Mr. Rossi, Defkalion, you could save Europe!

I Just read this headline: Europe’s economic joker: cheap energy.

The article basically says that Europe has a significant untapped supply of cheap shale gas.  It goes on to make a compelling case that the cheap energy could rescue Europe from its economic plight.  But LENR could as well, and could do so more quickly than gas could.  Here’s how:

What if Mr. Rossi or Defkalion got past their secrecy thing and went out to prove that they really have the breakthrough energy?  The result would be a near immediate reduction in the cost of energy!  When the oil producing world realizes that their product’s days are numbered, they will push to sell.  The result will be an immediate drop in energy costs.

So it behooves both Mr. Rossi and Defkalion to get past themselves so that they can save their countries.

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25 Responses to “Mr. Rossi, Defkalion, you could save Europe!”

  1. Theodore Rigley Says:

    To bad apparently neither Rossi nor Defkalion have anything real to offer. Except bullshit. They appear to have lots of real bullshit. It sure would be nice if I’m wrong, but the signs and portents say otherwise.

    • Bob Says:

      Theodore, I think your dead wrong as evident by labs proving LENR works in the lab. I believe that the technology is real and I think Rossi and defkalion have both figured out how to make it go, they have trouble controlling it. I don’t understand how you can say bullshit when numerous reputable people have demonstrated t6he technology. When I hear such blatant denials of the technology I often wonder why, A big oil or government shill perhaps.

      I would be doing what both Rossi and defkalion are doing without proper patent protection.

    • alaincoe Says:

      why saying that Defkalion have nothing.
      Of course, the independent test are not (yet) public, so no undeniable proof… but no proof of nothing.
      in fact rational situation, and normal delay for a corp.

      as Celani summarize at CERN conference, the science today is clear, it works, and the power density of Ni+H hot gaz phase reactor is above the one claimed by Rossi and Defkalion Green Tech.

      moreover behavioral evidence about Defkalion show that they are confident in their product, enough to corner themself in a short term public independent test, using a simple an rough protocol hard to criticize with the COP they claim. Their current delay is coherent with Corporate delays, even quite fast. It they are a scam artist company, there would be business, criminology and psychology books to rewrite…
      Those proofs are even stronger than a demo.

      BTW: rather than looking for fraud about Defkalion, you should look for the fraud and delusion in scientific community about Cold Fusion denial , which is clearly a pathologic science.
      funny how no pathoskeptic look about the patho-consensus, the patho-denial around LENR and alike…

      About Rossi, one could write a good psychiatry book on his profile, as for most famous scientists and industrialist in the history.
      His demo are various, badly designed, badly managed, not independent, some looks faked but who knows, other can be faked but who knows, some show strange facts that imply some reality, but not sure.
      Behavioral evidence is that he seems to have a real thing (not hard to guess, LENR works for sure), but show a big demand of delay and recognition… thus bad maybe tweaked demo. until recently he seems to hide too much, and work alone, leading to problem to industrialize (stability and so on). so his problems, inability to make a good demo, is not a surprise, and his estimated psychology might lead him to hide it and fake. no proof, but he has the profile.
      today he seems to have a better , professional, team (and a boss?), and no real communication… He talk too much (should silent) but should be put on his psy log.

  2. Bob Says:

    Like Europe, the US is awash in gas. The new mining methods have produced huge finds all over the US. With liquafacation methods, this could be shipped all over the world.

    While Europe could add to the world supply, the US is fighting Obama’s regime in halting all forms of energy. Coal has been basically outlawed with the new EPA rules. The government has given out 36% less permits than Bush did. Offshore locations have been removed from drilling, Public land is being taken off the drilling list, so we are fast losing assess to known oil reserves.

    Despite the government efforts to limit Oil and gas, the private land in North Dakota and Texas in particular have been able to ramp production very much more than expected. After the election their will be huge changes in oil drilling and if Canada hasn’t sold the oil the pipeline will be approved.

    America could be energy independent with proper government motivation. This would free up a lot of oil for the world market.

  3. Francesco CH Says:

    The way to solve the European crisis is this:

  4. Mike MacDonald Says:

    Australia sells LPG at about 5c per liter to China,,, charges 98c to it’s own population !

    It’s all about money !

    Greed goes on and on and on !

    • brucefast Says:

      This doesn’t seem sensible. Could you provide a link?

      My brother recently told me that natural gas costed 1/50th of oil per unit of energy. He even provided a link. However, when I did some of my own searching I found the value to be about 1/8th at source, and more than 1/4 at a person’s home.

      Not every “fact” is true.

  5. Simon Derricutt Says:

    As far as I know, shale gas, though plentiful, is only economically viable when energy prices are high. It costs a lot to extract it. Nuclear energy of one sort or another is going to be cheaper, especially if we can use fusion which does not produce long-lived radioactive isotopes that are hard to deal with. See for a hot fusion method that just might be mainstream within 10 years. I would of course like to see a cold fusion method that can give us domestic-sized reactors, and I think this will happen, but the power companies will direct their research towards replacements for their power stations.

    It seems to be a consensus opinion here that Rossi and Defkalion are keeping their secrets because they cannot patent them – they are dependant on Piantelli’s patent that has lapsed. See Marconi’s method of getting his patent on radio, using Lodge’s ideas (, by putting his devices (known about around 20 years earlier) into a box and not letting people see inside it until the patent had been granted. Marconi’s devices just worked that bit better, and people thought he had something new, but when they saw inside the box they realised that it was in fact all known technology. If this is the case, don’t expect to know what’s inside the reactors until they are on the market, and then we’ll see a load of copy-cats.

    I think that the main reason we are seeing high energy prices, apart from the perceived shortage of future supplies, is that China is now importing a lot to fuel its economy. Although China has a lot of low-grade coal, which it uses in large amounts, gas would be a cleaner fuel for its new power stations. If we can’t get LENR (or other safe nuclear) up and running soon, then we can at least hope that China will start extracting its own shale gas – I would expect they also have large reserves as yet untapped and undiscovered, since they have so much coal. This would stabilise the energy costs of the world until LENR (or something else) takes over as the preferred energy source.

    • alaincoe Says:

      right for patent.
      I suspect like you that the core of LENR device cannot be patented exclusively… only at most can they patent some cheap tricks, but not block the competitors.

    • brucefast Says:

      “It seems to be a consensus opinion here that Rossi and Defkalion are keeping their secrets because they cannot patent them”

      Well, neither Rossi nor Defkalion have submitted their product to independent third party black box testing. They could keep their box closed, contain their secrets, and still provide “the proof”. Further, they could get a million bucks from Dick Smith for doing so. Oh yea, and they could lower the cost of energy today, giving Europe a fighting chance to manage their economic crisis.

      • Simon Derricutt Says:

        Bruce – it is possible that the ‘secret’ is so obvious if a proper test was done that neither wants to risk it. You’ve seen the analyses on Vortex and other ecat replication sites. If you give those guys a solid clue, then someone would come out with the answer. Once that genie is out, it cannot be put back in the bottle.

      • Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

        Rossi has made eight (8) demonstrations of his E-Cat, he gave up on demonstrations when ridiculous critics came up with things like “the steam is not hot enough”, “there is an under ground power source”, “the mass of his machine is storing power”, and the one Mr. Smith came up with, “there were two wires coming to the Rossi machine one was secretly providing power”. Rossi is doing exactly what a sane entrepreneur would do. Stop the demonstrations and build and sell his revolutionary invention.

      • alaincoe Says:

        @Bernie Koppenhofer
        yes, public demo are not logic for a corp , untill the product goes on the market.

        Defkalion despite good will, had to do the same, for same reasons.

        this is why I interpret Nichenergy, Blacklight, Brilliouin energy silence as… nothing.
        possible they work hard to have a product, possible they are dead…

        the reaction of Rossi to attack opponents could be interpreted as a rational response to delay opponentes and gain times, but Rossi have a complex personality and might be more emotional than rational in that affair…

        like Defkalion have been when opening forum.

  6. brucefast Says:

    There is one thing that doesn’t seem to be discussed, and may not be understood. Once commercial grade LENR becomes recognized it will be obvious that oil and gas as an energy source will become obsolete soon enough. When this happens, it’ll behoove the owners of oil to get their product sold before their product becomes obsolete.

    Right now oil producers are in no rush to sell their product. After all, it’ll be worth more tomorrow than it is today. When LENR gets factored in, the exact opposite will be true. It’ll be obvious to all that a few years down the road gas and oil prices will be lower. So the best price they will ever get is right now. If they don’t pump their oil out and get it to market soon, it won’t be worth pumping up. This will provide pressure for them to sell, sell.

    Think of it another way, people are hording gold because they/we expect that it’ll be worth more tomorrow than it is today. If it became clear that this would not be the case, they/we would sell, right? The price of gold would go down immediately because the price of gold will be going down in the future.

    Therefore, LENR’s effect on oil price will be immediate!

    • Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

      I agree, I think this is why we have a muffle on the major media, there is an effort to slow LENR down to give the money men time to adjust. Ahern and Miley were muffled, individuals at NASA are talking but off the record. Even Rossi is being told to keep his mouth shut about the 1mW E-Cat sold to the “military”. In five years oil will be under $50.00 a barrel.

      This effort to delay or bury LENR is very cynical if not criminal, it is delaying an energy source that can save millions of lives.

      • alaincoe Says:

        Worst of that, it is sincere beliefe but rational denial
        is you read the patterns of denial by Roland benabou
        you see that Enron bosses at the same time :
        – where hiding the truths of their failure with dishonest tricks, firing controllers, moving funds…
        – where sincerely believing in their success, keeping investment in their delusion of success.

        at the end the boss get bankrupted before being accused of fraud.

        I’m discussion with some physicist on forum. they clearly ignore the facts, sincerely believing, and publicly looking stupid in front of posterity.

        If they were sincerely trying to delai LENr adoption, they would make insiders trade, stop some stupid investment to avoid problems soon, and to look heroic in the future.
        they don’t even seems to estimate the risk at 1/1000, which rationally would ask for a strong defense measure…
        the same people that prepare their company for a 9/11 bombing, don’t event take defensive measures for something that will/can put down their strategy, and their company, in 1 month.

        I have written a pamphlet on the delusion, that I always quote, but the worst is that in the thread, I add awful example of that delusion, past and present…
        Opera boss fired. report 41 ignored. SPAWAR CF research closed. Wikipedia Iwamura/Mitsubishi quick unrealistic contamination dismissal…

        the people who refuse, don’t even try to hide. they are not afraid to look stupid in the next 40 years, as the dumbest researchers/deciders on planet that miss an elephant in the living room…

        they are sure to be right.

      • brucefast Says:


        Your experience with physicists is typical. We had a highly regarded physicist, Peter Thieberger, Sr. Physicist at Brookhaven National Laboratory, posting on this site for a while. Getting him to even look at the hard scientific evidence like this was about impossible.

        Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.
        – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

  7. Simon Derricutt Says:

    Bruce – I think the logic is right, but the timescale is going to be longer than you would hope. Changing over all those machines, cars, trucks, planes, power stations etc. is going to take a long time. I would reckon that if LENR was available tomorrow then in 20 years’ time you’ll still find things that still need oil to burn. Since the oil companies would see that investing in new wells would be a bad idea, exploration would stop very soon, thus pushing up the price of oil in the intervening time – also making it more urgent to convert to LENR as soon as possible.

    I think this bit of future is going to be very hard to call, and we could probably produce valid reasons for both a rise and fall in the price of oil. Personally, I think those that get into LENR early will at least save money right now and also be isolated from the cost and availability swings of oil and other energy sources. You can deal with planned outgoings, but wild swings in costs make business difficult.

    • brucefast Says:

      Simon, you make a good point that there will be two complimentary forces at play. There will be a desire to sell product while it still has value, but there will be a diminishing of exploration and development before demand diminishes. An interesting conundrum that I had not properly considered.

  8. Anony Mole Says:

    It seems we’re starting to pile speculation on top of speculation now. Without any real meat to chew on we’re reduced to grinding the “what if” gristle. It feels like we all got dressed for the prom, bought our fifths of everclear, and our boutineers but unfortunately the dance is still two months away…

    If LENR makes a commercial debut, on that day there will be a knee-jerk reaction in all commodities and in all markets. But as Simon points out – the transition will take decades. Prices will return within days and with peak oil occurring right now, China’s growth still on track, I would not be surprised to see $200 oil in the near future.

    If the Mediterranean LENR cowboys could provide proof of their discovery, and present it to the European Community, I think you’re right – with German ingenuity and hard work a commercial LENR deployment could happen much faster than anyone has predicted. Don’t hold your breath though.

  9. Brad Arnold Says:

    LENR is a game changing energy producing technology. Using two very common elements, you get clean, very very cheap, and super abundant energy. Oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear, are all walking dead…given the size they represent to the world economy (about one hundred trillion dollars) it ought to scare everyone the highly distruptive nature of LENR to supplant them suddenly and completely. In other words, it will save us by changing us so completely it will be destroying us.

    “Total replacement of fossil fuels for everything but synthetic organic chemistry.” –Dr. Joseph M. Zawodny, NASA

    • Bernie Koppenhofer Says:

      Brad: “In other words, it will save us by changing us so completely it will be destroying us.” If I were in power I would probably be inclined to say, “hold on, lets slow this thing down, give markets a chance to adjust”. The problem with that is you are giving “the black knight” a chance to control it for his own purposes and profits. I say slow it down and speed it up at the same time. Slow it down enough to let markets adjust, at the same time support and encourage many different entrepreneurs/inventors to keep it out of the hands of those who want to control it. Maybe that is what we are seeing right now, I hope so.

    • brucefast Says:

      Brad, “it ought to scare everyone the highly distruptive nature of LENR to supplant them suddenly and completely. In other words, it will save us by changing us so completely it will be destroying us.”

      Hmmm. For many I think this is what the revolution will feel like. For gazillions of others, it’ll feel all positive. This will be revolution, not evolution. As such it’ll be scary, many will be hurt. (I wouldn’t want to be in Saudi Arabia.)

      I think, however, that the general results will not be controllable any more than a giant meteor striking the earth is controllable.

      That said, the sooner we realize the nature of the coming revolution, the more easily we will adapt. If we are blindsided by this thing we will be much more likely to be hurt than if we see it coming. In fact, for those who see it coming, it can be made very beneficial, rather than destructive. That, folks, is the reason for this website, so that I, and the readership can be as prepared as possible.

  10. Roger Bird Says:

    If you want to see how governments are going to react to commercialized LENR, you might want to check out The original long movie is on NetFlix and probably elsewhere, almost certainly YouTube, but I haven’t checked there. This site cited above has a free follow-up movie which covers all the points but is a little shorter.

    I would expect that governments will use the excuse of safety to hide their real intentions. Governments are like iron gloves; which ever power group (including businesses or leftist causes) gets their hand in the glove rules.

    I have been aware of the stark evil of the FDA for about 40 years. I thought the cancer was limited to the FDA. Unfortunately the cancer is a symptom of we the people going soft on the Constitution. Fortunately, the nature of LENR makes it more like marijuana than Burzynski’s antineoplastons. Even better, LENR’s can grow anywhere, unlike marijuana. Even Bruce Fast up at 66 degrees north could conceivably grow LENRs.

  11. AlpCns Says:

    Recent email from Defkalion: “Defkalion has conducted third party tests on its core technology by internationally recognized and reputable private and public organizations from Europe and America. Today, there is solid, unambiguous evidence confirming our technology. We are at the dawn of a new era of clean, inexpensive, limitless renewable energy.”

    Interesting, especially when those third parties come forward and support these conclusions.

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