Looks like science is already catching up

This is big.

This is HUGE!

It also appears that the phenomenon may account for and explains a persistent mystery regarding the unification of physics. 

Source: Citi5 (http://s.tt/13NK0)

Details will be revealed by in New York City by Dr. Brian Ahern
(Brian Ahern received his PhD in material science from MIT, holds 26 patents and was a senior scientist for 17 years in research and development at USAF Rome Lab at Hanscom Air Force Base. Ahern was the U.S. Air Force’s expert on nano-materials.)

All of the above information gleaned from http://citi5.org/launch/?p=1826

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63 Responses to “Looks like science is already catching up”

  1. brucefast Says:

    Peter Thieberger, is this the information that will cause you to switch sides? You must explore this, I’m sure.

  2. Bob Norman Says:

    This is down right exciting. I feel like a kid having to wait to open presents on Christmas. i just hope I’m smart enough to understand it when its presented. If not, hopefully a few physicist types will help me out.
    Got my fingers crossed that this helps move the technology along xxxx

  3. Craig Binns Says:

    Don’t tell Roger and Iggy. They won’t believe a word of it because according to the link it’s “Based upon evidence verified by our network of scientific leaders”, and we know what idiots THEY are!

    Also again I ask, how can this explain the mystery regarding unification of physics? That’s quite a claim. Evidence would be nice. (Sorry, Brucefast!)

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      “Dec 7, a date which will live in infamy” – FDR

      A sneak attack on old biases and political correctness?

    • Citi5 Fund (@Citi5Fund) Says:

      Thank you Craig, your positive attitude will continue to benefit you well into the future.

      Our scientists include leaders at NASA as well as the speakers outlined in the event. Any further questions?

      • Craig Binns Says:

        I was being ironic. I have much more confidence in scientists than many another person who contributes to this blog. But scientific leaders or no scientific leaders, I’m finding it really really hard to give much credence to Rossi and his e-cat. But we will see. We were promised that it would be marketed and the happy clients would tell us all about how great it is, and how and where it has been put to use. Not happened yet, alas.

        If that (or some similar unambiguous proof of the e-cat’s validity) hasn’t been provided by the end of the year, a few weeks away, brucefast has agreed with me that it is to be dismissed as a delusion or scam, like so many other, if not all, previous “free energy” theories, proposals and devices.

      • brucefast Says:

        Craig Binns, “If that (or some similar unambiguous proof of the e-cat’s validity)” The “that” that you refer to is Rossi delivering a product. As it would appear that Rossi did deliver a product, I would as evidence that he did not.

        Further, I find it very hard to believe that the following two are both true: 1 – Ni + H works, 2 – Rossi has pulled a scam. The evidence presented here and on the “holy grail” post and comments both provide rather unambiguous proof that Ni + H works.

      • Citi5 Fund (@Citi5Fund) Says:

        Oh OK I didn’t catch the humor – sorry. I’ve been dealing with naysayer after naysayer lately!

        To help answer Bruce’s question, it appears that particles of the 3-12nm range have very different magnetic properties. This provides that “off balance and imperfect” nature of the universe which allowed life to form (think amino acids bonding to create early DNA; at least that’s the theory.) This attribute, which is never repeated on any other scale; is what is responsible for things in this universe behaving the way they do.

        VBisualize the concept and theory of rouge waves. If we could “amplify” the input energy by this vibration/frequency and make it swell until it hit a certain threshold, it may be strong enough to break bonds and release energy in a way which has not been studied prior.

        OK that’s all I’m gonna say – Brian will explain in much more detail and you have to wait until the 7th ;)


    • brucefast Says:

      Craig Binns, “how can this explain the mystery regarding unification of physics?”

      You will note that this is a sited quote. I have only the vaguest idea of what the “unification of physics” means. I am certainly not in a position to analyse the claims of Dr. Brian Ahern, nor the reliability of Citi5’s reporting of them.

      However, it would appear that Dr. Ahern believes that particles on the nano-scale behave differently than previously understood. As a major issue within the “unification of physics” question is the behavior of nano-scale particles, at least the issue is in a reasonable ballpark.

  4. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    From Sen. Tarr’s page (http://www.tarrtalk.com/2011/11/cold-fusion-inventor-comes-to-boston.html)

    Andrea Rossi, an engineer who has captured the attention of the scientific world with two successful tests of his “E-Cat” cold fusion reactor, arrived at the State House on Tuesday morning for two days of meetings with government officials and representatives of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Massachusetts and Northeastern University.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      “I lived there for some year, mamma mia, che freddo!”

      In April MIT’s Peter Hagelstein offered to test the ecat but Rossi’s response at that time was no.

      “I thank anyway Prof. Peter Hagelstein for his attention. If the MIT is interested to our
      product, they can buy a plant, and make all the validations they want, for themselves, and get
      from it good heating too, during the hard Bostonian winters ( I lived there for some year, mamma mia, che freddo!)

      Warm regards,

      • Josh Says:

        Interesting Rossi didn’t offer escrow while the ecat was being tested. I’ve never seen anyone with such an amazing product fight so hard to keep it from being validated and being made greatly more valuable. Imagine the value of your product if it was endorsed by MIT!

  5. Lou Pagnucco Says:

    More on Ahern’s technology can be found at the links:

    Vibronic Energy Technologies Corp
    New Energy Symposium Presentation

    and some theoretical background can be found at Vortex-l:

  6. Josh Says:

    Brucefast – I like you and enjoy reading your blog. I disagree about what we “know” about Rossi’s ecat, and I’m more skeptical that you appear to be, but I certainly haven’t conclusively written it off as a scam or lie.

    The other day you said “I am personally strongly predisposed to believe that either Ni+H doesn’t work at all, or Rossi has tamed it.”

    I feel quite the opposite of you – I believe LENR seems possible (proven?), but I have much doubt that Rossi has exactly what he claims he has. Does this post mean that your views have changed somewhat?

    • brucefast Says:

      Josh, we all have our own threshold of proof. We all have our own little systems for determining truth.

      I, for instance, am very compelled by the two Swedish physicists that examined the technology back in March. I am also very compelled by Dr. Levi’s 18 hour test. (This was the test where Dr. Levi rewired the entire heat management system, and eliminated the steam equation.)

      Some seem just hell bent on rejecting the idea. Some watch with hope. I hold a lot of respect for the latter.

      It won’t take all that long for you and I to be of one mind on this topic, whether we both become absolutely convinced of the technology, or absolutely convinced that it is bogus.

      • Josh Says:

        Well said. I was not aware of the e-cat claims until August, so I’m not as well-versed in some of the early demonstrations/experiments. Based on the build-up to the October 28th test, I assumed that it was going to be the demonstration that put any remaining doubt to rest. Unfortunately the 10/28 test made me more skeptical than anything. I honestly thought – how could he possibly provide less proof than on 10/28 during prior experiments and have anyone take him seriously? (a secret customer, a running generator in close proximity, very limited access time to press – who had questionable scientific knowledge [and some with questionable/conflicting relationships with Rossi himself], etc.)

        I agree that with the increased tempo of changes and claims, it won’t be long until we have a definitive answer.

  7. Craig Binns Says:


    You say ”The “that” that you refer to is Rossi delivering a product. As it would appear that Rossi did deliver a product, I would as evidence that he did not.”

    Is there some word missing from the above? I’m not quite sure what you mean. Of course mystery purchasers of things made in mystery places don’t count. You are being disingenuous. Delivering a product means putting it into the public market, with reports on its function made by users. Like what happens to light bulbs or washing machines. Anyway, you agree that Rossi has “exaggerated” his accounts of heating factories and so forth with his devices. In more normal language he has told plain lies.

    You also state: “Further, I find it very hard to believe that the following two are both true: 1 – Ni + H works, 2 – Rossi has pulled a scam. The evidence presented here and on the “holy grail” post and comments both provide rather unambiguous proof that Ni + H works.”

    If it works, then let it be included in the normal scientific account of nuclear physics. But in any case, your statement is illogical. It is perfectly possible that the two are both true. For example: internal combustion engines work. Used car salesmen pull scams.

    That, however, is not my argument, which is, as you are aware: where do we find the Ni + H reactions that Rossi allegedly exploits?

    • brucefast Says:

      “It is perfectly possible that the two are both true.”
      Yup, it is. However, at this point even if Rossi did pull a scam, the timeliness of it all, and the fact that he pulled just the right scam at just the right time to cause the honest folk to get on with making Ni + H happen is pretty darn amazing. I don’t know how to be that amazed by Rossi.

      “I would as evidence that he did not.” certainly makes no sense. I don’t remember what words I was trying to compose. What I was trying to express was that I would need evidence that he did not.

      It doesn’t much matter though because if Ni + H is real, if Ni + H can produce a self-sustained reaction then we have entered a new world of nickel power just as I had hoped. The only thing Rossi scammin’ might do is save you from eating a bunnet.

      • Craig Binns Says:

        “if Ni + H is real, if Ni + H can produce a self-sustained reaction then we have entered a new world of nickel power just as I had hoped”

        Yes indeedy. If pigs had wings … And if my hopes could create free energy we’d be in that New World, on that Big Rock Candy Mountain. But they can’t. Nor can yours, unfortunately.

  8. Bob Norman Says:

    Here is Aherns patent that is most interesting. I think he is onto something. I posted this on the replication thread also, wanted to make sure its seen as I think this is huge.


  9. brucefast Says:

    Who is Brian Ahern? This seems to be a new name on the scene. It also appears that this patent application has been approved. Why do I fear that there’s going to be an intellectual property right war among the players.

    What seems perfectly clear to me is that there are a gazillion ways of getting a Rossi-like reaction. Rossi’s catalyst, while it probably works, is equally as probably unnecessary to get a self-sustaining reaction.

    • Bob Says:

      Brian Ahern is the guy giving the talk on December 7 on the big breakthrough. I think most of what he will talk about is disclosed in the patent.
      I agree, I think there are many ways to produce it, its just a matter of producing it with a big enough gain to be a market success.

  10. Roger Bird Says:

    I don’t know if you-all saw this, but I found it interesting in light of the objections that we just can’t fuse to nuclei at room temperature and pressure: http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/12/02/scientists-link-diamonds-in-strange-quantum-entanglement/

    I think that we should stop calling the laws of physics “laws”. I think “pattern” would be a better world, or some other word.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      A diamond engagement ring got me entangled, but not at room temp.

      • Roger Bird Says:


        Seriously, “quantum entanglement” just became my favorite phrase when dealing with skeptics.

        What I want to know is, how does entanglement work at such a great distance? Diamonds are extremely regular lattices and lasers are very regular light waves. Is that the reason? And if so, does this mean that the very regular lattice inside of nickel and palladium makes for an entanglement far enough to allow fusion to happen?

      • brucefast Says:

        Roger, one thing that must be recognized with quantum entanglements is that traditional scientists doing traditional science have uncovered and developed some mastery over these things. It is clear that they can get some things right.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        I re-read the article about the quantum entanglement happening with the diamonds. These 2 diamonds were 15 centimeters apart. As far as I can see, this opens up the possibility for all kinds of supposedly impossible things, including but not limited to cold fusion.

        It would be very nice if they had some kind of diagram so we could see exactly what they are saying because I had trouble understand what happened, but I believe them.

  11. Craig Binns Says:


    You have a strange willingness to believe “supposedly impossible things” that you have trouble understanding.

    But relax. The message from the Fox article was scarcely world-shattering: “The long-term goal is that if you can harness the power of quantum phenomena, you can potentially do things more efficiently than is currently possible”. Amen to that.

    Anyway, even brucefast is now saying that the conformist yellow bellies “can get some things right”.

    • brucefast Says:

      Wow, brucefast got something right! I have the stamp of honor from the great and authoritative Craig Binns.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        Congrats! You made Craig’s List.

      • Craig Binns Says:

        What I meant was, you are now saying that scientists can get things right, in spite of your previous disparagement of them. That you can sometimes get things right, I do not doubt. But Rossi is not one of them.

    • Roger Bird Says:

      Craig, I am not concerned about someone being a “conformist yellow belly”. I am concerned about maliciously putting someone down and saying that something isn’t so before you know all the facts. In this case, the whole point is that we are breaking new ground, so violating so-called physical laws cannot be taken as a fact. Otherwise, there would never be anything new discovered.

    • Bob Says:

      Craig, believing in strange things are an opinion issue. I remember back in 2nd grade we were playing Red Rover Red Rover and my strange friend Phil who was a 40 pound light weight would always break through the line. We thought Phil had mystical powers and was sorta special. Years later, after I had grown and become wiser, I was reminiscing in my mind about Phil’s super human feats and then it hit me!
      Why hadn’t I seen it before, it was so simple – Phil always targeted Marsha as his break through point. Marsh, a very nice girl who tried hard, was even weaker than Phil. By attacking her he upped his chances of success and took advantage of a known issue, Marsha’s weakness. It should have been obvious to all of us, but it wasn’t and Phil was the game hero. I’m thinking Rossi is Phil and once again I’m not see the cause.
      My point is that some things aren’t obvious, but once you understand it become simple. I think Cold Fusion is like that and maybe Rossi is just another Phil. Food for thought!

  12. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    LENR Presentation by Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA, Langley
    Published on 11-26-2011 12:36 AM
    Slide presentations from the LENR workshop at NASA Glenn Research Center reveal the growing interest at NASA on LENR technology. Dennis talks about the current state of LENR research, where NASA has a role, and how it can positively impact aeronautics across the board.
    (This ecatplanet.net exclusive is part 1 of a series. The original ppt files can be downloaded here by registered users.)

  13. Roger Bird Says:

    I don’t know if you-all have seen this one: http://www.columbiatribune.com/news/2011/dec/03/mu-research-chief-wants-cold-fusion-puzzle-solved/

    Mainstream science may be catching up.

    I don’t understand: From the article, it said: Steven Krivit said: “It is nuclear, and it is not fusion.” How is that possible? We are very sure that it is not fission, or else there would be neutrons. So, shouldn’t it be fusion? Is there another choice I don’t know about? Perhaps there is another choice that no one knows about, and we are headed for a big, big scientific revolution. Oh, I love scientific revolutions. (:->)


  14. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Ahern backs out, Citi5 posts his presentation & Invites Rossi to present

    Source: http://citi5.org/launch/?p=1885

    • Roger Bird Says:

      What’s so huge about it?

    • brucefast Says:

      This is really sad news. If Ahern really was just ill or something I am sure they would have mentioned that. So most likely he backed out because he was intimidated by the mainstream of science. Not that it makes much difference to his reputation when his presentation material is published anyway. He’s still branded as a, a, cold fusion believer — aaargh!

    • brucefast Says:

      I’m a bit puzzled, Iggy. I followed your link, but did not find a link to Ahern’s presentation. The page says that they link to it, but I don’t see a link to it to click on. I wonder if they have removed it.

      • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

        This is what I see when I click the link:

        Ahern backs out, Citi5 posts his presentation & Invites Rossi to present

        December 7, 2011

        Citi5 is disappointed that Brian Ahern has backed out of his presentation less than 24 hours before presenting at the 2011 Flash Summit.

        In response to this development, Citi5 has posted the PDF/Powerpoint presentation which Ahern was going to present, as well as related documents openly shared with Citi5 which whose boundaries of use have not been outlined. Citi5 also formally invites Rossi to present, whether in person or via Skype.

        Ahern is also welcome to honor his commitment to the Social and Environmental Non Profit Organization which has invested significant funds to facilitate a platform to showcase his technology.

        Registration extended for Flash Summit Click to reserve.

        In lieu of the LENR presentation by Ahern, Citi5 Founder Chris Houts (also Acting CEO of MindStep Energy) and stakeholders in MindStep will be presenting an extended presentation of their concept and progress in the first commercial deployment of the NASA OMEGA platform. MindStep targets the platform to be launched in Spring 2012, located offshore Hunts Point in the South Bronx.

        Source: Citi5 (http://s.tt/14E4l)

  15. Roger Bird Says:

    I guess not. It is a little confusing here. Forget I said that. I was not responding to you.

  16. Craig Binns Says:

    Interesting article at science blogs http://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/2011/12/the_nuclear_physics_of_why_we.php

    Roger, you correctly say it’s not fission because there would be neutrons, but if it was fusion there would be products too. This is one of the problems about this whole affair, and it is the main reason for my scepticism.

    I wait with interest for any statement Ahern may make.

    • brucefast Says:

      This is a very interesting article posted by our own Peter Theiberger. He seems to have presented his hypothesis of how Rossi is pulling a fraud.

      The following is my response:

      1 – In Rossi’s 18 hour test with Dr. Levi, the output power was in the order of 25kw, and even went up well above 100kw for a short period of time (this seemed to scare Rossi.)

      a> To pull this off as a Theiberger fraud, Rossi would have had to make a wire that plugs into the wall that doesn’t look like a prototype. (All his other stuff looks like a prototype. He’s pretty good at making stuff that looks like a prototype, but the power cord doesn’t.)

      b> He would have had to seriously rewire the building he was in. European standard wiring has a maximum power output of 3.6kw. Drawing more than this from the wall would require a rewiring of the breaker box. Even just a rewiring of the breaker box wouldn’t be adequate because pulling 25kw through wires rated to carry 3.6kw would likely start a fire.

      c> Rossi’s power cord doesn’t appear to me capable of carrying 25kw at 240v, let alone a modified cord where half the wire isn’t being used at any given time.

      2 – What about all them other Ni + H reactions flying in from everywhere? How does Rossi’s trick explain statements of excess power from sources such as the U of Illinois (or one of those states that starts with I) or SRI?

      3 – If I understand Theiberger’s objection correctly, not only does it reject the Ni + H reaction, but it also rejects the Pons, Fleishmann effect. The latter has even more, many more, replications. The latter has numerous replications published in respected peer reviewed journals. The Pons, Fleishmann effect is just as maligned by wikipedia, the U.S. patent office, and the general scientific literature as the Ni + H reaction.

      Please understand, I am not convinced that the science of what is going on in a Nickel + Hydrogen reaction is understood. It may totally be, well, not nuclear. So what! If it is substantially as presented, if mixing Nickel and Hydrogen together, and heating them up produces radically over-unity heat out, then a new and amazing power source has been discovered. This power source has the power to change the world in all of the ways described on this blog.

      We must get past the question of whether there is a phenomenon here or not, and must get to the scientific challenge of understanding what the phenomenon is.

      My message to Dr. Theiberger is only this — TALK WITH YOUR COLLEAGUES at the U. of Illinois, at SRI and at NASA. You are important enough that they will give you an ear. Find out how they can possibly be declaring the heresy that they preach. Find out their source for this odd wire that Rossi and all the rest are obviously using.

      • Roger Bird Says:

        Peter Theiberger and brucefast present very good cases, and they present them very well.

        I want to add my thoughts. We have things called “laws of physics”. They are reproducible and predictable and often give us control. They happen over and over and over. However, they are not laws. They are patterns. There is no proof that they are immutable. What was the law of gravitation 107 years ago had to be nudged by Einstein.

        Often, the laws of physics have elegant mathematical coherence with other phenomena and other laws. That helps with believing that they are laws. But they remain patterns. Since it appears that we are seeing new phenomena, then the theory has to take a back seat to experimentation (as along as I don’t have to pay for it.)

        I await more data and reports before I believe or disbelieve Rossi. But it is difficult to get past the many reports of palladium and nickel excess heat. Are these people lying? Only a skeptical science type would be so socially dense as to think so. I agree with brucefast that something is happening here is the excess heat (and excess 4He correlated with excess heat at SRI) and it isn’t normal. It isn’t chemical as we understand chemical. It may be nuclear; it may be something unexpected and perhaps even unknown.

  17. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Citi5 has been the target of a coordinated and well executed cyber-attack intended to spread disinformation/misinformation.
    Please disregard any outrageous, inappropriate, or offensive postings made in the last 24-48 hours either on the Citi5 site, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other outlets. – Apparently Citi5 has been targeted by the ‘Anonymous’ hacker group. The intent appears to be discrediting the validity of LENR and OMEGA technologies as we lead into the event.

  18. Bob Norman Says:

    I read a post early this morning that said Ahern pulled out because there were UFO presentations on the docket, he wanted no part of being associated with that crowd. That’s a good reason, but I thought he would have known the schedule well in advance.
    If anyone finds the presentation material could you please pass it on.

  19. Roger Bird Says:


    The Peak Oil Crisis: E=mc2
    By Tom Whipple
    Wednesday, December 07 2011 03:10:09 PM

    There have been some interesting developments in the cold fusion, or the now-preferred name Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), story in the last couple of weeks that are worth noting. For the last 20 years a small band of ill-funded scientists have been laboring away at combining either palladium or nickel with hydrogen in an effort to produce heat. After hundreds of experiments, each varying some parameter or other, a number of scientists say they can produce heat in reproducible experiments. Because of the bad name acquired 20 years ago after many labs were unable to reproduce the effects seen in the Utah “cold fusion” experiments, developments in the field have been slow and gone largely unreported except in highly technical circles.

    At last count, however, there were approximately 200 technical papers either published or given at conferences reporting that anomalous amounts of heat were developed during efforts to fuse palladium or nickel with hydrogen or deuterium. The lack of publicity in recent years has been that while heat can now be reliably produced at will, no one has yet come up with an agreed-upon theory as to just what is happening at the atomic level. Without such a theory, mainstream science remains locked into the position that there is something wrong with the experiments. It is held that either the experimenters are not making their measurements of excess heat properly or the claims are fraudulent.

    And more…… Go to link above.

  20. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    The world regularly quashes promising technology.

    Four years ago my wife was meeting with one of the South’s most prestigious oncologists, discussing her recently diagnosed cancer.

    When I asked him about a promising new experimental treatment at Wake Forrest the oncologist was indignant. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1563521/Cancer-cure-may-be-available-in-two-years.html

    The news of the new treatment was everywhere. The FDA gave Dr Cui (the inventor) permission to inject super-strength granulocytes into 22 patients.

    Suddenly there was a complete embargo on Dr Cui’s treatment. Wake Forrest’s website on the treatment was shut down. My wife died 2 years later.

    Now I see where a clinic in Mexico is offering the treatment.

    The medical profession’s motto is “First Do No Harm”. How much harm can you do to a patient with a death sentence”? The motto should read “First Do No Harm to BigMedicine’s Bottom Line”. Cancer is BigMedicine’s goldmine.

    • Bob Says:

      Iggy, I read a while back of a doctor that had remarkable cure rates for brain cancer but the FDA wouldn’t let him go public with it and demanded independent lab verification. His patents were rejected but the big companies got information through the lab and filed almost identical Patents. He is in a big court battle. I saved the link, but it no longer works.
      There are a lot of things in life that are not handled honestly, I learned late in live to be skeptical of most things. I no longer trust our government and big business has to be watched closely. I have more trust in guys like Rossi and I understand his paranoia, he has a reason for fear.

  21. Roger Bird Says:

    I was reading about the Coulomb barrier, and I thought, what would happen if the proton was pushed into the nickel nucleus? If the proton was in a nickel lattice (I know, I am the 125,543rd person to think of this.). But the Coulomb barrier is all about slamming the proton. If the lattice heats up, the “holes” would get smaller (not bigger), and the surrounding atoms of nickel would put enormous pressure on the H1. Someone developed, years ago, a way of creating diamonds that way, in these huge blocks of iron, except they started with the block hot and let it cool. I presume that it did not work economically, but that was the idea.

    It is like trying to clean stuck food on you dishes with hot water rather than just using a sponge. You can pour water on some stuck food for a long time and nothing happens, or you can just use your sponge and it comes right off.

  22. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Pons & Feischmann discredited and drummed out of academia.
    MIT caught altering their own data in order to besmirch cold fusion.
    MIT receives 10s of millions to develop hot fusion. As a result, Eugene Mallove, MIT scientific writer, resigns.
    Mallove is bludgeoned to death.
    Also appearing, McKubre, Miley, Patterson, Storm, Fleischmann, and Pons……..plus the arch villain of cold fusion, Huizinga.

  23. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    The headline should be:
    “Looks Like BigEnergy’s CounterAttack Is Catching UP”.

    “How can it be that NO ONE, even in the LENR-phile community, is screaming about Dr. Ahern’s failure to give his presentation, or the funding cut of Dr. Miley’s group and the reported disbanding of the SPAWAR LENR team, not withstanding the trivialization of it by a long-time pundit? Not that the screams would matter. That’s some big time bad JuJU!

    Watch. Rossi will “fizzle” out, Defkalion will show us more pretty “mockups” and the disinformation campaign will keep the 99% numb, dumb and happy. Nobody even cares if my drivel gets written. THEY control the news media and thus the awareness of virtually everyone. The moles and the trolls will go to church on Sunday, praying to the wrong god that their football team will win. Moles and Trolls: Numb, Dumb and Happy.” http://e-catsite.com/2011/12/20/bad-juju-and-plan-x/

  24. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    In my opinion, Rossi should abandon his US adventure. Our politicians, media, and scientists have sold out. He should concentrate on industrialized ENERGY-POOR COUNTRIES like Japan, S Korea, India, and Turkey.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      Or if Rossi really wanted to exact vengeance on the establishment he could sell do-it-yourself kits over the internet.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      Well, maybe I’m too easily discouraged. Rossi seems happy with his US progress.
      Andrea Rossi
      December 23rd, 2011 at 5:08 PM

      Dear Iggy Dalrymple:
      We are working bery well in the USA. Anyway the industrial development of the production of our E-Cats will make necessary to develope a diffused manufacturing network, encompassing the outsourcing implementstion.
      Warm Regards,
      I guess multi-national production is the answer.

      • Bob Says:

        The guys that Rossi is associated with in ampenergo are well connected in the energy fields. I suspect he has some well placed friends that just might buck the system for greed. Greed is good!

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