Energy is obsolete!

What a weird thing to say, of course energy isn’t obsolete.  However, all modern forms of producing significant energy are being made obsolete by the Rossi Energy Catalyzer or e-cat  (I prefer just to call it a rossi).

Oil is obsolete! Oil is used for three things: energy, plastics and lubrication.  However, oil is primarily used for transportation power.   The rossi will completely replace oil for transportation.  I expect that this process will not begin for another 10 years.  (It takes a while to implement a new techology.)  However, I suspect that the process will be nearly complete in 20 year.  At that point, oil, as a form of energy, will be seen as obsolete.

Natural gas is obsolete! Natural gas is mostly used for home and industrial heat.  Home heat will be the first thing to transfer to the rossi.  The rossi directly generates heat.  This will be an easy conversion.  Initially I expect we will be able to buy a rossi boiler — a device that produces very hot water.  Some homes are heated with water/steam in boiler systems already.  However technology already exists industrially to provide instant hot water from a boiler, and to convert forced air furnaces to use a boiler core.  I am hoping that five years from now I will be able to replace my furnace and hot water with a rossi.

The electrical grid is obsolete! It will take a little engineering, but no magic, to produce a home-use rossi that provides all of the energy necessary to run your house.   I expect that a single unit will provide home heat, hot water and electricity.  Industrial heating and electricity will be just as easy to produce.  After all, the first rossi installation will be a 1 megawatt power generator.

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29 Responses to “Energy is obsolete!”

  1. Italo A. Says:

    Please don’t forget professor Focardi. Anyway, E-Cat or LENR are MUCH better names than a ‘rossi’, very common name in Italy.

    • kwhilborn Says:

      I am certainly done portraying Andrea Rossi in a positive light.

      I believe he cannot make this product stable based on NASA and Defkalion remarks. I actually hope this is true at this point.

      Because if it is real……..

      The prices also seem crazy.

      The reactors appear to be so simple I am guessing they could mass produce for $10 each. Aside from a lid there is no moving parts. I see electronics at my dollar store that seem way more involved.

      Like I said I was a fan, but this “I will build them all” business plan is slow moving and deadly. People are dying everyday because of smog/oil wars/and lack of food and water.

      Cheap energy could solve desalination problems in parched countries, and provide arid farmland.

      I would have been the first to give Andrea Rossi Kudos, but now I think he is just a money hungry power plant developer that is as greedy as Mr.burns from The Simpsons. I am not just saying that because of the obvious resemblance either.

      If he has the ability to prove cold fusion to the world and he doesn’t then he is committing murder. Money, Money, Money, Money.

      Maybe if a few other fans convert he will see the Evil of his way.

      How many children die everyday from lack of clean water?
      (3 900 everyday based on 2004 WHO rates)

      That means that 1 423 500 children will die if it takes the world 1 more year to start implementing LENR to desalinaze water. Even a cheap LENR reaction of 100+ degrees could be used to desalinate water. Any steam will do.

      He could have been a hero, but instead is a “businessman” as if that excuses the deaths we could attribute to him.

      Does this sound harsh or fair? What would you do if you had this knowledge? Try to save a child’s life or make your millions?

      Andrea Rossi can stay atop Mount Crumpett and sneer at the masses. I hope his name is forgotten.

      • Brad Arnold Says:

        Impatient, huh? Frankly, I’m not certain Rossi could do anything different to speed LENR integration up. Look at the time line:
        I mean, he reluctantly does a public demonstration, and immediately is attacked. This phenomenon (LENR) has been confirmed in hundreds of published scientific papers (
        ) but Rossi gets harrassed for making essencially the same claim. Here is a detailed description of a LENR generator and formula from a US government contract:

        Now ask yourself how you can blame Rossi for not convincing the psudo-skeptics when there is so much evidence out there already that is being ignored. No, Rossi had no choice but to build a manufacturing company from the ground up because there was no big money R&D on the table to take it to the next level because those CEOs don’t believe. As Rossi has always said, the time for words is over, and the marketplace will be the ultimate arbitor of the legimacy of LENR.

  2. Loonyman Says:

    I hope you are right, it’s something the world sure could do with….. However, many “free energy” technology’s have come and gone, and I’m paying more than ever for my electric bill…. Count those chickens AFTER they have hached!!

    • Darren Says:

      Rossi is his own worst enemy.

      LENR will be developed but it’s just as likely that people will build their own reactors after the composition of the tech gets out.

      Everyday we keep using oil is another day of pollution, political corruption and totally unnecessary corporate profits.

      • Craig Binns Says:

        “Rossi is his own worst enemy”! Not in the least. He has nothing to show, and is now behaving like a typical free energy swindler. He is his own best friend, and has no regard for the interests of other people, as his phoney toxic waste to motor fuel (“Petrol Dragon”) escapade illustrated many years ago.

        If you think you can build your own nickel to copper transmutation device, and get energy from it, a trick not even stars can perform, you have remarkable confidence in your own abilities.

  3. Brad Arnold Says:

    We’ll have to prioritize what part of the fossil fuel infrastructure we transition from first.

    A typical coal fired power plant of 500 MWe capacity (of which there are over 600 in the US alone) operating at 40% efficiency would require about 1,250 of Rossi’s 1 MWth devices (each comprised of 125 individual e-cats best I can tell). And that’s only if the device could heat water to close to 600C.

    In other words, while replacing coal with over one thousand 1 megawatt E-Cats at a typical coal-fired power plant may seem daunting, it would be so much more efficient (as the above article states, so much more efficient that coal is virtually obsolete) that it is inevitable.

    • brucefast Says:

      Dr. Rossi has made it clear that the e-cat has a functional limit of 400 degrees. That said, the 600 degree thing is only what turbines have been optimized for. A bit of re-engineering will produce efficient turbines that operate with 400 degree steam. Needing new turbines does, however, increase the cost of a conversion.

      • Anthony Scalzi Says:

        You will lose some efficiency going from 600 degree turbines to 400 degrees. It may be better to use the ecats to preheat the steam to 400 degrees and then heating the steam to 600 degrees with the existing heat source from the powerplant. That should dramatically reduce fuel usage while preserving the high temp high efficiency turbines.

      • brucefast Says:

        Interesting approach, Anthony. I am of the belief that the only reason 600 degree turbines are the most efficient is because turbines have been optimized for 600 degree steam. That said, when adapting an existing plant it may be smarter to use coal/natural gas/etc. to heat the steam from 400 to 600 than it is to engineer and purchase a turbine optimized for 400 degree steam.

      • Anthony Scalzi Says:

        No, there are solid thermodynamic reasons that the hotter turbines are more efficient.

        From wikipedia:
        “The theoretical maximum efficiency of any heat engine depends only on the temperatures it operates between. This efficiency is usually derived using an ideal imaginary heat engine such as the Carnot heat engine, although other engines using different cycles can also attain maximum efficiency. Mathematically, this is because in reversible processes, the change in entropy of the cold reservoir is the negative of that of the hot reservoir (i.e., dSc = − dSh), keeping the overall change of entropy zero.”

        Thus the maximum efficiency=1-(Tcold/Thot)

      • brucefast Says:

        Interesting link. I noticed the table entitled, “Efficiencies of Power Plants” It says that the candu nuclear power plant operates at a temperature of 300c/25c. Its observed efficiency is 30%. The coal fired plant at 575c/25c has an observed efficiency of 35%. So the coal plant is “more efficient”. The e-cat should be able to operate at 400c/25c for an efficiency of approximately 32%, so from coal to e-cat we loose 3% efficiency.

        However, coal is VASTLY more expensive per unit of energy than e-cat power (e-cat produces 5kw/h for 6 months on 50cc of nickel and a few ounces of hydrogen). As such, in $ per kw/h, the e-cat leaves coal in the dust despite the turbine having to be about 10% bigger.

      • Roberto Says:

        Energy loss in the process can be used easily with little plants. There are several way to use energy wasted if it is available in many locations.

  4. H. Hansson Says:

    Guys remember, this is model T. We have no ways to predict what and how this new technology is going to work in the long run. Remember the wright brothers.. they could hardly predict that their invention (the airplane) was going to be used to drop bombs in WWI.

    • brucefast Says:

      I seem to have read this comment before. It was as true now as it was then. This is a model T. When the dust settles it will be significantly different than this website, with all of its posts, suggests. However, “We have no ways to predict” is a bit of an exaggeration. We will not figure out precisely, but those of us who play mental gymnastics with this technology can get a genuine sense that this e-cat will revolutionize energy, transportation, world economies, etc.

  5. Richard Roy Says:

    Il n’y a rien qui dit que les prochaines version de l’ECAT seront limité à 400C . Ca ne fait que commencer!!
    There is nothing that says the next version of the ECAT will be limited to 400C. It has only just begun!

    • brucefast Says:

      We certainly all agree that it has just begun. However, we are all busy trying to figure out what we can do with the current e-cats to get this technology moving quickly.
      Nous avons certainement tous d’accord qu’il vient de commencer. Cependant, nous sommes tous occupés à essayer de comprendre ce que nous pouvons faire avec le courant d’e-chats pour obtenir cette technologie évolue rapidement.

  6. paulfromitaly Says:

    I wish Rossi had something in his hands, and the world had finally come to a change. But the reasons in italy not a single newspaper or tv has mentioned the oct.28th test are several, and all points to the scam. I personally live less than 10km away from the Petroldragon (rossi’s previous energy plant) compound, where they are still trying to clean up the pollution he made.
    And no, Rossi is NOT an engineer. He is a doctor in philosphy. Please check your sources.

    • Brad Arnold Says:

      What nonsense paulfromitaly. I just saw a utube clip of a major Italian TV station’s report on the 28 Oct demo. Are you really from Italy sir? This is really attracting trolls – it is become reminiscent of threads on global warming. There we’ve always wondered if the “trolls” are really being paid by the fossil fuel industry – I sincerely hope they aren’t at it again, using the same playbook against LENR.

  7. MattMusson Says:

    LENR is one part of the equation. We need a major battery breakthrough to replace oil as the primary transportation energy source. Oil is easy to use, plentiful and energy dense. We must have a battery that is orders of magnitude better than what we have today.

    Material By Volume By Mass
    Diesel Fuel 10,700 Wh/l 12,700 Wh/kg
    Heating Oil 10,400 Wh/l 12,800 Wh/kg
    Gasoline 9,700 Wh/l 12,200 Wh/kg
    Butane 7,800 Wh/l 13,600 Wh/kg
    LNG (-160°C) 7,216 Wh/l 12,100 Wh/kg
    Propane 6,600 Wh/l 13,900 Wh/kg
    Ethanol 6,100 Wh/l 7,850 Wh/kg
    Methanol 4,600 Wh/l 6,400 Wh/kg
    250 Bar NG 3,100 Wh/l 12,100 Wh/kg
    Liquid H2 2,600 Wh/l 39,000 Wh/kg
    150 Bar H2 405 Wh/l 39,000 Wh/kg
    NiMH Battery 280 Wh/l 100 Wh/kg
    Li-Ion Battery 200 Wh/l 150 Wh/kg
    Lead-Acid Battery 40 Wh/l 25 Wh/kg
    STP Propane 26 Wh/l 13,900 Wh/kg
    STP NG 11 Wh/l 12,100 Wh/kg
    STP H2 3 Wh/l 39,000 Wh/kg

  8. ecatnut Says:

    Do you think the big oil companies will just lie down and accept that they are finished? Or will they try and assasinate him? While so many people have a lot to gain from ecat, a lot of the most powerful and wealthy people on this planet have A LOT to lose. He needs to leave a copy of how ecat works somewhere in case this does happen. I have no doubt this has already crossed big oils minds, and are watching ecat very very closley.

    • brucefast Says:

      Two factors that the oil companies will have to factor in:
      1 – This news has spread an awfully long ways. Defkalion claims that they can manufacture e-cats. There has been a buyer who owns at least 100 e-cat cores. With this much media already attached the unexpected death of Rossi would be a problem, would do a better job than doing nothing to promote the technology, and likely would not stifle the invention.
      2 – Rossi assures us that the details of the core will be revealed to all if he encounters an untimely death.

  9. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    In my opinion natural gas will be impacted first because the E-Cat is a heat device and currently in North America, the cheapest source of heat is from burning natural gas. Natural gas is 3 or 4 times more expensive in Europe and Asia than in North America.

    It will be several years before the E-Cat competes with gasoline & diesel in land vehicles……maybe sooner in ships.
    Reduced natural gas prices will be a boon for nitrogen fertilizer producers like TNH.

  10. Craig Binns Says:

    H. Hansson

    You tell us: “Guys remember, this is model T. We have no ways to predict what and how this new technology is going to work in the long run. Remember the wright brothers.. they could hardly predict that their invention (the airplane) was going to be used to drop bombs in WWI.”

    But in fact they at once realised the military potential of their aircraft: “The 1905 aircraft could be flown until the fuel tank was empty; staying in the air for more than a half hour, flying nearly 25 miles around Huffman’s farm, executing turns and figure 8’s, and flying more than 50 feet off the ground. The brothers now had a practical working airplane and began to market it to the War Department.”

  11. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    I predict Florida will lose its early position as Rossi’s production site. Last month I wrote Gov Rick Scott urging him to support and encourage Rossi’s efforts in Florida. Today, 1 month after my email, I got a reply….a complete brushoff. The reply was delegated to a flunkee, advising me to direct my message to the Commissioner of Agriculture.

    Florida isn’t known as an industrial state and isn’t know for being particularly business friendly. I predict Rossi will move his factory to a business friendly state like Utah, Texas, or South Carolina.

    • Iggy Dalrymple Says:

      I divide my time between Florida and Arkansas so today I emailed the Gov of Arkansas, advising him of Florida’s apparent lack of interest in Rossi’s production facilities. Arkansas is pretty aggressive in courting new industry. Arkansas let FedEx slip from their grasp 40 years ago and are determined not to repeat that mistake.

  12. AstralProjectee Says:

    “The Rossi”, WTF. We know what it is called even now since the beginning. We have a name for it. It’s not some mysterious thing that we have not figured out what to call it. It’s called an E-cat. Or energy catalyser. This is a much more fitting name than “a Rossi”. It explains better what it actually is.

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