon what pressure they actually use (and the reaction works down to less than atmospheric pressure) they don’t really need much more than this as a backup store. A smaller quantity would make the regulatory problems easier, I think.

      • alaincoe Says:

        @Iggy Dalrymple
        there are safety rules. it seems to be a serious concern fro Defkalion. Fire alarm seems mandatory.
        Hydrogen is not so dangerous if it cannoc accumulate in the room, and it is hard to keep it in a room…

        als on hyperion contain, according to my computation, no more than 32g of hydrogen, with the explosion caacity of 1/5th of a small camping stove bottle

        anyway we accept (less dangerous) gas boiler, with much bigger explosive content…

        Rossi have aven a better solution , it is hydride storage

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        One other thing I should mention is that they could generate Hydrogen as needed. To produce around 22 litres of Hydrogen (a couple of grams) you need around 18 grams of water – less than a wineglass full. Add some washing-soda and electrolyse it, and let the Oxygen go into the atmosphere. Alternatively there’s Zinc in Hydrochloric Acid (school demonstrations in first-year Chemistry) or Aluminium in caustic soda (Lye) that can give you a supply of Hydrogen without an electrical point in sight. If the problem is in the storage of relatively large quantities of Hydrogen, then this gets round the problem.

        If Hydrogen escapes, it mostly goes upwards since it is much lighter than air. Unlike camping-gas or natural gas, that settles in low areas and thus has a high risk of producing explosions, the Hydrogen takes itself out of the way of most sparks that could ignite it. I’d rather burn Hydrogen than normal gas in my stove, though it does have a problem that the flame is almost colourless. No problems with asphyxiation or Carbon Monoxide either.

        Overall, if LENR gets stopped because of regulatory problems with Hydrogen, then they should also regulate Natural Gas, LPG, Camping-Gaz and any petroleum product (as well as oxy-acetylene welding) and the country would suddenly grind to a halt.

        While we’re at it, take away your carving knife and replace it with a soft-edged plastic one so you can’t hurt yourself when cutting up your dinner….

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        With the low temp E-Cat, I’ll probably be comfortable in having the device inside my home. With the Hyperion’s higher temp and higher steam pressure, I would prefer installing it in an outbuilding. The Hyperion may be sold only for industrial use.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Iggy – I think a lot of people may agree with you, but consider this: gas-fired central heating systems occasionally explode if improperly maintained. With a wood or coal fire, there are occasional chimney fires that may destroy the house. Occasionally a gas leak causes explosions in houses (recently in a block of flats in Russia, I remember).

        Rossi has had problems in demos with his seals and pipework; we don’t know whether Defkalion have, but their engineering looks more professional. Rossi’s final version may be good, since he’ll have gone through UL testing at least, and they would pick up on bad practices (I hope) and would have fixed any incipient problems.

        We’re not going to have a decent basis to decide on till we see what goes wrong with them in the first few years. I would have more confidence in the Defkalion one being safer from what I’ve seen so far, but of course we don’t yet know what the mass-produced ones look like.

  4. Simon Derricutt Says:

    I find US politics hard to understand. It seems to be very polarised with the politicians putting their energy into defeating other politicians of a slightly different view rather than working for the goodof the people. The current Republican fight to see who will be nominated to go up against Obama has involved a lot of mud-slinging at each other. It seems Presidents (of whatever persuasion) are above this, so if indeed Obama knows that LENR is about to hit the fan it would be to his advantage to play this card a few weeks before the election time.

    Personally I would rather see Obama in the hot seat than Romney, although if he can’t get his reforms through it’s no real advantage to the people. Becoming President certainly changes people, and they find that they are more driven by necessities rather than what they intended to enact.

    Come to think of it, in the UK and France it seems much the same with politicians spending more time attacking each other than doing their job.

    Things like LENR should not be dependant upon such things as whether it will look better in the opinion polls or not.

  5. Anony Mole Says:

    Cold fusion has such a strong historic stigma that without a gold plated endorsement from NASA, MIT, Stanford, USDOE, and a dozen more credible sources a political candidate will still seriously question whether to ever include such a topic in their platform. The risk of fringe association is too great right now. But if the world were to ever be made privy to such an endorement then all bets are off. That day, if it ever comes, will shake the timbers and rattle every political cage on the planet. The day the earth really did stand still (or felt like it).

    After the election? We’re back to greenfield speculation again; seems to be a common topic. I mean, it’s fun and all, that’s why I engross myself in SF/Fantasy novels so often. But, like many oracular pontifications throughout the years, reality always takes way longer than the dream. I’d wager that some other country beats the U.S. to the announcement punch. Then, who’s ever in office at the time will have to scramble to not appear out of touch. We’ve talked about all the other countries that would benefit so much more greatly than the U.S were LENR to prove true, wouldn’t you think they will be first to announce?

  6. Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

    It is simply unbelievable that the President has not been briefed on LENR, but when you look at who would brief him, it becomes clear to me it is entirely possible he has not been briefed on LENR:

    John P. Holdren is White House Science adviser to the President, his expertise is in climate change and nuclear proliferation and has ties to hot fusion scientists, it is hard for me to believe he is excited about LENR. He has not proposed one dollar of research money for LENR.

    Steven Chu, Secretary of Energy: He has never mentioned LENR in his many interviews on the subject of alternate energy. He is a physicist and is closely allied to Hot Fusion scientists and hot fusion projects. The department of energy has billions of dollars budgeted for energy research. Secretary Chu has not recommended one dollar of research for LENR. It is hard for me to believe him going in and giving a positive, or any briefing for that matter, to the President on LENR

    I have been searching all the science types that even have a chance to get in to see the President, I have not found one that has even mentioned LENR in any of their interviews, panel discussions or speeches. I have come to the conclusion the President would have to sign in to Nickelpower personally to have any idea what is going on in the world of LENR.

    • brucefast Says:

      Unless LENR breaks through the noise, it makes no sense for the president to involve himself with it. All he’d do is generate a belief that he is “anti-science” as, after all, LENR = pathological science.

      If LENR does break through the noise, the president will be briefed, and very quickly. He will not necessarily be briefed wisely, however.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      LENR may prevail with no announcement and no scientific study. The internet didn’t explode after some announcement (although AlGore tried to jump to the head of the parade by claiming he invented it). It evolved from military and academic use. Cell phones didn’t come to dominate because of govt endorsement. The public is pretty smart is evaluating the marketplace.

      LENR seems to be simpler than cell phones or the internet, so it should be capable of even faster spontaneous adaptation.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Iggy – I think that this is the most likely way it’ll get into the market. There won’t be many Nobel laureates (except Josephson) telling the world that it works – the way to build them will spread through the net and a lot of small companies will produce kits to get around the regulation issues. They may also supply someone to help you to assemble it at home…. Once it has spread that far, bigger companies will start to build them too, and get the regulatory approval.

        I’ve been using the net for around 30 years now – I started using Mosaic as a browser, and nothing auto-installed. At that time I was amazed at the information available, now it’s even more so. LENR will be the same, in that for now we see basic heating units and that’s all. Later we’ll see them in anything that currently has (or could use) a battery. The next two decades will be interesting.

  7. Alan DeAngelis Says:

    If politicians really want to be remembered they’ll back LENR.
    “From a long view of the history of mankind, seen from, say, ten thousand years from now, there can be little doubt that the most significant event of the 19th century will be judged as Maxwell’s discovery of the laws of electrodynamics. The American Civil War will pale into provincial insignificance in comparison with this important scientific event of the same decade.”

    Richard Feynman

  8. Observer Says:

    There is no demonstrated working prototype – i.e., one that reliably produces extra energy. With all the mixed results, we’re way ahead of ourselves to worry about how LENR would be handled in politics.

    • brucefast Says:

      You are correct that there is no properly demonstrated working prototype. However, especially in light of the fact that LENR itself has been well established in science here, and the fact that the parties at hand seems to intend a bit of a market splash, getting way ahead of ourselves seems smart to me.

      As long as we aren’t selling the chickens, it seems reasonable to me to count the eggs before they hatch.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      “we’re way ahead of ourselves to worry about how LENR would be handled in politics”

      We’re not actually worrying ourselves. We’re “glass half-fullers”. We like to speculate on “what oughta be”, “what should be”, and
      “what could be”.

      The “glass half-emptiers” are obsessed with enlightening the “half-fullers”.

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      Observer – did you see Mitchell Swarz’s demo run at MIT? That was not Nickel-based, but establishes the science pretty solidly. Once the science is demonstrated, it’s up to the technologists to improve it. There is no properly-demonstrated device yet at kW levels, but given the will and sufficient effort this will arrive (though it may well not be Rossi or Defkalion that give the first acceptable demo).

      Like Iggy, I’m not a ‘glass half-full’ type of person. My take is ‘there’s still more in the bottle’. Since I also run a very small vineyard, if the bottle gets empty then there’s more in the cuve.

      In the case of LENR, the science is pretty well proved if you read the various scientific papers. All those people can’t be mistaken or liars. Preparing for the coming wave of LENR is the clever thing to do.

    • Bob Norman Says:

      When historians look at oil usage it will be a small blip in time. From 1900 to 2025 approximately very short on historical scales. Shortly it will be the Fusion revolution and I suspect over time there will be many elements that are found to produce the reaction. Presently many scientists seen obsessed with Palladium. Once the science is fully understood there will be dozens of ways to create the affect and product types will proliferate based on characteristics and need.
      It will be interesting to see what creative way politicians come up with to tax. They can’t tax the fuel, way to little used. For cars it will be miles driven, but for homes its not obvious to me how they recoup the tax revenue. Rest assured, they will find a way.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        I saw a video from Ed Storms (sorry, no link at the moment) where he explained the focus on Palladium as simply that since people know it can work they are concentrating on it. Something else may be better, but they would need to go and hunt for it. Palladium has some advantages in being a noble metal so the oxide layer is not a problem, but the disadvantage is the cost and supply. It makes sense to test for a reaction in cheap and higher-availability metals, but there’s no guarantee of success and thus Nobel laurels, so people spend their limited funds on something where the chances appear better.

        Reduction in tax-revenues from fuel only means that taxes on residences and vehicles will go up. It would be nice to have taxes that are cheap to administer, so that the overall tax bill goes down, but all those government mouths still need to be fed.

  9. Jack Says:

    What about the impact on the petro-dollar. How will America now finance its military. There are a lot of unknowns with LENR especially regarding US hegemony.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      In my opinion natural gas will be impacted first since nat gas and is used primarily to produce heat and heating will be the initial product of LENR. Next, when LENR is perfected to produce electricity, then coal, nuclear, hydro, solar, and wind will be affected. Then finally when LENR is advanced enough to power
      autos, trucks, trains, and ships…..even planes, then oil will be reduced to a chemical feedstock.

      • Anthony Scalzi Says:

        The fracking revolution combined with the mild winter have already caused the US natural gas market to crash, so we’re already getting a taste of what that future could be like. Coal use could drop to roughly 90% of what it is now, because about 10% is used for metallurgical purposes. Hopefully wind and solar die quickly because of their irregularity. Nuclear and hydro should hang on for a long time because they have low operating costs. Also, hydro is necessary for the additional purpose of flood control.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        “Also, hydro is necessary for the additional purpose of flood control.”

        Plus another biggie…..recreation. Those big lakes draw a lot of fishermen and jet-skiers, but I doubt many big dams will be built after LENR.

      • Anony Mole Says:

        With Nat.Gas at historic lows, the smart money will be piling into the strongest extraction and infrastructure companies. LNG export facility projects are on most west coast state planning desks. One should be able start investing in Nat.Gas in the next year or so – it will go back up, boom/bust/boom/bust. It never ends.

        I’m pretty sure 95% or more of the worlds damable rivers have all been dammed, so there won’t be many damns built regardless of LENR’s existence. Oddly, there’s a trend here in the pacific west coast to remove dams. What took months to years to fill is gone in minutes – great fun to watch.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        Cheniere Energy Partners, L.P. owns a LNG import facility on the Gulf Coast and is in the process of converting it to a bi-directional (import or export) facility.

        Both Chrysler and General Motors are offering dual-fuel (natgas or gasoline) pickup trucks later this year.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      Who needs hegemony when oil is a non-factor? The Americas will still be the breadbasket of the world. The Middle East can build sand castles and race camels. The more reasonable Middle Eastern countries can prosper to some extent by producing petrochemicals.

      • brucefast Says:

        Or the Middle Eastern countries can convert their sea-water to fresh water, and make the deserts bloom. While it’ll be difficult for a while to live in a nation whose entire economy is based on oil production, LENR will open many avenues for all.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        “Streams of water will flow through the desert; the burning sand will become a lake, and dry land will be filled with springs. Where jackals used to live, marsh grass and reeds will grow.”
        Book of Isaiah (35:7) in the Torah

    • Anony Mole Says:

      There had been discussion on other lists regarding the demise of the U.S. dollar if crude oil’s price and usage were to plummet. As the dollar is the reserve currency for oil as well as other world traded commodities it’s been postulated that a collapse in commodities would equate to a collapse in the dollar. That since one must buy dollars before one buys crude oil, or gold or corn, that if we are not trading as much crude oil that the dollar will somehow fail. Poppycock. The U.S dollar has been the reserve currency for oil only since the ’70s. That and the idea that all countries abide by the reserve currency conversion to dollars in order to complete crude oil transactions is questionable. There has been talk that both China and India have avoided U.S. dollar conversion in order to buy oil from Iran. And when PAGE finally comes online soon (Pan Asian Gold Exchange) the dollar will be reduced as a reserve for gold too (not that it ever truly was).

      So, I think we needn’t worry about the impact of LENR on the dollar as a world currency. The world will be consuming billions of barrels per year of crude oil for decades. And as for the military connection to petrol, I doubt the U.S presence in 150 countries around the world will wane too much. Crucial industrial resources will be the next item on the military’s protection agenda, we can’t let China have all the fun now can we?

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        The LENR revolution could cause drastic and prolonged deflation. Deflation can cause a recession because consumers postpone discretionary spending in hope of buying cheaper later. Such is the product of a disruptive technology. My ancestral cousin got stuck with a warehouse full of horse collars in the 1920s.

      • brucefast Says:

        I highly doubt your “prolonged deflation” hypothesis. I think there will be a massive retooling, and an excitement to acquire the new toys.

        “My ancestral cousin got stuck with a warehouse full of horse collars in the 1920s.” This will be a HUGE concern for some. Just envision someone in the furnace parts business. What’ll they do with parts for 2008 furnaces?

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        “I highly doubt your ‘prolonged deflation’ hypothesis.”

        Energy comprises a large portion of the cost of most products. As industry transitions to NFE, which will likely take a decade or more, prices will be in near continuous decline. Like inflation, deflation feeds on itself. Consider Japan, which in spite of huge deficit spending, has experienced years of deflation.

  10. Anony Mole Says:

    The impact to currencies will be hardest on those that are based on oil. Every OPEC country will have hyper inflation attack their economies. While the yen, the dollar, the yuan and the rupee will see values skyrocket. Especially the yen as it is intimately connected to the price of crude oil. And the Japanese hate a high valued yen. The monetary impact with central banks trying to mete out interest shifts to bouy or sink their respective currencies will throw the markets into chaos.

    To have inside knowledge of some national announcement of LENR’s adoption would be like being given a golden ticket to the chocolate factory. SELL 1m CADJPY!

    • brucefast Says:

      Anony, as I am CAD (Canadian), this is food for some serous thought. The announcement will come. Those who watch this website will be some of the first to know.

      I will get my news from the other LENR and science sites, not from the business news section. This will be a science story first. It’ll take a bit for the rest of the world to understand what has happened. Then there’ll be over reaction, under reaction, and every other kind of reaction.

      However, I think you may be right that the Canadian dollar may tank relative to American or Japanese.

  11. Nate Says:

    Dang people, the LAST thing we want is to get politicians involved in LENR. Let it earn it’s way into the marketplace, then they will have a hard time stopping it. Plus, it would not be helpful for either candidate to talk about cold fusion, as the other side would mock, point, and laugh at them for it.
    Anyway, it’s probably best for it to get going in the 3rd world, so that it’s proven before the EPA and other agencies can regulate it to death.

    • alaincoe Says:

      it seems politic is now a factor in Defkalion story. some of the Board of Directors are just politicians, and other are friendly with a party. Hopefully the boss seems mostly to want to save his country and to make it a neutral politic tool.

  12. Bernd Graumann Says:

    Mitt Romney met Andrea Rossi months ago and Terminator Schwarzenegger is supporting blacklightpower.com, both are republicans.

    I Think this speaks for itself – they try to keep it under cover –

    Regards from Germany

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      That’s good news, Bernd. Are you aware of any German researchers working on LENR?

      • Bernd Graumann Says:

        Hi Iggy,
        blacklightpower was tested at the “Center of Nuclear Research, Karlsruhe ” and nobody was allowed to discuss the results, also the Thorium-Reactor was build in “Kalkar” at the rhine-river and it was shut down after a short period of producing large amounts of energy, cause of “harmfulness”, they say – the lobby is to strong, it seems.
        But the reactor is still there.

        LENR is only researched by a company named “Defkalion” in Greece and the University of Bologna, Rossis former partners.

        Prof Constantin Meyl is doing research on scalar waves, they have their eyes upon him and I´m shure that there is much more around here in Europe.
        Its dangerous to publish the names of the researchers – time will tell –
        Google for the “dachs” engine ( magnetic generator ), it is build and sold by http://www.senertec.de/derdachs.html
        Bur every customer has huge problems, not producing but selling the energy ( vast amounts ) to the energy-companies
        Wind- and solar-energy are the stupid favorites of the political parties.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Bernd – thanks for the Dachs link and the good information. Even the Dachs could be improved by using modern ceramics pistons and cylinder liners, and would then last a lifetime. A Stirling engine would also be a nice addition to the basic set, though problems with rapidly-changing loads would mean it would also need some sort of super-capacitor or battery bank to handle pulse loads.

        Grüsse von Frankreich….

  13. AlpCns Says:

    It seems that prof.dr.ing. Konstantin Meyl (expert in scalarwaves and electromagnetics) is a German researcher interested in the field. I met the man while in Germany a while ago in the technologypark Villingen-Schwenningen – he’s a excellent scientist. He’s not directly involved as far as I know but he does have interesting theoretical models, also for EE. See http://www.k-meyl.de/go/index.php?dir=10_Home&page=1&sublevel=0

    The English webpages are not that accurately translated, so some knowledge of German is beneficial.

  14. Thomas Dodgson Says:

    Bernd – I have never heard that Mitt talked to Rossi. If so he has a big ace up his sleeve! He should also visit ASAP other new energy technology developers like the Noble gas plasma transition engine getting ready to roll out This fall out of the Henderson NV area. Also the electron capture CF type broilers being made by Brillion out of CA that is scheduled for market towards the end of the year. These and others of the “Top 5 (+) new energy technologies” listed at http://www.peswiki.com should be looked at. There are half a dozen or so new emerging technologies there (and elsewhere) made in America energy game changers there that Mitt could visit along with other well to do supporters as a task force of “Americas’ Energy Angels.” They could be on top of and supporting financially where warranted to expedite these breakthroughs for the good of the American people. Thus putting money where the mouth is to help move these enriching products into the lives for jobs, clean air and wealth of the people. Sometime later in the year Mitt could reveal what he had been doing to solve the energy problems for the people while BO was out campaigning and scoping out more vacation spots. If handled well Mitt would ride into the WH on a white steed as Americas’ energy/environment hero and have 8 years of unparalleled prosperity and expansion – spilling quickly over into astro mining ,space and beyond

    • Bernd Graumann Says:

      Hi Thomas,

      I was wondering myself and now I can´t find the picture on the internet anymore, maybe it was a hoax or not, that Romney met Rossi – I´m not shure now, cause of the missing article/picture.

      But anyway – Massachusetts state senator Bruce Tarr was also informed by a meeting with Rossi about the technology, a few days later it was announced, that Rossi contacted “National Instruments” to develop the electronics for the ecat – the politicians know –

      It doesn´t matter who will make the race, Brilloin, Rossi or Defkalion.
      Maybe the noblegas engine will do it –
      They are too many to kill them all, as happened to inventors in the HHO-scene.

      But be shure, if this thing is going to launch, nobody else then the elite is going to let it pass to the population.
      Their power is depended on oil and control and their system changes first ( control, taxing ).

      It´s very important for the US and the World, that a new exclusive technology is launched – to solve the problems of the collapsing economy and to change the world into a better place.

      Regards from Germany


    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      Thomas – be careful about the peswiki stuff. There were about 5 in their top 100 that are real results, and some of these have actually made it to production. There are a lot that are the result of bad measurements, and some that are likely to be scams. Personally I think the Papp technology engine has no basis in truth, and it’s been Real Soon Now for quite a few years. It would be counter-productive for a politician to espouse that one. Brillouin, on the other hand, should be out this year – a good one to push. Peswiki’s everlasting battery may take another few years to come out – it’s a real thing and I expect it to work, but the actual energy produced is still far too small to be useful – yet. I think they’ve spent about 10 years on that, and it may take as long again to get a real breakthrough in making it useful. The Griggs pump is also real and works, and has had input from NASA in the development – I’m surprised this one is not more widely used, but I suspect it is a bit costly to install and maintain.

      You’re right that putting effort and money into research on these alternate forms of energy (even the ones we don’t think can work) is needed. Politicians should do this, but maybe the downside of looking gullible and credulous is too big a hurdle to overcome until the various technologies have been absolutely proved beyond doubt. Blue-sky research is also needed, where we can’t tell what the spin-offs will be, if any. With NASA research, overall they’ve returned about 14x what it cost, with benefits in daily life as well. With the cut-backs in NASA, wild ideas that show no promise of rewards will not be pursued, but these are the ones that can have large and unexpected benefits. Research nearly always pays off somewhere down the line, and it is short-sighted to cut the money to it. Having said that, I’m not sure what the benefits and spin-offs from ITER are so far, but it may be useful sometime in the future in space exploration which will bring massive benefits. Knowledge, and the technologies of how to do things, is always useful.

  15. Greg Goble Says:

    Seems a democratic senate candidate may be knowledgeable of cold fusion… Perhaps he could brief Obama on state of the art Cold Fusion/LENR technology.

    From: “Kerrey the Wealthiest Senate Candidate in Nebraska”

    (those) “running for the U.S. Senate in Nebraska are all millionaires, but the one Democrat in the race, Bob Kerrey, is easily the wealthiest”


    “According to Kerrey’s financial report, in 2011-2012 alone he earned:$800,000 in consulting fees in 2011 from the Sidney Kimmel
    Trust to help an Israeli company research cold fusion.”

    The project Kerry worked on has moved on…

    “The cold fusion project has since been turned over to the University of Missouri, along with a $5.5 million grant from Kimmel.”

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      Greg – that’s interesting. I hope he gets in since he should push the technology – he should know it works. Those earnings seem like telephone numbers, though. Any one of those side-jobs would pay for a sustained research in LENR – in fact would be for me a lifetime’s supply of money to do things.

      • Greg Goble Says:

        What “help” did Senator Kerry provide for $800,000? That’s $2,191 ‘pocket change’ a day. Any sleuth with a solid clue as to what Kerry did for these guys from Israel and the Sidney Kimmel Trust? I think that most monetary allotments from Trusts usually have strict oversight and transparency.

    • brucefast Says:

      All I’ll say is that if I were advising a politician, I would STRONGLY urge them NOT TO out LENR. I think that causing LENR to make a big noise would backfire big time.

      The important thing that a leader must understand is that his job is to follow the crowd, out front. So if LENR is solidly out of the box by election time, a smart politician will be out front. If it hasn’t broken through the noise, I would recommend that the politician be mum on the subject.

      In the back room, however, I would recommend that a politician be fully ready to to jump out front, as soon as there is a populace event to jump in front of. Believe me, LENR is not by any means on the radar of enough people to be seen as a populace event.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell

  16. Thomas Dodgson Says:

    I am suggesting that Mitt investigate along with other “Energy Angles” what is happening out there. This would flow from his personal power and awareness as opposed to some cool high stepping show horse on the golf course. Mitt would do this because he cares for a better future, jobs and productivity of the American people. Where his task force sees good promise also making empowering investments. Putting his money where his mouth is in energy clean, affordable, freedom giving energy.

    This gives him credibility and inside knowledge. He can play the card as he sees fit later in the campaign. It is a game changer like going nuclear As in the last or so debate when BO billions of wasted/boondoggled/green graft kick back energy program dollars comes up. BO mouth can flap foolishly while he tries to think of something to say. Mitt would come off looking like a peoples man of action and hero.with his sleeves rolled up. Or like Patton who walked and joined the march with his men into the Battle of the Bulge.

    Mit should go to #2 Brillouin in CA There program looks very strong and could use a some money to bring it on more quickly. He should also go to see # 3 the plasma engine – they are in the manufacturing mode in case you haven’t checked recently. And especially he should go to the new #5 Nano Spire in Mass. This looks like as big a thing for this century as electricity did for the last two is what is being said about their multi breakthrough broduct and energy development.

    All of you energy pontificates need to get up to date on what is happening with this game changing technology. http://www.1888pressrelease.com/nanospire-inc-successfully-harnesses-cavitation-zero-point-pr-372884.html

  17. Roger Bird Says:

    This should be good for Defkalion:


    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      Staying in the EU should help Def’s sales but I worry about
      their ability to raise capitol during the economic turmoil.

      This will probably result in a big stock market rally tomorrow but
      I’d hate to bet on the longevity of the EU. Milton Friedman predicted in 1999 that the Euro would not survive its first major crisis.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      Prospects look pretty grim for Obama right now…and I’m happy about his dire situation, but imagine if he pulled Rossi out of his hat this Oct. He could make a co-appearance with Rossi, announcing the issuance of an E-Cat patent. Obama’s sycophant GE CEO, Jeffrey Immelt, would announce that GE has paid ten billion$ to buy 49% of the Leonardo Corp financed with a DOE guaranteed loan.

      Oil prices would immediately plummet and gasoline would drop to less than $2/gal. Barack would declare a national emergency and direct AG Eric Holder to take over the voting polls in all the toss-up states enabling thousands of illegals to reelect the prez. Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Thomas will die of sudden heart attacks and will be replaced by Eric Holder and Barney Frank. After his reelection, Obama will announce that E-Cats can only be purchased by regulated utilities and all cold fusion produced electricity will be subject to a 50% federal tax. All internal combustion autos will be phased out over the following 10 years of Generalisimo Obama’s emergency military reign. Formerly oppressed monorities will be issued free GovMotors electric cars. All future cars will be equipped with GPS monitored mileage transponders which will determine taxes paid and where they’ve traveled. All private firearms will be confiscated.
      Former Presidents Washington and Jefferson will be erased from all US history books. The Dakotas will be returned to Native America. Texas and Arizona will be returned to Mexico. The White House will be moved to Hollywood.

      • Grauber Says:

        Your ideas are good, but remember that JFK was shot for far less –

        The markets are not as free as people believe.

        Cheap and clean energy is not of any interest to the powers that be, ….. sheeps are not allowed to be uncontrolled or free.

        Best wishes from Germany

  18. President Obama and LENR Energy – Cold Fusion Now | COLD FUSION NOW! Says:

    […] 3 – During the next term, what role should the president play regarding LENR?  LENR and the U.S. Election | nickelpower […]

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