How I would prove it.

If I were in Dr. Rossi’s boots, I would not be building a 1 mw plant to prove the validity of the e-cat, I would build a car.

If it were up to me, I would modify a steam car to run on e-cat, then I would drive around the country showing off my wares.  I would set up a two-car rig with a follower car containing a webcam.  I would live-broadcast the webcam on the internet.  I would then travel to every university with a doctoral program in physics or engineering, and invite the professors to have a look.

I think that a rig like this would be much more compelling than a 1 mw plant.  For starter, people will search the plant to see where it gets its power from.  It’ll be hard to convince people that it doesn’t have a wire.  Even if it is mounted on transparent pillars people will doubt.  Professors are not likely to fly to Greece to check this thing out.  Without touching it, they won’t believe it.

There are two sources if steam cars that would attract me.  The first is Cyclone Power.  They have a steam engine that should be very easy to adapt both to the rossi and to an existing car.  The other, interestingly, is Jay Leno.  He has a number of steam cars.  He has an extreme interest in cars.  I bet bones he would love to be part of the biggest revolution in the automotive industry since Henry Ford himself, let alone everything else that has to do with energy.   He has the capitol and the talent to make the integration.

As Rossi is European, I expect that he would recognize the trouble of the Atlantic ocean.  As such, it would make sense to him to develop two, maybe three such steam cars.  One for Europe, one for the Americas, and maybe one for Asia.  Even with all of that, he would have to manufacture far fewer e-cats than he will to get his one megawatt plant going.

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14 Responses to “How I would prove it.”

  1. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    If Rossi cannot get a US patent then I think he should build E-Cat powered electric plants and sell the electricity. Since he would not give up possession of his device, he could protect his intellectual property. He would soon be wealthy enough to buy out utility companies and convert them to E-cat power.

    Countries that don’t have local supplies of coal, natural gas, or hydro would be most anxious to deal with Rossi.

  2. Rockyspoon Says:

    I like your idea using a car as a demonstration testbed. Someday I want a Rossi Cyclone Ferrari. And if I can’t afford that, a Rossi Cyclone Ford or Rossi Cyclone Toyota would be fine. I figure my fuel cost would be less than 2 cents per mile, and stops at the “gas station” would be infrequent–say once every 6 months or so. OPEC would become a thing of the past; oh, happy day!

  3. Bruce Hockenberry Says:

    I also like the idea of using a car as a demonstration testbed. I would go with an off the shelf hybrid gas electric model. I would replace the gas engine with a Stirling engine. The Stirling engine would use e-cat modules as the heat source. The Stirling in turn runs the electric generator. Doing so would also bypass the main argument against the Stirling. It is slow to start up and come up to speed.

  4. Gyurma Says:

    Why staying in the traffic jam???

    Don’t you guys have a real fantasy???

    I dream about building a Rossi – Steam powered helicopter!!! :D
    No joke. This would _really_ revolutionize the transportation system and experience.

  5. Bob Norman Says:

    I think the car is a bad idea and Rossi’s approach makes sense. There are many more issues with a car than with building a boiler replacement. I know, I’m looking at it and there are tough issues. There is also the licensing issue of putting it on the road, I’m guessing that will take time.
    Doing a home unit will require many government approvals as well as insurance company buy-in. These things can disrupt development schedules. Putting support in place for various products will be huge and will more than likely go the franchise route. Home units will take local sales, local installation and local support. In a country the size of the US, all huge issues. This is on top of gearing a factory up for huge volume, no easy task. What Rossi is doing is proving the technology that allows him to leverage the value. A home Unit will be cost driven. A boiler system that goes in a big tanker will save the user a billion dollars over the life of the usage. They will pay a premium for units. Same with coal plants, the EPA cost savings will pay for it, discounting the coal savings.
    Sure is interesting to think on!

  6. David Linebarger Says:

    You have a good idea as long as Rossi gets the E-Cat independently verified with empirical evidence first.

  7. Anthony Says:

    A major, well-known and reputable power company utilizing Rossi’s technology will be sufficient to get people to take it seriously. Ultimately, a personal, home generator will be the silver bullet. Anyone who can go to Home Depot and buy a generator and disconnect from the power grid will do so, assuming the right price.

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