Horton hears a what?

Dr. Zeus wrote a story about an elephant who heard a community of very small creatures living on a flower.  His friends didn’t believe him.  So all of the “Whos” got together and shouted at one time.  They still were not heard by anyone but Horton.  Alas, they found one non-participating Who, and tried again.  With that last voice in the mix a few others were able to hear the Whos, and so save this world.

It is my opinion that the lessons of this story have been heard by the scientific LENR community.  They have assembled together for the big yell!

Ever since I discovered that SPAWAR made a serious attempt to go public with their LENR discovery back in 2009, I have considered to change my mind radically about the bravery and wisdom of the LENR scientific community.

I had referred to the LENR scientists as a bunch of scaredy-cats who were hiding behind Rossi.  However, I learned that SPAWAR made a valiant attempt to bring this technology to the forefront in 2009, well before Rossi’s announcement.  Their attempt did not succeed in lighting the fire.

Further, though the media had been stung by the Pons, Fleischmann massacre, many in the media joined with SPAWAR on this one, but to no avail.  The story fell out of the news, and the general scientific community said to the U.S. Navy — who cares!

Spawar news

In light of these two failures to get past the guard of the high priests of truth, I am beginning to understand why the rest of the scientific community has been hesitant to bring their knowledge to light.  It makes absolute sense for them to bring their knowledge to light as a group.  (What I don’t know is whether this is something that they planned out together, or only that they individually realized it, though it makes little difference.)

Once Rossi spearheaded a public LENR announcement, the science labs decided to join in the chorus to have the message of LENR heard.

Bottom line, they have been wise, not afraid.  It is very clear that even their combined efforts are at best barely adequate.  The massive noise that they have been making as gone all but unnoticed by the media and by the scientific community.  I have very little voice, but I am joining the chorus.  All of our voices are necessary.  Let us all shout that LENR is real!

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27 Responses to “Horton hears a what?”

  1. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    I got this email from Col Ike on Aug 29, 2004.
    The experiment:
    Put tungsten and platinum electrodes in a calcium carbonate solution. Apply DC, raising voltage till current flows. Measure power IN and heat gain, convert heat gain to electrical power, compare to power IN. If power OUT is greater than power IN, it’s overunity = miracle.

    By my measurement, it was – but slightly over 1%, perhaps within the margin of error in my amateur experiment. Here’s what’s nuts:

    I got the thing perhaps two years ago from an online announcement by a laboratory at a British university. There was a lot of credible and astonishing support for the phenomenon. I just tried to find it – and poof! it’s gone.


    • kwhilborn Says:

      Nickelpower website seems to be ignoring the HUGE news. So I thought I’d comment on it.

      NASA has confirmed they stand behind LENR/ecats as new clean energy source. There is a NASA video with a NASA scientist with NASA logos in it on a NASA website. It is in a media subfolder so I am guessing it is a preparation for NASA press release or it is the press release.

      Here is the video:


      Show this to your local news and politicians.

      I think if someon wants to contradict NASA then THEY are the conspiracy theorists. This makes all skeptics conspiracy theorist. lol

      Finally news on the ecat front worth celebrating.

      • brucefast Says:

        I personally am not wowed by two minutes from Nasa. They are just one of the voices among many with just as much notoriety. The one feature that this video does have going for it is that it is short. Maybe I disrespect the value of the sound bite.

  2. Anony Mole Says:

    In addition, I would posit that the Pons & Fleischmann brouhaha put a cloak of unbelievability around LENR which allowed dozens of labs to continue to work the problem – in relative obscurity. This 20 year long stigma let the technology be ignored but progressing beneath the covers. Although I grant the conspiratorial flavor of this next statement – I think it holds some merit. Big oil ignored LENR, because of P&F and the “cold confusion” debacle, to the detriment of big oil, but to the benefit of humanity!

    Now, just waiting for the drop in crude prices and the announcement by the DOE.

    Don’t remember if I’ve included this link before but it’s a fun read:

  3. Peter Hunt Says:

    To the status quo this is not welcome news. The staus quo faction has huge and unwarranted political and media power.

    = OMERTA

    • brucefast Says:

      OMERTA, Omertà is a popular attitude and code of honour and a common definition is the “code of silence” (wikipedia).

      Yes, this status quo includes big oil and politics. There is a clear “fear of change” among the economists, as recently discussed by MIT. To abandon scientific knowledge to protect the status quo is INSANE! It is no different than the way the Catholic church treated Galileo, only to apologize years later.

      I like the term Omerta.

  4. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Live link for Rossi interview in Rome today at 5:00pm EST:


  5. Bob Says:

    Add my voice to the list. I tell everyone about the technology I meet, trying to build an awareness in the public. The scientific chat rooms all seem to cover the subject, but usually the first poster is some yahoo that wants to know what peer revued papers there are on the subject. I want to puke [sic] when I hear that term. I am convinced the physicist world are all obsessive lemmings that are afraid of their own shadow. My gosh, they might be wrong. My view of their world keeps dropping as I discover how they work. No wonder someone like Rossi can come along and leapfrog that community, they are too busy with Peer revue.

    • brucefast Says:

      And SPAWAR specificly states that EVERYTHING said in their video is supported by published papers.

      The “published papers” thing is a canard. The majority of us basically don’t have access to the published papers — usually including the yahoo that wants that knowledge. As Peter Thieberger has made very clear, those with full access to the papers pretend that there are no papers. In truth, there are so many papers on so many topics that it is really hard to collect all of the papers. Further, as Peter’s own documents demonstrate, you have to have a certain way of thinking to understand papers. Who ever heard of putting essential information, like what this paper means by LENR when the rest of the world uses the term differently, in the notes.

  6. Roger Bird Says:

    I listened to the interview tonight, January 14. I have to say that if Rossi is a con artist, he is certainly a stupid one. I know sweet and kind people. The ghost of Occam demands that I suggest that Rossi is not soliciting money from us because he has something real and he does not want to hurt other people. Con arts are always stony hearted people; they don’t give a fart who they hurt.

    Although I have grown impatient lately, this recharges my hope and faith that there is something real here with Rossi. Just how much he is fudging the truth is difficult to say. But it seems to me that liars have to remember what they have said, and Rossi doesn’t seem to be having any trouble keeping his story straight.

  7. Brad Arnold Says:

    It is hard to get a person to acknowledge a truth when it threatens their job. LENR means a great deal of change, and people are frightened of change. Furthermore, people are frightened by what they don’t understand. The paradigm shift here is at least as big as the Wright brothers flying. What is needed is time for the gigantic ship I call “consensus reality” to turn.

    Also, people are usually very reluctant to talk about anything that is just abstract. Granted that LENR has been proven in laboratories countless times, with hundreds of scientific papers. But, if you can obstensively refer (i.e. point) to a specific instance of what you are trying to convince people of, that is much more powerful than just talking concepts.

    Only recently did Rossi discover a LENR formula (Rossi’s “Italian Sauce”) that gets a COP over 2, which makes it commercializable.

    In other words, as time goes on, and Rossi (Defkalion too?) mass produces working LENR generators, the phenomena (and wave) of LENR will get MUCH more media attention, and people will be talking about it around watercoolers throughout the world. Patients, and keep up the good fight – we are guaranteed victory!

    • Anony Mole Says:

      +Brad Arnold, “consensus reality”, nice term, if I may – a broad paradigm shift in the awareness and acceptance of a new idea.

      And with today’s communication mediums a shift to a new “consensus reality” takes much less time that it used to. Malcolm Gladwell’s “Tipping Point” speaks of the threshold of such changes in reality. At some level, when a critical mass of meme leaders have jumped ship and joined the believers, a cascade or chain reaction occurs. It becomes easier to change. But until this point, I agree, most are reluctant to change their opinions especially if the new idea threatens them in any way.

      LENR’s NFE will most certainly threaten millions. Let’s hope the tipping point though is not too far off.

      • Brad Arnold Says:

        The tipping point for LENR into consensus reality will almost certainly occur when it is successfully unarguably commercialized – hopefully this year by either Leonardo (Rossi’s US corporation), or Defkalion (a Greek company that many suspect ripped off Rossi’s improved LENR formula). Once there are working LENR generators sold to the public, mainstream reporters will be able to point to them when writing articles that their editors will allow to be published.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      “A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.” – Abba Eban

  8. Bob Norman Says:

    I still worry very much that the whole issue will be “controlled” by the government. Consensus will not be allowed until the government is ready. I believe they will fight Rossi in allowing his units in the field. Public safety concern and all. They will try to stage the roll out of the technology to be less disruptive to society and their tax base. I know I harp on this a lot and may be a bit paranoid on the subject, but they will be the gate keepers.

    • Anony Mole Says:

      LENR is the drug for me.

      When LENR is outlawed, only outlaws will have LENR.

      They can have my LENR when they pry it from my cold dead heat exchanger.

      “In the latest development in the ‘War Against LENR’ 42,000 Rossi Cores were confiscated from a container ship unloading its contraband last night in Port LA.”

      “A top executive at Exxon stated yesterday, ‘LENR is a disease that must be stopped in its tracks. It jeopardizes the American way of life. It risks the position of the United States as the top oil consumer on the planet. Um, no, I mean, the top engineering power. Anyway, LENR must be stopped!”

      • brucefast Says:

        I was not able to find either of these quotes using google.

        Antony, please provide links to your information. Otherwise the reliability of your sources become seriously questioned.

      • Anony Mole Says:


        These were meant as quips. Read them again – they’re impossible at this time. You didn’t really take them seriously did you?


    • Roger Bird Says:

      The feds and state governments try to keep us from drink raw milk, which is not even radioactive. So don’t be surprised if they try to keep the E-Cat from being sold here in the USA.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        I would normally agree with you but I’ve got a hunch that the govt is secretly backing Rossi. Remember that Obama promised to bankrupt the coal burning power companies. This is his big chance to attack big business. I detest Obama but he may be on our side here. I am pro-business but I’m against big business trying to squelch progress.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        I hope so. If he is pro-LENR, I might possibily be tempted to think about considering maybe possibly voting for him. [I can’t believe that I just said that.]

    • Simon Derricutt Says:

      Bob – In my view, too, it is quite possible that there will be a lot of regulatory problems initially. In general such things can be bypassed one way or another. On TV last night I saw a program on Genetic Modification, and a small town in California had a drop-in centre where normal townsfolk (and their kids) were experimenting. One of the results was a batch of E. Coli that had a gene from a jellyfish spliced in and thus was fluorescent. That’s scary. It seems that you can buy various DNA kits and just go play. Here I’d welcome some regulation….

      For LENR, we could take the stance of marketing kits that anyone could build. In the case of the Rossi design, Nickel isn’t a dangerous substance, the enclosure isn’t dangerous, the control system isn’t dangerous, and the kit to make the Hydrogen isn’t dangerous – people sell Brown’s Gas generators that are inherently much more dangerous than anything in an LENR reactor. There would quickly grow a secondary market for built and tested kits. Once there are enough units in use, no way can it be denied.

      The other thing to remember is that India and China have a vast need for more energy and are weekly completing a new power station or so. In China, these burn low-grade coal which is very polluting. We will not be able to stop either of these countries building their own LENR reactors (and we shouldn’t try), so Europe and the States will have to allow their citizens to use LENR or go totally uncompetitive. Russia makes most of its foreign exchange by selling oil and gas, so we need to give them the technology, too (and possibly more grain now and again). The advent of this technology will also cause problems for any nation whose main income is from oil/gas sales – could prove unsettling in the Middle East. Give it to Iran and take away the excuse that their uranium enriching is only for peaceful use…. (As a matter of fact, wholly peaceful uses of fission power would use Thorium reactors anyway.)

      So, despite our fears about the technology being squelched, real-world politics and the fact that so many people know it can work mean that it will spread across the world fairly shortly. It can’t be stopped.

      • Greg Goble Says:

        I agree, “so many people know it can work mean that it will spread across the world fairly shortly. It can’t be stopped.”
        Table 2 in the Storms’ book “The Science of Low Energy Nuclear Reaction” show close to 200 independent replications of excess heat. There are also over 100 replications of tritium.
        For the year 1990, see:

        I agree, “I’ve got a hunch that the govt is secretly backing Rossi.”
        Not only NASA and SPAWAR (Navy) See:
        Defense Intelligence Agency
        Defense Analysis Report
        DIA-08-0911-003 13 November 2009
        Technology Forecast: Worldwide Research on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions Increasing and Gaining Acceptance
        in the summary…
        “Because nuclear fusion releases 10 million times more energy per unit mass than does liquid
        transportation fuel, the military potential of such high-energy-density power sources is enormous. And since the U.S. military is the largest user of liquid fuel for transportation,
        LENR power sources could produce the greatest transformation of the battlefield for U.S. forces since the transition from horsepower to gasoline power.”

        I belive the last thing the U.S. government wants is for a foreign power to develop LENR for their military before we do. Hence my belief that elements in the government will battle against elements in the government over suppession of Rossi. The DOD needs for advanced technologies will win the battle against oil industry influence in the DOE and the economic concerns found expressed in the MIT white paper on alternate energy development. The technological competitiveness of our military is of primary consideration.
        Cut off our oil and we will still be mobile with virtually no supply lines needed for fuel.

      • Bob Says:

        Simon, I agree with your assessment that it can’t be stopped. Because of the vast implications of the technology government(s) will be very nervous. When governments get nervous they do what they can to restrict it by regulating and taxing it to achieve what they want.
        If the government restricts usage and puts onerous taxes on the technology they may be able to achieve much of what they desire, but long term the free market and black market will make this technology mainstream.

        Middle east terrorist money will great go away as will the stranglehold Russia has on Europe over energy resources. With this technology, Russia may once again face a huge collapse, just as Saudi Arabia will.

        The government will lose a huge tax base with oil revenue or taxes on utilities. The need for mass transit, as viewed by the government, will go away. How do you control your borders when anyone in the world can fly in with their own plane or come in with their own boat. Monitoring electricity for drug growth disappears with off grid energy. The list is endless and the government will be scared. My guess is they will make a move to totally control land and water as a way of countering what LENR technology unleashes.

      • Bob Says:

        Greg, its a scary thought as to what unlimited energy means to the military. Traditionally the best Navy was the Navy that could travel the farthest, the fastest and stay the longest would dominate. Now every country will be able to do unthinkable things, like showing up in areas they traditionally could not reach. The Air Force was dominant by having the ability to refuel and project power anywhere in the world. With this technology every nut in the world can go anywhere and deliver a bomb. Multiply that for 2nd and 3rd tier countries.
        It will be much harder to maintain their traditional policing, new thinking is needed.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        Bob, I don’t see the US military as being a problem. I see politicians of all countries especially the USA being a problem. Most soldiers are not too keen on getting shot at or even killing others.

      • Bob Says:

        Roger, your right, the military isn’t the problem, its always the politicians. My point in mentioning the military is that it enables every day citizens to declare war and do something about it. A single crazy person could load up a CF plane and fly anywhere in the world to deliver a blow. We will all be less save and the military will no longer be able to protect us in the traditional ways. This has long term threats on our freedoms.

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