How the e-cat may save the world economy

If you haven’t noticed, the world is in an economic mess that may eclipse that of the dirty thirties.  While it hasn’t proven worse yet, meriting the moniker “the great recession”, there are still two major issues waiting in the wings:  the European situation may still get a lot worse.  Some have seriously wondered if the euro can survive the crisis.  The American debt, with a possible looming double-dip recession has left many wondering if the mighty U.S. dollar may melt away into the abyss of hyperinflation.

The thirties was rescued by the second world war.  Suddenly, because of necessity, there was no unemployment, and tons of R & D.

However, when the e-cat is discovered by the world, it will bring in a time of desperation that will also spur mass R&D just like the second world war did.  I mean, every product that consumes more energy than is available with a battery will have to be re-engineered.  Trains, planes, automobiles, lawn mowers, furnaces.  The list goes on and on.  All of the companies that make these products will be in a desperate race to be first with Rossi power.

Now another fact needs to be factored into this equation.  It seems that though individuals are hurting, and governments are in economic crisis, a lot of companies seem to be flush with cash.  There aren’t, however, a lot of R&D projects that society is just craving, so one of the favorite ways for companies to spend their money isn’t an easy path to follow.  When the e-cat is revealed, this will suddenly change.  Companies will be spending R&D money as fast as they can.  The result will be just like government stimulus, except it isn’t paired with government debt.

And companies that will be hurt by the e-cat, such as the big oil companies, what of them?  They, especially, will be fighting for their lives.  They will do what big tobacco did when it became clear that their product was falling out of favor — diversify.  And diversification costs money.  Money will be spent like crazy, the economy will be stimulated.  People will be put back to work.  Some will do R&D.  Others will fill the vacancies that are left by those hired to do R&D.

I hold hope that the e-cat can provide the engine necessary to rescue the American and European governments from themselves.

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19 Responses to “How the e-cat may save the world economy”

  1. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Well written, Bruce. I agree, after an initial disruption, it should spur a worldwide economic boom. With increased disposable income, real estate will be king again. With cheap energy, desalinated seawater will open up new farm lands. The middle-east can go back to herding sheep and goats.

    • brucefast Says:

      I am coming of the mind that the economic benefits of the e-cat will be felt very soon after its release. However, with Time magazine’s front page reading, “The Decline and Fall of Europe (And Maybe the West)” a solution cannot be found too soon.

  2. Bob Norman Says:

    I think Rossi’s invention will set in motion gigantic changes, but I worry a little about the downside. Much of the work and development will be done by people with good educations. We have 47% of the nation not working, much of it because education and skills don’t match business needs. With the change coming, gas stations will close, fuel delivery, traditional mechanics will be obsoleted. The meter reader will not be needed as homes will go off grid. The whole power company infrastructure will soon go away, the same for natural gas companies.
    My worst fear is that China will jump in and manufacture, sell to us and we will have reduced jobs in the country once again. As an Engineer I’m excited about whats coming, but I can see problems for family members.

    • Eric Says:


      What advice would you give to a young man to prepare himself for the possible major changes as a result of Rossi’s invention?

      What kind of education, training, fields, etc. do you think will be especially important and would you recommend?

      • Bob Norman Says:

        There will be big opportunities in many areas. A good science background would prepare you for working on new products and new designs. Knowing electricity and plumbing basics will help in manufacturing, but more important the installation and service area. There will be the need for marketing and sales, as well as special finance of the various new products, they are the traditional backgrounds for business.
        The best advice is to study how things work and what is developing in the market. Try and anticipate the winning products and get in that path. Much of it all determines at what level you want to work.
        I saw the birth of several big things while working as an engineer, things never go like you think, but if you watch and are nimble there will be ample opportunities.

  3. Eric Says:

    Thanks for the response, Bob.

  4. Brad Arnold Says:

    It is hard to visualize the full ramifications of the introduction of LENR technology to our economy and society. To begin with, expect a rapid transition to LENR from other forms of energy because it is so much cheaper. Furthermore, expect the much lower energy costs to spur certain industries, and particularly employment, because energy costs were terminal restrains to growth. Finally, expect more products on the marketplace, as lower cost energy will make them viable – for instance desalinated water far inland in virtually unlimited quantities. Also, because soon LENR will be portable, US and world demographics will change, as people are able to live “off the grid.” Much more land will be habitable with such cheap clean portable power.

    • brucefast Says:

      You summarize the positive aspects of the e-cat rather nicely. However, there are major downsides:
      – Major careers, industries and countries will find the e-cat to be crushing. For these, the e-cat will be far more bad news than good.
      – When the world realizes that the e-cat is coming, but not truly here yet, it will create its own turmoil. Consider, for instance, the car company. When the world knows that gas-free cars are a few years away, why would they buy a new car today? The car company’s sales will plummet for a few years, even though the car company is one who will benefit enormously in the long run.

      Roses have thorns.

      • Twodogs Says:

        On the upside, oil prices will plummet, enabling car companies to still sell their old product. I would expect a heavy investment in the new technologies would be of the utmost urgency, although they could leverage electric cars to take advantage of cheaper electricity in the mean time.

  5. Anthony Scalzi Says:

    I can think of a couple of reasons why someone would buy a gas powered car when ecat powered cars are imminent.

    -The transition away from gas should greatly lower the price of gas.

    -If demand for new cars drops, their price should also drop accordingly,providing a bargain price.

    -I can’t imagine that gas powered cars are bound to stay gas powered. Someone is bound to start making conversion kits once the ecats become more widely available.

  6. brucefast Says:

    On your last point, if I were a car company I would very quickly sell cars that are “guaranteed to be adaptable to the coming e-cat”. However, there is one hitch in this plan — the lifespan of any “coversion” technology will be very short. There is not a high percentage of 10+ year old cars on the roads, and 20+ year old cars are practically nonexistent. So the absolute longest a “car conversion” business model could be expected to survive is 20 years. Further, if it costs $5000 to convert a car to e-cat, why would anyone want to convert a car that’s only worth $5000, a car that only has a few years left in it? This factor will probably reduce the conversion business model to 10 years. Investors and product developers aren’t usually interested in such short-sighted businesses.

  7. Bob Norman Says:

    When it comes to cars it will take 5 to 10 years for the best methodology to rise to the top. I think we will see a wide range of approaches tried and there will be winners and losers and a dominant approach will emerge and the designs will converge around the best approach found. In the meantime, a lot of conversion kits will be offered. I have 4 design approaches identified and have not been able to pick the best yet. Nothing works better than building and getting real world results.

  8. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    E-Cat hits Forbes

  9. PersonFromPorlock Says:

    One point I don’t think’s been touched on yet: decreasing absolute energy costs frees up money for debt service, making the whole public debt crisis more manageable. Hopefully, better fiscal stability will make many businesses not directly involved with e-cat more willing to expand.

    But the politicians will probably cry “free money!’ and piss it away.

  10. Roger Bird Says:

    I guarantee that the politicians will cry “free money” and piss it away and go into debt. Also, the consumer debt will skyrocket.

  11. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Look who’s watching Rossi:

  12. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    “Siemens expects Germany’s exit from nuclear power to cost the country up to 1.7 trillion euros ($2.15 trillion) by 2030, the head of its energy business said.”
    Siemens ain’t seen nothing, yet.

  13. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Energy & Civilization – Haven’t had time to watch it yet.

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