Witnessing and participating in history.

By Anony Mole.

I think I’ve figured out why Rossi and LENR and the “new energy frontier” is so provocative. It’s because we may be witnessing, participating and even perhaps even shaping history. And as “commoners”, mere individuals, the digital proletariat if you will, to be able to influence history is an opportunity we do not want to miss.

In the past, only the likes of Rockefellers, Carnegies, Vanderbilts, Morgans and later, Gates and Jobs’ and Pages have been in positions to command world directions. But here, by dreaming and discussing what the world might be like with this new and revolutionary energy source, we can help guide policy perhaps, or at least feel like we are.

If LENR proves to be what we all hope it might be, we, discussing this here today, will have been agents in the birth of a new energy world order. Pretty cool really.

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13 Responses to “Witnessing and participating in history.”

  1. brucefast Says:

    I love this, Anony. Yes, you are correct. The possibility of the world that the e-cat will create is exciting. However, the pure story-power of the historical event is just as exciting. 20 years from now I am going to tell my children of my participation in this world-changing phenomenon. And even if it all goes bust (unbelievably unlikely) or if it takes an extra 20 years to come to fruition (somewhat less unbelievable) it’ll still have been exciting to be in the thick of this historic event.

  2. Witnessing and participating in history. | E-cat News Aggregator Says:

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  3. Simon Derricutt Says:

    Anony – yes, it is somewhat gripping (and I’m writing too much rather than working). The thing that strikes me is that it is mainly because of the Net that this is happening at all. Thanks, Tim Berners-Lee. Before the Net, unless the papers reported on something, you couldn’t know it unless you were there or knew someone who was. Research is so much easier – rather than go trawl through a load of books, you can search for the data you want, buy materials online, discuss things with people you’ve never actually met and possibly put questions to the originator – I’ve sent a couple to Rossi myself. He replied graciously to the first and has so far avoided the second where I suggested better ways of heat-transfer to fix the problem I perceived. I believe a lot of people have similarly sent him suggestions, and some may be incorporated.

    Never before has it been so easy and so instant to communicate and send pictures, data and files. This makes available the combined intelligence of thousands of people working on a problem together for free, and thus can advance things so much faster than the old method of a coffee-shop in Geneva.

    Bruce – my daughter certainly knows of my involvement, and has read the files (internet, again) and thinks it’s “kinda cool”.

  4. Bob Says:

    Anony, you picked my favorite thing to dream about, the future with this technology. It is not only a game changer, it will be a life changer. I think the biggest impact could come from life style changes. There are all the obvious things like low home energy costs and cheap transportation, but I’m thinking it will change where people live.

    My first thought was that people may reverse the age old trend of moving from rural areas to cities. It may become desirable for city people unhappy with the daily grind and traffic, will opt to move to the country and live off the land. With this technology, people could live off 4 or 5 acres, producing all they need to survive and sell excess for money or barter with others for essentials. This lifestyle would be very attractive to many and could drive the repopulation or the rural communities. This could ease the growth of cities and make them more people friendly, but cutting the density.

    My second thought was that cities will be zones of high density vertical farming. 10 story buildings will make economic sense to have vertical farming with very high growth, dense products. There will be many urban farmers that tend the vertical farms as their regular jobs.

    More than likely, both will occur, but the bottom line we will have much more abundance of food grown year around and not just as the weather dictates. Urban farmers, the new occupation.

  5. Bruno Says:

    At this point we have nothing. We’ve never had a properly vetted validation test run by an independent 3rd party. We don’t know for sure that Rossi really did sell his 1MW ecat since the “customer”, whose identity we were supoosed to learn, conveniently chose to remain anonymous at the last minute. In fact, there are rumors that the 1MW ecat is still in Bologna. The University of Bologna terminated their agreement with him and Upsalla will probably soon follow suit. We need world class Ph.D physicists to tell HOW the damned thing works (if it does), but we don’t need them to tell us that it DOES work. Any competent engineer can do that. Just operate an ecat in self sustained mode for a few days and allow an independent 3rd party engineer to run the test. They wouldn’t even need to open up the reactor. Rossi’s strategy all along has been to say that he’ll do x, y & z and then change the plan at the last minute, offering some silly excuse as justification. Then all the Kool-Aid drinkers postulate about how brilliant the change of strategy is when, in reality, Rossi is just changing gears because he milked the last deception dry. I smell a scam.

    • brucefast Says:

      Bruno, I find it intriguing that you would choose this thread to post your critique of Rossi’s approach. The title of this tread, again, is “Witnessing and participating in history.” As such, there is a realization that we are in the middle of an unfolding story. We are in the middle of the novel, so to speak. The end of this novel has not been written yet. Right now we are in a phase of high mystery, just like with any good mystery novel.
      > Does Rossi have the goods?
      > Is Rossi having some technical difficulty, like his device only working for about a day then getting plugged up?
      > Does Defkalion have the goods?
      > Who will break forth with real proof first, and how?
      > How fast will this technology unfold once it does?

      None of us has definitive answers to any of these questions. We are biting our nails anxious to get to the next chapter. However, sneaking a light and reading all night just isn’t going to get us there. We are in the middle of history being made; in the middle, history is spelled mystery.

    • GreenWin Says:

      Yeah, let’s get some world class PhD physicists like the ones perpetrating the 60 year $10Billion bilk of the American public to make “hot fusion.”

      Bruno, you’re all wrong. We need PhDs to ADMIT they don’t know how it works. Why is this so hard? Only infants and imbeciles cannot admit they don’t know something. In the enlightened world it is the first step to learning. These Ivory Tower, “experts” have diddled the human race long enough. Their tower is being brought down.

  6. Simon Derricutt Says:

    Bruno – If you read more of the posts here you’ll find a lot of us have expressed doubts as to Rossi. With ratio of output power to input power quoted as 5:1, measurements with a 50% error would be enough, and it’s a simple Black Box measurement, as you say. Rossi seems determined to piss-off any skeptics with his sloppy measurements. His veracity is questionable, too.

    You may have missed Bruce’s comments on the time that Rossi seemed frightened when an experiment was outputting about 120KW, or some of the other clues that say that Rossi has indeed got something that works – some of the time. Development of such a new technology, where the physics that backs it is not fully understood, is difficult and is going to take time – probably longer than Rossi admits. Maybe much longer. I think that a full verifiable test will come when he’s got the bugs ironed out and is sure it will start on cue and operate stably, but he’s been fudging the results so far.

    Amongst others here, I think that Rossi will achieve his aims in time. It is then going to massively change the world, and we are chewing over the possible consequences in order to better prepare for it.

  7. Bob Norman Says:

    It will be interesting how history gives credit to various people as the whole thing has been spread across many years with various people contributing to the science. There is a document movie on this in the works, here is the Link:


  8. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    I’m the caregiver for my 93 yr old mother. From her ancestors’ farm was cut the oak to lay the keel of the USS Constitution, “Old Ironsides”. She’s witnessed the end of horse & buggy age, the maturation of the auto age, the beginning of the air & space age, and now hopefully the beginning of the nearly free energy era. When I told her about the E-Cat she said, “Sell Exxon”. As it turned out, I sold it too soon….it’s $10 or $15 higher now.

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