How goes the car company?

Let me see, at some point the world is going to realize that the rossi e-cat is for real.  What will they do?  Well, I won’t be buying a new gasoline car if waiting a few years will get me into a gas-free, nuclear powered rossi e-cat car.  It’ll probably take a while for people to figure this out, but it certainly won’t take long for auto sales to begin to droop.  Not good for the car company.

But more, the car companies will have a lot of R & D work to do.  There will likely be a bidding war for companies such as Cyclone Power Technologies.  Anybody with heat engine engineering expertise will be in hot demand!  Money will be flowing out of car companies like there’s no tomorrow.

I’ll be shorting car company stock.

However, when the first company comes out with a rossi-drive car, they will be sitting in the proverbial catbird seat.  If I can buy a car from company A that requires no fuel, why would I buy a car from company B.  The first company to bring out a rossi-drive car will be able to sell cars at an inflated price, and they won’t be able to keep them on their lots.  That company’s stock will soar.  The gap between the time that the first rossi car comes out and the time that company B finally gets a car out, there will effectively be only one car company in the world.

Will it really go like that?  I really think that this is an exaggeration.  I think of how the digital camera took some years to replace the film camera.  I don’t think that people will really grasp the meaning of the nuclear powered car.  I think that many will fear it.  We may soon see a replacement motor for existing cars.  Some may count on such a thing coming out.

The above is clearly an exaggeration, but though the pattern won’t be as strong as the exaggeration presents, the pattern will still be there:

  • When Dr. Rossi’s energy catalyzer becomes known, car sales will fall.
  • Car companies will have hefty R&D bills.
  • Therefore, for the time between the fact that Dr. Rossi’s energy catalyzer becomes common knowledge and the time when the first car company comes out with a rossi-drive car, car companies will not do well.
  • When the first car company comes out with a rossi-drive car, its stocks will soar, others will wane.
I think that car companies will be a microcosm of the rest of the economy.  Once the Dr. Rossi’s energy catalyzer becomes known, the economy will realize the downside of this technology; once the technology matures it will prove to be a much brighter view than any of us expect.  There will be a lot of applications that we don’t yet see.
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7 Responses to “How goes the car company?”

  1. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Cyclone might be a good takeover target for Rossi.

  2. Craig Binns Says:

    Well, if Rossi’s going to take it over, maybe he should do so quite soon! According to the latest Auditors’ Report, April 18 2011:

    “[T]he Company’s dependence on outside financing, lack of sufficient working capital, and recurring losses raises substantial doubt about its ability to continue as a going concern.”


    In spite of this, enthusiasm seems to undampened. According to a penny stocks news sheet (26 April)

    “Cyclone Power Technologies Inc. (PINK:CYPW) reached up 20.69% in morning trading to $.35 with 400K shares traded.”


  3. Sandie Perfecto Says:

    Thanks to the Glen Beck wannabees this sort of talk is sometimes taken for granted.

  4. brucefast Says:

    Sorry Craig, Sandie, your comments got stuck in spam. Mostly the spam filter is rather good, but not always.

    Craig, Cyclone power is clearly not going to go anyware unless the Rossi proves valid. Even then I wonder if their “no lubrication” model will be robust enough for the real world. Penny stocks are a funny game, where 100% loss is rather common, but upsides of 10,000% are not unheard of. Play in the risk, or don’t play at that table.

  5. Bob Norman Says:

    Car manufacturing is very expensive. The Tesla just spent 500M in development and has announced they are going under. It takes 3 to 4 years to develop a car. Anyone starting out will have a tough time. The Tesla had a government backed loan. Don’t know how they got that money for a $100K sports car. Wrong product definition for what the market needs. I think the only viable approach is to partner or License the technology and not start a new car company. Get approval would probably add a couple more years. Unless its a retro design of an existing car it will be close to 5 years to start making money. That’s tough.
    Having said that, a car with unlimited miles would be great!

    • brucefast Says:

      I really think that the existing car companies, when they realize that they could make an infinite-mileage vehicle will be in a mad scramble to be the first to market. They will be spurred on by people like me who won’t buy a new car until they do. They are sure, initially, to adapt existing designs to run on e-cats.

  6. Bob Norman Says:

    I agree, the first usage in cars will be retrofits in Hybrid and electric cars.

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